October 5, 2016

Don't get your tinsel in a tangle and other fun stuff...

This summer, I bought a book of fabric samples from Bella Notte.
They make beautiful, luxurious bed linens. And gorgeous linen tunics.
The samples are a perfect size for embroidering.
I started playing around with designs and knew I'd frame a lot of them
in the house- especially for the holidays.
I did a few last year that you can see here.
I have beautiful pre-cut pieces of distressed velvet
to embroider and this makes me extremely happy.
My machine is behaving.  My software is behaving.  Life is good.

I'm also going to offer some for sale.
Yay, I know I heard you say yay.

I've staged a couple for you to show you how easy it is to take these
and create special moments for your home.

For this one, I started with a shadow box from Hobby Lobby.
Fifty percent off, of course.
I pinned down the fabric, tucked a battery operated string of tiny lights underneath and topped it off with unbreakable ornaments.

"Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle" in rose gold hues-
I'm loving this color combo right now.  It's so soft and pretty.
It was a big pain in the wazoo to get a decent photo without 
too much reflection but this was gorgeous, girls.
Like a very fancy sign and we all love signs.
I'm bringing fancy back.

Hmmm, he didn't heed the tinsel warning.
Side peak of the shadow box.
I love this box and have many plans for it.
You should get one before I buy them all up.

The blue version has been framed in an oval 8x10 frame.
Easy peasy.

It's just way too late for Edith...her tinsel has been tangled for years.

Sparkling elf magic...this watermelon pink is so pretty with 
green velvet ribbon and glass glitter.

Extra Jolly- not just regular- extra.

There's a million ways to incorporate these into your decor, 
but you get the idea, right?
I'd love to see what you do with one!

These velvets are muted and soft- there are no bright colors.
The lighting is really affecting the colors in my photos but here is the photo from Bella Notte that shows the truest tones.
These are the swatches of fabric:

Holly Extract - pale, pale gray with black thread.
Extra Strength Holiday Spirits- minty green with blue, mint and cream thread. 
Pumpkins- Taupe with burnt oranges and greens.
Deer- gray with chocolate brown thread
Jack O'Lanterns- navy with orange thread.
Elf Magic- white with pink and taupe-y gray thread
Tinsel in a Tangle- peachy, blushy pink with ombre pinkish thread.
Dogs- pale blue with medium blue thread
Blue Tinsel Tangle-  blue with ombre blue toned thread.

Each one will be $20 which includes shipping.
Email me at whatwekeep@gmail.com to purchase and I'll send you an invoice.
More are on the way- and I have one full set of samples yet to be embroidered if you have a certain colorway in mind.
Email me to reserve it.

My next post will be the long awaited giveaway post. 
Woo Hoo!
Andi, I know you are excited. 
You guys know the drill- I'll giveaway something I'll show you
but when a winner has been chosen I like to make a couple of personal items for you. That's the fun part for me!

As always, thanks for coming by and 
I hope you like the new embroidered items.


  1. Love everything Tina...so charming and unique!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! For me, it's all about the shadow box with the sparkly lights - there's never too much sparkle in my world!!

  3. I love the holly extract! These are great, Tina. I know you'll sell every single one you make.

  4. Very cool! I love the embroidery, and after my day... I'm trying to untangle my tinsel with something a little bubbly:@)

  5. Hi Tina, I just sent you my order but I did say Tinsel in a Twist, NOT Tangle. Make it in the blue just like yours, no matter what I said.. Really love them..Judy

  6. LOVE, Love, love them!! You are so talented my friend! Will email you ~ :)


  7. Hey lady, did you realize the date is showing 5/10???? Lol!

    1. I see that...Blogger has gone nuts I think.

  8. I'm not so sure about holly extract, isn't it poisonous? You planning someone's demise?

  9. Gorgeous fabric. Any more dog ones being made? So lovely! I keep my tinsel tightly wound.

  10. I am in love...yes my friend in love with your fine work and oh this fabric.
    I really wanted to purchase the don't get your tinsel in a tangle...I guess I need to email you!
    Beautiful and I adore your writing too:)

  11. Wow, I really have been out of it! I just love all this stuff and you make me want to get an embroidery machine. Time for me to bust out of my hermit hole and go check out the giveaway now. :D



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