October 8, 2011

Fall-ing Slowly

Yes, I love that song. 
 But in this instance, I'm referring to fall-ing slowly around my house.   

 As in, I am in the process of painting, organizing and cleaning so much that my fall decorations are a little behind schedule this year.

As a new empty nester, I may have gone a little crazy yanking everything out of the boys rooms and falling into the pit of dirt and debris that they left behind for me to deal with.  You know, because I have nothing better to do.  Gag.  Boys are just P-I-G-S.  No offense, Wilbur.

Yes, I'm in my pj's all day making a big mess in every damn room in this house.  If you know me, you also know that this house is large.  So imagine the chaos I've created.  And now all my helpers/furniture movers have flown the coop!  What to do?    If I'd concentrate on one room I'd be a lot more effective, but I'm trying to work in too many areas at once.   I don't know how I'm supposed to get anything done without my boys here.   I realize what a big help they were....sigh.  I miss them.  

Somebody please slap me off of Melancholy Road before I eat an entire crumb cake.

I may not be able to move after tomorrow-  I started painting the wood blinds on a very large window.
Mad as a hatter, I am.
  It's not fun.  Keep your fingers crossed that I don't tumble off the ladder.  Like I've told you before- 
 I'm a total spaz.

image from fanpop

I can relate, Hatter.

Here are a few sneak peeks of the areas I have done something with...

My little fawn music box hides a dark and disturbing secret.  I've loved John Denver since I was little.
It plays Annie's Song.  Shall I sing?  Hey, where did all my readers go?

One of my favorite floral creations.

 A peek at the mantle.

A peek at a newly painted frame around my crazy barnyard birds painting.  I was laughed out of the family when I bought it in 1999.

One of my favorite fall embroidery quotes...which ties in to the October giveaway.  I realize I skipped September, but you'll enjoy the goodies I send.  Forgive me?

Giveaway for The Nothing Will Happen Club starts Monday~

Enjoy your weekend and thanks so much for stopping by~


  1. From one klutz to another..be careful on that ladder girl friend! I can not go through a day with out tripping half a dozen times.. usually on nothing! Oh, and those boys! Every time my son goes away for more than a few days I head into his room with a trash bag and a shovel!I know I will miss him terribly when he flies the coop for good...sigh.

  2. please just autumn fall around the house - don't fall fall! :)

  3. Hi! I just dropped over to check out your blog, and girlfriend, are we ever on the same page! I'm a keeper, was an empty nester a couple of years ago, until one chickadee came back. I'm trying to get him out of the nest again so I can do more of the things I want to do in my home. One of the old kid rooms will be my art/blog/project room. He's still in it. SO, the other kid room is a mess! My daughter came for a visit this weekend and had to sleep on the sofa in the den. Anyway, I appreciate you coming over and following! I'm following you back.
    Another Texan,

  4. I'm a new follower!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your blog and can't wait to see what you are doing here. I love those beautiful florals.

  5. Your decorations are almost as fun as your sense of humor, and I love the Alice in Wonderland quote. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  6. Still here! I was about to comment that the fawn music box was adorable and then you said it plays "Annie's Song"? EVEN BETTER!!


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