September 14, 2011

An Introduction

May I introduce you to our local cardinal- Mr. Buford T. Justice.  He and his wife spend their days (and sometimes their evenings) flinging themselves into our kitchen window.   If it's not the kitchen window, they are making asses of themselves outside my office window.

This goes on for hours.  Once in awhile it becomes so annoying that we'll go outside and shoo them away, but they always return.  They don't travel far...they fly over to our neighbor's house and make a nuisance of themselves there for a bit.

This Kool Kat goes by the name of Mista Butter.  He runs the show next door, when he's not on our porch taking names and kickin' butt.  Yeah, that's right.  He's Head Of Security in the culdesac.

I'm not sure how Buford T. and his thinking impaired wife have managed to stay off of Mista Butter's dinner plate, but somehow they have.  I can only guess that Mista B. has a very particular palate and only dines on birds of a certain distinction.  It is well known in these parts that Buford and his wife are a pair of complete dimwits.

When they first arrived on our window ledge, we found them charming and entertaining.  Thus, we named them Harry and Hermione.  Our youngest son was very ill and we spent our days reading about Harry Potter and his friends.  So naturally, H and H they became.

It wasn't long before we began to notice that these two were all beauty and no brains.  As we all know, Harry and Hermione are no slouches in the IQ department.  And as we had recently watched the old Smokey and The Bandit movie, H and H became Buford T. and his wife.  Do you know the movie?  Jackie Gleason in all his glory as the idiot sheriff.  Oh, how the boys laugh.  Buford's wife shall remain nameless as a safety precaution.  It's possible that have named her after someone we know.  ;  ) think Mista B may have gotten a taste of the dingbats?  Gag!  They weren't so tasty, I'd guess.  Not at all to his liking.

Never fear...they were outside my office window slamming their fool selves into a complete stupor just yesterday.

And the Mista was just coughing.   Hey, maybe he's allergic to me, too?  That's ok.  We love each other anyway.


Priceless.  :  )

(All photos of Buford T. and his Missus were taken thru the window.  The photo above is full of reflections from inside, but I think it's weirdly beautiful.)


  1. They are very pretty, we don't have them here.
    We have a bird outside,I haven't seen it yet,that is so loud and annoying,it starts screaming around 5:30am!
    I love the cat gagging picture! great shot!

  2. That last pict of Mr.B is hilarious!

  3. too funny (and i'd imagine, very irritating by now for you!)

  4. I've not seen a cardinal with such a large and exotic looking beak. Hmm......wonder if these two bird brains are inbred? They sure are beautiful though.

  5. They are really beautiful birds! One place that I lived, a male Cardinal decided to join me. I put food out on the patio for him. Unfortunately, sometimes I would forget to check the supply. He would bang on the window and I would realize the food was gone. Replaced the food and the banging stopped. Might try
    that! :-)


  6. Hello! what a great space you have here, so cozy. love your kitty pics (especially of the gagging) too funny. i can't believe they were all taken through the window, awesome.

  7. What a sweet post and I love your Mista B!!!

  8. These two have been around for some time, although they have not frequented my backyard in some time. As for Mista Butter, he's the cat's meow for sure, especially around here :)

  9. Such a fun post and what a handsome pair, even if they are a bit clueless. ;) Love that last photo, weirdly beautiful indeed!

  10. you're one hell of a writer! had me laughing out loud at those dumb birds and mista b!


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