February 4, 2013

Lonesome Dove

“I'm sure partial to the evening,' Augustus said. 'The evening and the morning. 
If we just didn't have to have the rest of the dern day I'd be a lot happier.” 

Ah, Monday.
This little mourning dove  watched as the dogs and I walked in the yard.
His friends flew away into the morning gray.
That sky hasn't changed a bit all day.
Rainy days and Mondays...


  1. I just love Larry McMurtry. And that's a gorgeous shot. Hope those gray skies clear up!

  2. and then he said..."wanna poke?"

  3. Once upon a time, I read that novel for a boy. I was in love with him. I hated that book, but I read it anyway, because I loved that boy.

  4. Great photo, but dreary gray skies. I hope you lit a fire and snuggled under a nice warm blankie. :)

  5. What a peaceful photo. Beautiful. ---Katie

  6. Beautiful photo...and great quote. I'm a big McMurtry fan.

  7. We often have little lonesome doves on the wires out in back of my house. I love your silhouette shot. Adorable little profile!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  8. Our mourning dove population has decreased over the 10 years we've been here -- which is a shame because I love them so.

    This is a beautiful image Tina. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Lonesome Dove the mini-series is one of my moms FAVORITES. She had it on VHS, and now on DVD. She would pop it in on rainy days, sunny days, and days in between. I was a teen when the show came out, but when I was in a mood to snuggle with my mama, I would plop down next to her with a blanket and watch it. I think I may borrow her DVD, and have a little marathon this weekend. :) Nice Post Tina.

  10. Love this photo! And I think Lonesome Dove will be popped into the DVD player tonight!

  11. It is beautiful!

    I think Jewel just commented on Lonesome Dove today on The View. I could be getting my movies mixed up, but I could swear that when she was dating her hubby- he told her no hand holding or cuddling during Lonesome Dove!

    How was your weekend??



  12. You sure that dove was lonesome? Perhaps he was just out admiring the evening and gathering food for his better half.



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