July 17, 2012

Bruce Happens

My empty nest is no longer empty.
Our youngest has returned home which means
Shithead  Bruce was part of the package.

(Sorry, JP! I think I can fix it.)

He also eats pool noodles and space bags.
He has a special affinity for our bed with it's cream quilt with velvet trim.
My head is starting to spin.
Sophie is packing and running away from home.

Brucey, you got some 'splainin to do!

I'm thinking boarding school.
And maybe a bottle of NyQuil for lunch.

In his defense, the constant storms have made all the pups nervous
and there's been little time to play outdoors.

I'm a sucker for that face.


  1. oh no! kids and their baggage! :)

  2. Oh Bruce! Bruce, not the orange tree! Sasha destroyed my daughter's glasses last week. Gotta love em!

  3. oh my gosh...you had me laughing out loud! my kids raise American Bulldogs and they all said...they never pee in the house...whatever...they are no longer welcome. One July 4 my husband couldn't walk out of the kitchen...he was trapped by a growling bear...they blamed it on the fireworks..however..I do love those dogs, just at THEIR house!

  4. Oh Bruce, I can see you make life and adventure where ever you are,lol!

  5. Pets where would we be with out them. I often think one day I will not have a pet then my cat jumps in my lap and all the picked and pulled fabrics are forgiven.

  6. Just wanted to say I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!
    Grown Daughter + rabbit + dog = Wild & Crazy!!

  7. Bruce is a butthead for sure...lol...gotta love a face like that. I once had a dog that all the bows and trims off my roommates shoes. She was NOT happy...xo Diana

  8. Oh no, Bruce you little (but cute)devil! Well the table is supposed to be distressed right? Love your stories and pictures and a glimpse of your beautiful home.

  9. Oh, I'm so glad you can see the humor in the situation! He does look rather remorseful.

  10. Tina! I'm laughing out loud, you funny girl. Imagining you drinking a bottle of nyquil for lunch...Oh, but I feel your pain! I have piles of hair in the living room after sweeping only two days ago...and a front window that looks like your poor chair. Bless you, dear. And bless that dog with his adorable face.

  11. Bruce is cute, albeit a big destructive, but cute :)

    cool that son was able to return home and even bring Bruce with him; that is a good sign that you are welcoming and nuturing, some parents might not be as such (son moved back home past January, but alone, no pets :)


  12. LOLOLOLOL!!! But yeah...that face!!!! Too adorable!!

  13. I feel your pain-
    my daughter's visits include a shedding pug.

    But- what do we do?

    What a treat to find your blog this morning.
    I am a new follower-

    White Spray Paint

  14. You're a better person than I! What he did to the table would have warranted a trip to the pokey if you ask me!

    His face is a little cute.

  15. Ay, yi, yi! The things we do for love (of our kids!) You poor thing. Good thing his face keeps you from any serious repercussions. :)

    You made me laugh.

  16. Maybe Bruce could use a little NyQuil, from the looks of things, I think he'd eat it.

  17. Tina~

    I am so sorry I laughed out loud, but can relate!

    Curtis eats EVERYTHING. He's our year old half black lab/half weiner dog. It makes him amazing and also..yes..a bit weird. He has a place right behind our headboard where he steals and keeps things.

    Recent finds: My yoga pants that had gone missing, husband's flipflops (eaten up and chewed and spit out) a McDonald's to-go coffee cup, napkins, a few kleenex and the list goes on.

    While it's frustrating, I generally try to keep stuff away from him. He did eat/almost kill my stressed out hydrangea earlier this year (now on the mend! He was chewing off the sticks)but on the fun side: like Bruce, he is SO cute. And when I find stuff it's almost hilarious because he's so small & seems to have his own world behind the couch and our bed.

    Oh! I also planted dianthus earlier this summer and as I walked away to grab water, he tore three of them up and ate them.

    Your Sister In The Fight~


  18. Bruce - noooo, not the table, the orange tree, the geraniums....aackk!! But look at that face....awww.
    Melt. ;)

  19. YOURE ADORABLE! What cute writing and humor, although I know it's not funny. I have my son's cat! and when we went on vacation and left him he peed on my new rug 6 x and on my dining table! OMG, are we stupid! We forgave him, and he really is a wonderful cat, but oh man, what we do for our kids...hang in there.

  20. Tina,
    poor Bruce, poor you! Kate moved out, her cat, jenny (the hair ball) stayed.
    Lots of hair everywhere, has a tendency to regurgeitate (sp?) I'm no longer allowed to close my bedroom door at night and she is very messy in the bathroom area.
    But, we love them right?

  21. I wouldn't be able to resist that face either! Puppy dogs can be some work. LOL!
    The view from your office is so pretty! Have a great weekend!

  22. Bruce is a doll.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a follower now. Have a great weekend.

  23. I wrote about this post and linked it back to you. Will remove it if you want, let me know.

  24. how could anyone stay cranky with bruce for long? love his mug!!

  25. he's a beauty, tina! we have an american bulldog, and when she was younger--oh my!! the older they get, the better they get, just repeat that over and over...


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