September 2, 2011

Fun in the fabric store

Do you love the fabric store as much as I do?  On my last trip, I found these gorgeous embroidered fabrics and some really beautiful trim.

I love the poofy fringe...reminds me of one of those crazy creamy colored chickens!

This braided one will be a great addition to a pillow or lampshade...maybe a duvet.

These green embroidered leaves make me smile.  This will make perfect pillows that will work year round.  It's linen and would make a gorgeous curtain for my back door, as well.  So many ideas, too little time.

This fabric had mind control over me the minute I walked in.  Ladies, please clear the way!  It's mine.

Soft turquoise linen with beige crewel work.  Yummy.  Yes, I said yummy.

Front or back?  I love both sides equally.

Pleats...madly in love with this.  I just started experimenting with one of those pleating tools.  I'm getting the hang of it, but this saved me loads of time and money- since I probably would have ruined it.  Usually at the very, very end of a project that I'm crazy for- the Screw Up Fairy pays me a visit.  I've been trying to swat that little irritant down, but she keeps getting away. 

Can't wait to get to work with these...just as soon as I finish up the twenty other  projects I'm working on. 

Does it ever end?

We all know the answer is a resounding NO!  It's loads of work and we pay for it with aching backs and sore fingers, but for those who love to create- the satisfaction is enough.

And, a job well done is chocolate for the soul. 

Not chicken soup, chocolate.  :  )

Have a great weekend!

Til next time,



  1. I love all your finds,the one with the leaves is my favorite!

  2. Gorgeous fabrics and trims, Tina! Wherever do you find such lovelies? Can't wait to see how you transform them.
    Happy Weekend,

  3. It's all GORGEOUS! I love the idea of "chocolate" for the soul ;-)


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