July 7, 2012

Oh, George...how we miss you!

If you know me,
you know that Magoo is
 "George Costanza" terrified
of wasps, hornets, bees, butterflies, dragonflies
or anything that flies directly at him.
City Boy, much?

When this occurs, it is one of our all time favorite things to laugh at.
Seriously, we laugh until we cry.  Then we laugh some more.

He runs, swats, hurdles furniture and mows down small children
and pregnant ladies to evade the "stingin' bastards".

Yes, I was the pregnant lady and the kids he mowed/mows down are ours.
Not that anyone else is immune from this spectacle- they aren't.

So it was to my great surprise when after only a year of my nagging,
he got the power washer out and removed the SB's condos from under the porch.
I must be doing something right- it generally takes two years and
 a skillet upside the head to get the man moving.

Anyway, he brought me these wasp nests.
In his own two hands and into our home.
Can you imagine?

I thought the man done lost his mind!
(here I go channeling Madea again- she's my hero)

I put them under the glass cloche as a reminder of his bravery.

And of this~

Here's George at his finest.
He's so Magoo.



  1. poor magoo!! and poor george!! but they do provide some GREAT laughs!!

    (and i love madea, too)

  2. I can't bear to throw them away after all that hard work. I have several under glass also!

  3. I can't remember if I've been to your blog before, LOL, I'm thinking I haven't been. I love your corgis :) aren't they the best?

    how cool to save the wasp nests the way that you did! We had a lot at times here, but I think they ended up being in the trash.

    may tomorrow be a great day for you and yours!


  4. Magoo, George, and I would get along brilliantly. I am impressed by his valour, though. Quite the man!

  5. Poor doggy! How funny is that? I am watching good old George Constanza on TV as I sit here- lol Crazy man carrying that wasp nest in...duh...xo Diana

  6. Give the man a medal! Side note - did you know wasp nests are actually a type of handmade (by wasps) paper? It's pretty strong. I think they're lovely...

  7. Seinfeld is my all time favorite! I even went to see Jerry live here in Orlando...he was great! Very funny post!!!

  8. Bwahahahahaha! Cracking up at this! I hate those things, too! I actually just got stung by a wasp 2 weeks ago for the first time since I was a kid! I was sure I was going to die! I screamed a stream of bad words that would make a sailor blush! 2 weeks later, and the thing is STILL itching. You are a brave woman to have those things in your house. I just know if I did that, I would suffer some sort of karmic retribution!

  9. Ha ha! Funny post! Madea is my favorite, too. She's exactly like my Baba (grandma) very unconventional, shall we say? I'm like George when it comes to being in the path of lawnmowers. I hightail it outa there!

    Love the nests under glass!

  10. How funny! Doesn't everything look better under glass?

  11. I'm sitting here laughing :) just a witty post! George and Madea I love them both.

  12. Fun post! I hate most of those things too...


  13. Such a hilarious post! They do look better under glass!

  14. Very cute post! Thanks for stopping by our blog! Yours is wonderful so Im a new follower! Love your Corgis, too. We are animal nuts over here.

  15. Brilliant!!! so funny! don't like wasps but your nests do look very cool under glass! Just tried following you but it wouldn't let me!! will try again later! Thank you for visiting Tina!


  16. So funny! I love the wasp nest and birds nests, too. They look great under the cloche.

  17. Fun stuff. I also like to make trophies of things we overcome at our house and I've often associated with George in his goofy thought process and situations. Thanks for stopping at Quirky Vistas today. Sorry you have to miss out on the joy of Slurpees these days. They do make for great childhood memories though, don't they?

  18. Ah ha ha ha ha.


  19. LOL I love it. Aren't you proud of his bravery. Great little nests.

  20. I love you even more now that I know your are a Seinfeld fan. Tell me you love Curb Your Enthusiasm too!!!

  21. Tina!

    It's Tina! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your fun comment!! I'm so happy to have found another Tina in blogland. It never seems to be a very popular name to me!

    Those anthro chairs: Horrendous! I wonder who did the research on that? Was it studied or "If we act like it's cool, the masses will buy it."?

    I'm off to obsessively visit your blog now! You love Weeds AND dogs AND cake? We are clearly meant to be best friends!

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

    Tina :-)

  22. I would be remiss if I didn't let you know that the bee story and "stingin bastards" has had me cracking up off and on for days!


  23. That is beautiful and I'm totally going to try that as soon as I can get The Hubby to get rid of our wasps.
    I sat on one the other day. SAT on one. lol And the day before that, I actually picked one up thinking it was one of the boys' plastic insects that they leave around the house to scare me. I was all "I'm not falling for THAT again..." ouch. Hurray George Costanza!!


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