March 19, 2012

Amuse Me Monday

I opened my email from Urban Outfitters this morning and 
saw this.

You know that snarky Pinterest poster that says
"I seriously doubt that you are LOL'ing
as much as you claim"?

Well, people.
In this case I was laughing out loud.
Seriously, don't doubt it.

(I'm not grabbing the poster 'cuz I don't want to get sued and then need to employ a smarmy attorney to get me and the jackdonkeys at Pinterest 
out of the 
Creek Of Shizz.)

Rainbow platforms.
It's SO weird to be of an age where things that were SO bad the first time,
are everywhere for the youth of today.
And still SO bad!
I'm still laughing.
Who doesn't want to LOL as much as possible?
I want to LMAO as much as possible
because MA is large and laughing is good for the soul.

No, I won't be purchasing these shoes.
I will say that my twelve year old self 
would've been rocking these babies with my patchwork jaaanes from House of Jeans,
 pink SuperFox tee and John Denver hippie hat.
I know.  Jealous?
Oh yeah- I was a hipster doofus way before Kramer.

Which reminds me-
I was wearing that outfit on the day we took pictures for the time capsule we buried in junior high.
I was captured in that too cool for school get up
for all eternity.
Uh oh.  I wonder if they dug that stuff up yet?
I would love to get my hands on those photos.
I think I was in a tree.
Like a skirl.

(Please don't get your panties in a wad, dear internet spell check po-lice.
I say skirl because my kids did.
Don't be a hater.)

Thanks for the butt slimming laughter this morning
You're super cool.

And if any of you have young hipster daughters
that have their eye on these Rainbow Brite plats-
please let them be amazing in them.
They can apologize to you later.
When they are forty.
No, strike that.
They need not apologize for being awesome.

$170 and sold out.
(They are not at UO)

DIY anyone?  Homemade play-doh and 
some repurposed sandals?



  1. Tina- BABY! I had a pair of those suckers, too...and I had a bright orange pair that I wore with a navy mini-skirt. oh...yeah...we were the fashionistas of our day, weren't we? lol And now I hate to show my knees! xo Diana

  2. Oh yea, UB stylin':@) I think the best thing that ever happened to my feet was "Business Casual"... gotta love it!

  3. you were on a wild ride, today! i never had the rainbow platform sandals, but i did have some platform sandals - and some bell-bottom hip-hugger jeans to die for! :)

  4. I could be seven feet tall in those puppies!

  5. OMG - that is hilarious. I had a pair of Cherokee platforms - 6 inches - I put a rainbow of rhinestones on them (it was Hollywood, ya gotta give me a little break) and then promptly fell off of them while walking down Sunset Boulevard on my way to the Troubador (maybe it was the pre-Troubador tequila sunrises). Ahh memories...

  6. My favorite line was 'no, strike that, they need not apologize for being awesome' You are right! Whatever fashion my kids want to bring to the table, may one day be a funny memory that they can write about, and tell their daughters. I love letting them just be. (I mean I would cross the line somewhere, but haven't had that issue)
    Whether it is 10 foot tall rainbow sandals, John Denver hats, or skinny jeans. They can be who they want to be, cause one day it will amuse all of us.My girls have just started hearing about Urban Outfitters, so I think a trip to Downtown San Diego may be in our future. Not sure their measly allowance will cover it though.

    O.K. so if that time capsule is unearthed, do you cross your heart,pinky promise to post the picture?????? A 'Skirl' wearing a John Denver hat and patchwork jaanes. NICE! ;)

  7. Tina,
    missed out on the platform shoes(my mom wouldn't let me)oh how I hate saying that! Did have the low rise bell bottoms whith the body shirt, you remember, the ones that snapped in the......! and the Frye boots to wear with my jeans! See where they are making a come back!
    Not sure if this was all before "your time"! And, hey, we were super cool and hip back then, how could we be anything else!!

  8. Holy freakin moly....rainbows make their way into every generation and it's never good... I had rainbow that was just wrong!

  9. How funny! I could have never worn those because I trip walking across the room barefooted,I would have broken my neck! Now I would just break a hip !

  10. LOL is right! I'm constantly seeing things that have come full circle from my youth. More often than not I find myself telling my daughter those things were ugly the first time around--in the '70s. But we didn't know they were ugly then. If my mom were still living, she's the one who would really be laughing--at my reaction! Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Oh My Gosh that is HILARIOUS!!! I, unfortunately, am old enough to remember the first round of those suckers and they were bad back then! "i think my son would say those are 'dope-fly'....NOT!
    thanks for stopping by and liking my little project! ttyl

  12. Thanks for visiting my little blog - following you back !
    I can't believe how many awful trends keep coming back - very funny post ( I wasn't allowed any platforms either, although I did wear some in a shop for about half an hour and my mother still wouldn't let me bring them home - lol)

  13. OMG laughing so hard I can't see to comment

  14. Hi Tina!
    I just blog tagged you in my last post. You might want to read it soon :)
    Make it a great day!

  15. My platforms made such a noise when I walked. But gosh was we ever so cool. I had bell-bottoms that were wider at the bottoms than the skirts I wore. Loved it all.

  16. OMG, Tina - I'm laughing out loud right now. I remember those platform shoes (not rainbowed , but bright green nevertheless) - can you imagine how ridiculous I looked = 5'10", SKINNY, mini skirt and 4" platform shoes. It's a wonder I didn't break my ankle tripping over them.

  17. Wow Tina- I had no idea this stuff was coming back, yikes! Takes me way back to a place that I don't care to go. ;)
    Happy gorgeous Friday to you.

  18. wow them thar are some shoes!!!!If only I wasn't afraid of heights!

  19. So bad looking, but I guess some folks must be shoe collectors because who could walk in these things. Craziness. LOL

  20. That is so funny. I too noticed that the platform shoes and bell bottoms and hip hugger jeans are now back in as platform shoes, flare jeans, and low rider jeans. My mom never let me buy platform shoes, so I wasn't so cool. Thankfully my daughter is afraid to wear heels. Ha, ha!! Oh youth you are so wasted on the young!!

  21. Crazy cool shoes!! Stopping by from the TGIF blog hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

  22. Found your blog at the blog hop!! Definitely a new follower, check mine out too!


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