March 17, 2012

A Corgi Hello

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

My models only suffered the humiliation of the
big green sequined bow for a minute or two.
Come on, Henry...
was it really so bad?
What a pitiful face!


  1. made me chuckle! so CUTE! and embarrased!

  2. Love love love the glittery green bow tie!

    I didn't dress our pooches up for St Patty's Day, but just you wait for Halloween!

  3. HYSTERICAL! Give em a chug of green beer to drown the humiliation! Happy St. Paddy's Day! xo Diana

  4. I think they are adorable. They have the poor pitiful me look down to a T.

  5. Too cute! I took some photos of my son's dog earlier when she was holding a ball in her mouth. she would not sit still and smile! I decided being a pet photographer was not a career I'd be good at. Your little guys look so adorable. :)

  6. Very Cute! My daughter had to suffer through my putting green ribbon in her braids, and having to do it over,(a few times)because the ribbon kept slipping out.

    What we put our kids/animals through!;)

    Happy St. Patricks!

  7. Who can resist Corgis in green sparkle bow ties? Not me! They are adorable. Karmen

  8. If only they could talk. I would love to know what little Henry was really thinking...hmmmm....

  9. How cute...The stuff we put our furry friends through. LOL
    You are right Henry looked like "Are you going to give me an extra treat for wearing this". LOL
    Hope you have a wonderful week,

  10. We take such delight in trying to humanize our fur babies don't we? I had our old lab, Miss Shadow, in a green bandana as well! I've always loved Corgis.


  11. You had me Hello. Love your pictures of your cute little corgi. They remind me of my Piper. She's got short stubby legs too.

  12. This has me laughing out loud as I'm getting ready to walk with my dogs. Happy to hear the bow tie was short lived...but worth all of the pictures. haha

    And so glad you like the Pass it On project...please link it up to my facebook page when you do it. :)

  13. so so sweet,I found you from a mutal friends blog, its so nice to meet you,

  14. Tina!

    I do believe I am obsessed with your Sophie!
    The cuteness of her little face ..sigh.

    She's a good model. I had our dogs in costume for Halloween. Daisy was a hot dog, Curtis a lamb. I LOL thinking of it.

    Love your blog catching up on your older posts. The pillow post made me sad and I can relate.
    New fave..your signing off as TOT. :)

    LOL. & brilliant!

    Have a great night.




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