November 16, 2016

Around the house...and the cookie recipe

Hi all,
I love finding interesting things with dogs on them- 
so I was thrilled to find this on eBay.
Hot chestnuts! And look who's right there in line- Bruce!
He's a beggar, that one.
A perfect depiction.

A few finds while out in the last few weeks-
I found this reproduction trophy to put my little tree with orange slices in.

And I loved this sign at Hobby Lobby to put by the side door 
where we all come in.
It's not for outdoors but I think it'll be ok since it's covered.

I'm changing the pillows to moodier winter textures.
Pretending it's cooler- we were at 85 degrees again today.

With the time change it seems like the days are flying by-
and my house is in more chaos than usual.
But I am doing little bits of decorating here and there.
The trees are up but not decorated yet.
I love looking at them plain... a slow progression to the ornaments.
Or maybe not- like last year.

Here's a peek at the family room wreath.

The porch has a few lemon cypress trees and my chimes from Tuula
remind me to take time to play-
which is very important to Bruce and Jack.

I put a few cool weather pansies on the porch 
but the marigolds are still hanging in there.

Below is the cookie recipe I promised you.
I refer to them as breakfast chubs.
Oatmeal and eggs and pumpkin- breakfast, right?
They really are delicious and not too sweet-
cakey cookies like a mobile pumpkin bread.
Grab and go.

I hope you'll take the time to play and make cookies, too.
We make the holidays stressful- they aren't stressful on their own.
I have to remind myself of that now and again.
Slow down. Sit down. 
Or maybe get down.
Kitchen dancing is always the answer.
With a cookie in your hand.

Simple pleasures.

I hope the rest of your week goes well!


  1. Love the bits and pieces of pre-Christmas at your house! That trophy cup is adorable..and I love you cute plate.

    I am saving that pumpkin cookie recipe. I love a good soft cookie and this one sounds really good. I'll let you know when I make them. xo Diana

  2. Now I've got that song in my head, you know the one right?

  3. Hey Tina, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....even though it's still hot outside:(
    It's supposed to be near 80 here Friday but freezing by Sunday... flip flops and boots. I've been decorating slowly, slowly because I hurt my back ... we don't get our tree until the weekend after thanksgiving so hopefully I'll have it mostly done by then. I wish I had one of those pumpkin cookies! They look so good! Oh and one year our tree sat undecorated ... I can't remember why but I think it was the last year of the faux pitiful worn out tree. I feel stressed already, I think because time is flying by and there's so much to do. I should order some chimes from Tuula so I can remember to slow down or sit down(even better) LOL!

  4. Hi Tina,
    Looks like your house is getting cozy for the holidays. A tree in the trophy cup is fabulous. Great find. Pumpkin cookies look yummy too. Have a great evening.

  5. I love anything pumpkin, but I'll be subbing chocolate chips for the raisins. you have a Godfather wreath? Seriously. That's a horse head, you know.


  6. Even in France where no one decorates until December it seems to have a slightly festive air, I have no idea why but I am excited for the holiday season to begin, just a couple more weeks to go!

  7. So many goodies in this post! I'm in love with that sweet plate you found on Etsy- and it's even featuring your dog! I agree, that there's no better way to relax than to crank up your favorite tunes and bake something yummy. Great minds think alike, because I just made pumpkin biscotti last night.

    You've got me thinking Chritsmas, so I'm going to grab a few Christmas CD's so I can listen to holiday tunes on my way to work this morning. We've got a big snowstorm coming our way tomorrow....let it snow!

    Have a great weekend, Tina!

  8. I ain't decorating my house. I'm just moving into yours. I can kitchen dance with the best of them.

  9. Love your finds! I have a thing for dogs and squirrels and have found some unique pieces. :)
    have you considered a seasonal interior decorating career? :)

  10. Love the photos of changes around your home! And thank you for sharing that recipe. My bestie will be visiting in a few weeks and I've been looking for some different recipes to try! Cookies are ALWAYS the perfect breakfast food! :-) Love and hugs!!

  11. Love that horse head wreath. For some reason that makes me smile. The cookie recipe sounds delicious. I'm a definite kitchen dancer, and craft studio dancer too, and most especially car passenger seat dancer. lol. Crank up the classic rock and I'm there. :) I'm so glad that my chimes are still doing their thing. I'm thrilled to see that you haven't polished. Patina rocks!

  12. That pumpkin cookie recipe looks like it's to die for. Pinning!!! I keep threatening my hubby that I am gonna put the tree up but realistically I think I would knock it down with 2x4's coming into the house so I think I will wait. Keep on dancing Tina!! Cheers.

  13. I really like that you are taking the season slow and easy, Tina. We want to enjoy each and every moment. Right?

    I would love to have one of those cookies. Just about to go bake my pumpkin pie though. :)


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