The Nothing Will Happen Club

The Nothing Will Happen Club.

Throughout the year,
 I'll be doing a giveaway celebrating
 a little dolce far niente.
 Translated as "the art of doing nothing" 
(sounding much better in Italian),
 making time for "doing nothing" has never been my top priority.
 We all love our families, have jobs to be done 
and hobbies we enjoy.
 But making the commitment to slow down is vital. 
As hard as we try, we simply can't do it all.

Yes, a little dolce far niente.
 Abandon a few of the "shoulds" in our lives 
and adopt a few more "coulds". 
Read and laugh and dream away an afternoon
 instead of doing the laundry. 
Stay in your pajamas all day once in awhile.
 Do something for yourself without feeling guilty 
for indulging your own pursuit of happiness and calm.

 Breathe, rest, renew. 

Nothing will happen.

Please feel free to remind me of my own words.

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