June 16, 2016

Signs of Summer

I did a little rearranging for summer and hanging this sign
in the kitchen really makes me smile.
It's got great lines- like skip chores.
I like that.
I didn't make it, it was on sale at Wisteria here.
And now there is an additional 25% off!

I loved how the evening sun comes in.

I bought these adorable towels from Joan @ The Blue Cupboard
aren't they the cutest?
She's an excellent seamstress and these are just so well made.
They will stay far away from Magoo's greasy hands.

Thanks to Dore at Burlap Luxe for sharing these with us.

Jack has been enjoying the yard since the rain stopped.
He's missed his lizard and frog friends.
The wedelia is as tall as he is these days.

You'll find him in the kitchen window on his bench when he's inside.
He is the Keeper of the Bone.

Bruce will steal Jack's bones when he's not busy being the Boo King.

I vacuumed and cleaned the chairs he's not supposed to get into.
He thanked me kindly and climbed back in.

Another good thing I've discovered this summer is these cookies.
Costco= Giant bag of tiny cookies.

And these frozen pops.
The last few years I've had a serious  addiction to the watermelon pops
but this year I like to mix it up with the coconut lime- especially mushed  between these little coconut-y cookies.

These cookies are small so you can eat like 50 at a time.
Are you looking at those blueberries and thinking that I'm going to
look like Wonka's blueberry girl soon?

I might.
But, well.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I loved reading everything on the sign. Most of all I love listening to the crickets, such a summer sound. How funny that Jack likes to sit at the kitchen window, our Jack Russell does too, she likes to be able to see what is going on and like you, I vacuum the chairs and she jumps right back up! Have a lovely weekend,

  2. First of all, I immediately started singing "signs of summer" to the tune "sounds of silence." I have no idea why...it's just how my brain works. Secondly, I love your towels. I was just going through old draft posts and I had started one about whether you call them cupboards or cabinets. My mom calls them cupboards. I call them cabinets. Dumb post? Maybe that's why I never finished it. Thirdly, DOGGIES! Lastly, coconut, lime, blueberries??? Heaven. Violet? Not so much.


    1. Andi, I think that would be an interesting post!

  3. That print is like a summer bucket list, right now I'd like to partake in the 'nap outside' and 'more men grilling'. Dreamy.

  4. I like the 'more men grilling' saying! The pups look happy and very well cared for:@)

  5. Love the sign Tina. You are the best mommy to vaccum and make the chairs clean and comfy again!!!!
    Have a great evening.

  6. Cute pup photos! I don't have a Costco, but these treats look perfect for summer.

  7. "Put the lime in the coconut..." Now I'm singing that song! :) I love these frozen fruit bars that seem to be plentiful right now. Have you tried a pineapple flavor? Makes you feel like you're in Hawaii. ha ha ha

    LOVE the dogs! I'm sure they appreciate your cleaning the chairs for them. My little guy went to the groomer today and he's sacked out for the night. So cute!

    Love the sign and the towels too. Costco is kinda far for me so I'll just enjoy the cookies telepathically. Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Hello Tina! That sign is awesome as are your pups - such cuties! Thank you for the mention of the towels and I am so glad you like them. Dore at Burlap Luxe was a dream for sharing them and now I get to share with so many. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

  9. Now I want something frozen and lime-y to squish between cookies I don't have. Is it my imagination or is the fence in your beautiful backyard, 10 feet tall?

  10. What? No skinny dipping? I have a post next week about JoanMarie's wonderful pantry towels. Spent my afternoon swimming and lazing in the pool. Jack is like Willie - more fun guarding the bone than actually eating it. Scout always steals his bone when Willie is least expecting it.

  11. Great sign, Tina. It says all the right summer things! Love that you play slave to those bullies..So cute..Have a wonderful weekend..xxo Judy

  12. I love the sounds of summer! We have huge bull frogs and they're super noisy. Poor things need to hush...my boys love frog legs, grosses me out every time! Cute sign! And I'm adding those popsicle things to my grocery list! Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Your pups are so cute - and I think they are just about as spoiled as mine!

  14. Tina, love your sign, love your towels! And I *am* going to nap outside as soon as I find the right chaise for the patio.

  15. You my dear are one pure delight! I would like one of everything on this post today:)
    You have life figured out just right and I adore your style!

  16. Great sign! I love to nap outside in the evening while listening to the frogs in the pond. Makes me feel at home on this crazy planet.

  17. Tina,
    The sign is a wonderful summer sign and it would make me smile every time I'd pass by. Last summer I purchased a mermaid rules for my cousins beach house and I thought it was witty. BTW I love Wisteria. Also I love Jack and Bruce - I see Bruce is like Simon loves laying on Mongolian lamb!!! I also have treated myself to Blue Cupboard towels and ditto to what you said. Coconut I love, was just at Costcos and came home with the Madelines will make a mental note for next time to try those cookies, Well Tina as always your post delighted me.

  18. The coconut cookies from Costco have to be at the top of my favorites list! Hubs had eaten the last of the cookies previously purchased and was vague about where they were...hmmmm... Now we have two bags, his and hers...ha! Will have to check out the frozen treats. Found your blog through Junk Chic Cottage and will go through all your back posts to get to know you. Love your dogs...my Chihuahuas Riley and Jacob are sending slurpy kisses...

  19. Yumm! Those cookies are new to me. I am going to try to find some. Wisteria is a great store with lovely finds. Love your sweet doggies. I would love if you shared this with our readers at Dishing It & Digging it link party. The party is live now. Happy Sunday.

  20. Tina, those cookies look really good. Will look for them next time I'm in Costco. Love your sign. I need to get more of them. I have a cute one on the front porch but don't often come in that way so will have to get some for inside so I can enjoy them..Happy Wednesday..xxo Judy

  21. That sign is so warm and beautiful ♥


  22. A new Costco opened up pretty close by, so we will be joining. :) Adorable pics! What have you been up to? We've had a lot going on and yes, still house hunting. If I were in Florida I would have found a home by now I just know. I don't care for two story homes, but if I must have one I really want a first floor master. We've found two homes that we were ready to make offers on and they both could be sinking! Foundation issues are a big problem up here. Some of the newer homes are on flat lots, but tiny lots. Unless we want to spend around 7K, and we don't, it's a challenge! I pray it will all work out. And I can't live in the boonies, no matter how pretty the houses are. lol
    Hope you're doing great! Let me know if you head this way. :)


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