November 9, 2012

Some of Gwen's Giveaway Loot

Gwen received one of her boxes today, so I'm going to go ahead
 and post this since many of these items were in that box.

Please Mr. Postman,
find her other box soon.
It's been MIA since Oct. 30.

This is a bottle topper made from a vintage doorknob.
It's metal and painted yellow for The Bold Abode.
Underneath it is a burlap wine sack from Wisteria.

The striped fringy fabric is a
Sur la Table tablecloth and napkin set.
The girl loves lime green!
Gwen also uses bold colors in her home and on her porch, too.
This set will work indoors or out.

I replaced the gray-blue with something else, because in reality it is not gray-blue.
Didn't match your color swatch, G! 

One of my little fat bird towels.

Small linen napkin that urges someone to 'say yes'.

I bought this outside of Asheville in a little shop.
Perfect for Gwen, creating her bold self.

Vintage hand embroidered tea towel in green.

Hot pink bottle koozie with her 'street name'
That's for water bottles, not booze, Gwennie.

Linen towels with embroidery.
Book Lover's Stamp Set from Three Designing Women.
Assorted fabrics for her sewing pleasure.

Calm down Chicken Little~
The sky ain't falling yet!
'To Go' Cup.
The bottom opens up and
embroidered paper slips inside.

Three vintage hankies.

Hand towel with lime green crochet berries.

Tote Bag with symbols of extreme irritation~
for when she is at auction.

She can turn toward the competition and
 let them know she means business with this thing!

That's what bold girls do, right?

I can't wait to see what she makes with this fabric.
I can't remember where I got it,
but I'm thinking it must have been Calico Corner.
It will look great in her house!

I forgot to photograph a few items...
A pretty green journal~ a vinyl wall quote~a rusty turquoise painted tray made into a sign that says
'Life is Good'.

Gwen makes funny videos on occasion, so maybe we'll get lucky and she'll treat us to some of her silly.
I have a few more things to send when my embroidery software stops acting up.

I had a lot of fun digging thru my stash for bold colors.

Have fun, Gwen!


  1. that sweet vintage embroidered tea towel reminded me of my mom and older sisters. thank you! :)

    such a pack o' loot!

  2. Tina,

    You are beyond amazing! I'm totally overwhelmed by how much thought and time you put into this. I don't know what to say except thank you... from the bottom of my freaking heart!

    I am so thankful for you. I hope you know that...

  3. Seriously...

    Can you be more thoughtful, giving or sweet? I think not.

    What wonderfully gorgeous items that are so thoughtfully collected for Gwen!!

    You have a great eye and this made me LOL:

    "Tote Bag with symbols of extreme irritation"

    Good lord, you are funny my friend!

    I can't wait til you open your Etsy shop. Just sayin...



  4. What fun, fun items. I love that cute fabric at the end!! I hope the other box shows up soon. I think some things got a little delayed with the election and all- xo Diana

  5. Wow! That's a package jam packed with fun! I hope the missing box turns up soon. So disappointing when that happens.

  6. Wow! These are fabulous gifts! I really hope the lost box shows up. :)

  7. You are the sweetest and most thoughtful. I know she loves her gifts.

  8. My care-packages have never known such splendor. Awesome.

  9. such beautiful treasures! I love the bottle stopper and the tote especially, but I gotta say - I love a good tea towel. MIne have pugs on them. *Big Surprise*. ;)

  10. Absolutely incredible!!! I'm sitting here drooling over the items and all the color. I LOVE color! :) You are so thoughtful and sweet to do this...I know she's delighted!



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