June 3, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I wanted to catch this little guy and bring him home.

The seals in the cove.

I could look at this all day long...didn't want to leave.

Vacation time is here at last.  
While to some of you vacation means visiting warmer climates, we are desperate for a cooler one.  
We're off to one of our favorite places- Coronado and San Diego. 
Temps in the 60's.  YAY!
This year we are going a little later...we usually go in the spring.
 We'll have two little travelers with us this year. 
 Joining us for the adventure will be our nieces, Lexi and Anni.  
This will be their first time on a plane so it's very exciting and a little bit scary.  We can't wait to share our favorite places with them.
I'm a burger girl and a loyal Whataburger fan here in Texas.  
But when I'm in CA, you can bet I'm headed to In N Out Burger.  
At least twice.  

Magoo on Coronado
We'll be packing our bags in a few days and hitting the road.  
Poor Magoo...three girls and all their luggage!  
We'll try to pack light, Honey.  But, you know you're the worst.  ;  )   
Kiss noise!

Ready girls?  Are you packed?  Can't wait to see you. 
 Start the countdown!

Goodbye 100 degree weather and hello cool breezes!

We're on our way.


  1. Oh what fun indeed! And how special that you are making the trip with your two nieces! They will definitely enjoy it! Have fun!

    PS. I just sent you an email with a little something

  2. Have a fun, fun vacation and enjoy your break from the heat. (Although, after being stuck with unseasonably low temps here in WA, I am a bit jealous that you have to escape the heat ;) ) The beach is always so refreshing too!

  3. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time!

    Enjoy the nice weather...


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