June 1, 2011


This weekend our holiday plans took a detour when our refrigerator conked out. 
 Luckily for us, it's the secondary fridge that's used for Costco runs.  
We moved what we could to the kitchen fridge and got out the big coolers for the freezer items.  
The nasty little surprise inside the freezer was met with my horror.  
I knew Magoo wasn't going to hang around for this.  
He's got an easy gag reflex.  
That's why we sometimes call him Nancy.  What a mess.  
Melted ice cream and thawed meat are not my favorite things to clean up.  
It was one of those things you wish you could walk away from and pretend you never saw it.  
If only.

But after that was taken care of, Magoo pulled himself away from the Mecum Auto auction and we went on a little adventure to a yard sale at a local antiques dealer.

I found some treasures that I thought I'd share with you and am hoping that someone can tell me a little about one of the pieces- this chair. 

This is the sweetest little high chair that can be converted to a low chair (really low) with a tray for a toddler. 
I fell in love with it instantly.  
I'm no antiques expert, I just buy what I like.  
So I have no idea how old it is and neither did the nice gentleman in the shop.  
He was filling in for the last hour of shop time for his wife.  
She had escaped in her cute little Mini Cooper just as we drove up.  

She was probably muttering something like 
"Well, crap...I thought I'd made my getaway".  

So if you are reading this Ms. Mini Cooper, your hubby did just fine.  
He just didn't know the age of this particular chair.  
He said it was really old and I'll just take his word for it.  ;  )

He was really quite knowledgeable about most everything we asked about.

Does anyone have an idea about the age of this thing?   
Of course, I plan to paint it and give it a home upstairs in my disaster area sewing room.

I also found this handmade pillow slip.  
This crinkly ruffle made me happy.

Two old ship prints called my name.  This one is my favorite.  
 I'm going to put it inside the shabby wood frame I scored for free at a house demo.

Magoo was a very good sport and lugged it all home for me.  
He's sweet like that.  We really enjoyed our stop and I'll be spending a few hours over there picking thru hardware soon.

So as it turns out, the day wasn't a total disaster after all.  
If we had been out BBQ'ing and swimming, 

I never would have found these new keeps.

And new keeps are always better than ribs and potato salad.   ;   )

(For those of you who will voice your concern over my lack of BBQ dinner, not to worry.  Goode Co. filled the bill just fine. However, I did not get my gallon bowl of peach cobbler.  Thank goodness some Ben & Jerry's Fudge Brownie was in the kitchen freezer.  I felt compelled to eat a big fat scoop- you know, in case the freezer went out in there, too!)

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sophie and Henry had theirs, too.  I'm stingy with my chocolate.

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  1. The high chair is from the 30's or 40's, so that's not so old. But I haven't seen one like that for years. Good find.


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