October 10, 2011

Giveaway # 2 for The Nothing Will Happen Club is...

Are you scared?

A Halloween Grab Bag full of goodies!

I love a grab bag...it's so fun.  Ahhh, the delicious anticipation.
I should mention that the prize will include something embroidered, something vintage, and something chocolate.  Of course.
Something you'll want to keep and use year after year.

If you're here, you must be a keeper like me, right?

To enter, leave me a comment telling me what you wouldn't  like to get in your grab bag.  
Snakes, spiders, rotten eggs?  

Come on, entertain me!

You must be a WWK follower/subscriber to enter.  Entries accepted until 10PM on this Friday, October 14.

Unable to comment?  Send me an email instead @  whatwekeep@gmail.com!  I'll add you in.  
I must be able to contact you, so make sure your info is set appropriately in Google FC. (not on "no-reply)

I'll post the winner of the grab bag on Friday night after 10.  If I don't have contact info, pls contact me within 24 hrs or unfortunately, I'll have to choose another winner.

The goodies will be mailed out or delivered to the winner on Saturday.  

Winner chosen by Random.org, so friends and family are welcome to enter!

Good Luck!


  1. Trick or treat..pick me, pick me! I would not like rotten eggs that is for sure,lol..and no severed heads please!

  2. No rotten eggs or maggots...eeewww!!.....

  3. No rotten eggs, body parts or dead animals please!

  4. What a fun give away! Let's see...
    please don't send me any small children.
    (Mine are almost grown) LOL

  5. Count me in! It sounds like fune!

  6. Yipee! It's a giveaway :)
    Here's what you can keep: anything with 8 legs, sour, or requires batteries.

  7. What a fun idea!
    I would have to pass on little toys that sing happy songs over and over and over, creepy movies that haunt me for years after watching them whenever I walk past that dark spot in the basement...and no more bad broccoli hiding in the back of the fridge trying to come alive and start eating all the celery.

    As for the dead animals...well, let's just say I might already have some in the freezer. Not the edible kind. Biologists do weird things like that.

  8. What a cute giveaway!! Well yesterday I had a run in with a blue spider that I promise looked like a transformer!! I starred at it in shock for a good 5 minutes before I could mustard the guts to pull out antibacterial spray (it was the closest thing to me!) and spray it to its death! I used the whole bottle! With that said...I can't handle any more spiders!!

  9. Oh, that's an easy one.....NO SNAKES.....I would probably drop dead of fright and then you'd have to deal with THAT, ha!

  10. I wouldn't want an empty bag. That would be a naughty trick. Or a goodie bag that didn't have chocoLOT. That would be very scary!


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