June 13, 2011

California Girls

While California was a much needed break from all this Texas heat, I'm having a pretty hard time adjusting to being home.   We left a very cool and cloudy Coronado and arrived back into the intense heat and the Land of the Giant Blood Sucking Mosquito.  But instead of whining about the temperature, I'm going to remember the cool breezes and the laughter of these giggly girls.

I'm still trying to catch up on sleep, housework and my projects- but seriously, who am I kidding?

Where is my apron or t-shirt with my motto on it when I need it?  Yes, yes, yes...it's on my list.  And if anyone is interested- I'll be posting about a giveaway very soon.  But until then, I'll remind myself that nothing will happen if I give in to the call of the soft cool sheets and some mindless television.

For now, enjoy a few photos of our trip.  And Mama- there are no decent pics of yours truly.  Maybe next time.  xoxo. T.

Grace Kelly in training.

Hoping to have the rest of the pics transferred from all the phones and iPads by the weekend.  
Magoo took his butt back to CA.  Lucky duck.  :  )


  1. I love it! Grace Kelly and my baby seal. Perfect! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Looks as though you all had a fabulous time! I'm sure it was quite pleasant to escape that Texas heat! Love the Grace Kelly in training photo! Welcome back!

  3. I think I might need a t-shirt with that saying, too!

    Your girls are adorable!

  4. Thanks, Shell!
    Anni and Lexi are my beautiful nieces. I try and try to steal them but their mother keeps wanting them back. ; )
    Thanks for following! ~Tina

    P.S. Stay tuned for a Nothing Will Happen giveaway coming soon.


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