September 12, 2011


Wait for rain.  Wait for the temps to drop below 100.  Wait for the fires to be extinguished.

Wait to go home.  Wait to see if you have a home.  Wait to see if your animals are alive.

Wait to find a place to rest your head.  Wait to wash the dust and soot from your eyes.

Wait to feed your children.  Wait for help.  Wait to return to ashes and ruins.

Wait for the tears to fall.  Wait for them to stop.  Wait to breathe.

My family who lost so much in the fires in Cedar Creek remain strong in their faith and show a fortitude that is remarkable.   In the simplest terms- they have grit and guts and God.

As they begin once more, their gratitude is without measure.  With the help they received from family, friends and strangers they made it out safely.  They were wrapped up in the comforting arms of family and have now been able to return home to the land they love and the home they made together.  After days of battling the flames, smoke and heat- they are safe.  The horses are safe.   They are heroes walking among heroes...a community that will never be the same.  I wish I could send them green grass and blooming trees- a clear blue sky with a brilliant rainbow after a week of pouring rain. 

I chose these photos today because I am so weary of looking at the terrible images of fire, death and destruction.  It's not my intention to diminish the tragedy, I only hope to remind us that there is hope in a new day.

The fires still burn.   Here, there...everywhere.  So we wait.

We wait for answers.  We wait for rain.  We wait to begin again...each in our own way.

"May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace."


  1. when i hear on the news that the fires are only 60% contained at this point, my heart just cries. over 1550 homes gone. i cannot imagine the loss and devastation. tomorrow will be 107 here and SW winds whipping up to create high fire danger yet again. i just cringe...

  2. Beautiful words for an overwhelming situation...I'm so sorry for your family and friends.
    Sending love your way~ T

  3. What a lovely tribute. This has been a horrible time for Texans. I pray daily for rain. My BFF had to evacuate her Austin home but was one of the lucky ones who was able to return . . . to a home. My hearts and prayers are with all those who are not so lucky.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I stepped outside once again last night only to smell smoke and hear sirens yet again. Your words are comforting and reminds us how truly blessed we are.

  5. Oh, baby girl...your heart is bursting with goodness, your words are full of angst, softly surrounded by grace and the peace of understanding. Placing my arms around your beautiful shoulders to keep you close on our collective journey. Would love to share on 2Ts wall...permission?
    (don't know how to select profile to post comment) Wawan

  6. i don't know what to say to you about this said it all so beautifully yourself.

    my first visit and i'm already awaiting your next post! and i want to cover a wall in your photo of that cow...i'm in love!


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