March 16, 2016

New Old Keeps

Isn't this the cutest little rocker?
I've been looking for one for years but refused to pay the fifty dollar 
price tag that was the going rate around here.

I love it just as it is, so no need to paint.
The seat is string of some sort...maybe hemp?

No, Jack.

I bought several small paintings from the estate of the man who painted them, circa 1965.
In fact, my blog banner is one of the paintings.

They are perfect in my home.
I placed a few on the mantel under the lunatic yard bird painting.
Magoo and I bought that crazy thing in 1999 at an antique store
and were seriously ridiculed by the family for paying real money for it.
We often buy things that are ridiculous.
We like ridiculous.

Horse brass... I thought I might start a collection but I love 
Foxy Mama so much that I think she's quite enough on her own.

And then there is little match striker.
He's made of concrete and not old, 
but he's so cute that I wanted to show you.
He makes me smile.  That is his job.  He does it well.

Out in the yard, the plumbago is already blooming.

I got a few new petunias for the porch and a few lambs ear.
The geraniums were all red and I want white, so we'll wait a few days 
and then go back to the nursery.
We are doing landscape maintenance this year...we need lots of new dirt
to build up the beds and new shrubs, etc.
I think Jack is finished with his puppy digging.
He'd better be! 
His favorite thing is the giant liriope.
When he was tiny, he loved hiding in it.  He progressed to ripping
it all up or laying in it until it was flat.
Naughty puppy.
He tore his ACL on Monday and needs 8 weeks of rest,
so he won't be unsupervised in the yard for awhile.
Maybe the new plantings will have a chance.
That boy is a mudder and loves to dig.

I drew a smiley face for you in the pollen on the copper water can.

Several of you have asked about The Keeping Room.
Besides me just being busy with other things, there was a very unfortunate Jack-accident (a Jaccident, we call them) involving my embroidery machine and my sewing machine, too.
My sewing machine was easily replaced but the embroidery machine is still being repaired.  Fingers crossed that it will be successful.
Big lanky puppies and cords don't mix.
There were tears.  And maybe bad words.

Happy evening to you~

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  1. Yah yah, all the new old stuff is divine, but how about that new blog banner picture!!!

  2. Oh Tina I am so sorry Jack tore his ACL - poor baby, 8 weeks is a long rehab for a doggie. I have a question what is a liriope? Your garden looks amazing and I just sneezed knowing that's pollen. We are budding in Philly and I'm blowing and sneezing my head off. Not a cold just spring allergies. Great paintings, I wondered where your header was from. I agree the adorable little rocker is just perfect the way it is. Give Jack a hug and kiss from me.

  3. Tina, I like your painting, ridiculous or not! Cutest chair ever. I love little child's things, so that shows you are not the only ridiculous one! I can't believe Jack caused such a ruckus. Is that how he tore his ACL?. Hope he gets to feeling better soon..Happy Wednesday..xo Judy

    1. He tore his ACL chasing his new ball...poor baby. He didn't have a good night last night, just tossed and turned. I feel so bad for him.

  4. Poor Jack. Or is it, poor embroidery machine??? I like your new finds, especially the bear match striker:@)

  5. I didn't know I needed a concrete match striker until now. Poor baby Jack! And I'm sorry about the Jaccident, I can feel your pain, sista. The soul of the gentleman that painted those paintings is happy that you have them. And ridiculous is my style as well... let's call it, um, unique.

  6. I'm new to your blog and so enjoyed today's visit that I'm now subscribed. Love the name, What We Keep. The paintings are beautiful. I would have taken them home too, along with that foxy lady. I have a few horse brass, and now I will be looking for a foxy lady to add to my group. '-)
    Thanks for sharing. I'll be back often.

  7. I love those new paintings and your spring mantel display! And oh - I am so envious that you are well into gardening season already - we're in for a nasty cold spell!

  8. I found a sweet little chair like yours and had to keep it too! I love the paintings and the horse brass is so different. I found a bunch of them and have sold them all :-(
    I have two naughty kitties so I feel your pain!

  9. Tina,
    This chair, the smiley face, the everything here today is wonderful! Your home, yard and decorating feel very peaceful and magical. I am glad that you like ridiculous:)

    Also, thank you ever so much for joining us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday!

  10. Man I hate it when THINGS end in bad words and tears. So does Jack have a leg brace? And how do you rest a dog? Drugs?

  11. Tina- everything looks beautiful- the chair, your mantel, and your lovely garden. Plumbago is a favorite of mine.

    Thank you for sharing this with us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We are so glad you are here.

  12. Tina,
    love the painting you're using as your header! The little chair is so sweet, I'd leave it just like it is too! Poor pup, hope his recuperation goes well! You found some great stuff, love it when that happens!

  13. Tina, this is a lovely post. I adore the fox and the little bear match striker. Gorgeous! Mimi xxx

  14. I am all about some unique!! But Jaccident and then the ACL? He's had some bad luck, poor guy.

  15. Growing up, we had a rocking chair just like the one you found! Charming!

    Your flowers are looking so pretty. We just got 6 inches of snow dumped on us, so spring's been delayed again. boo.

    Sorry your poor pup had an accident! I hope he recovers quickly and has outgrown his instinct to dig up your flowers.

    Love your new/old paintings! I'd love to find a few myself, but estate sales around here are slim pickings. Your yard bird painting is such a fun piece on your mantel, and your newest find blends nicely.

    Happy spring, Tina!

  16. Poor Jack. I hope he'll be OK. Oh how I love that chair. It's perfect just the way it is. That lunatic bird painting is hilarious... in a good way. I saw that smiley face. :) Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  17. I seriously love your blog banner! And I had a horse's brass once but I traded it in for an older, crustier model a few years back. Jaccident. Awesome.


  18. Ahhh I hope your Jack feels better Tina. That's a hard thing to do trying to keep a dog from bouncing around. Your yard is just gorgeous along with your mantel! Love those paintings!


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