February 5, 2013

Ooh La La

Just a pretty post today.
Don't you love these vintage gloves with the hand embroidery?
...ooh la la.

I call this style Junky Movie Star.

I dug thru one of my 'keeps' drawers and played dress up for a few minutes.

 My bracelet is called the Royalty Bracelet and it's on sale on the Sorrelli website.
The color is called Concrete Jungle.
The pearls were my MIL's.

Cool cigarette case...it still plays music and the mirror is intact.
It plays Beethoven's Fur Elise.

The  1950's vintage cigarette case was my MIL's. 
It still smells like her perfume, Tigress.
Made by Faberge, it had slogans like
 'are you wild enough to wear it?' and 'because men are such animals!'.
Potent stuff because everything that we have that belonged to her still smells like it.
As a child, Magoo liked playing with the fur bottle top.
Geez, how toxic was it that it still smells so strong after all these years?
Between that stuff and the mosquito spraying truck, my hubby is lucky to remember his name.
I'm just saying...

Miss Lola Falana.
Those 70's.

I found this wine bottle in an antique mall years ago.
For five bucks.  I love it.

The table was handpainted by the famous J. Phillips.
Let me know if you are ready to go with that shop, JP!
Bruce didn't eat the whole table.

Have a fun week...maybe you want to play Junky Movie Star, too?


  1. i am DYING laughing at your mil's perfume! my mil had some seriously toxic fumes she preferred, too! :)

  2. as we like to say in Texas...
    git here now!

  3. My mother and Baba wore Emeraude. I can still smell that awful perfume! It was more like a lotion and was applied with a small plastic wand. P U

    I can just see you wearing those gloves with a long cigarette holder in your hand. :)

    Cool case that even plays music!

  4. What a fun post! I love that cigarette case! oh and the pearls too! lmao over the perfume and mosquito trucks line! (We had those too!) I could maybe play Junkie Farm Girl, but I don't think it would have quite that intoxicating effect!!

  5. Can you add Eartha Kitt to your next Junky Movie Star installment?!

    I know the fumes of those old perfumes last YEARS. It is frightening.

    As I was reading this, I heard Madonna singing "Dress You Up" in my head.

    Going to find my old faux pearls and broaches..



  6. tina,
    your treasurs are very "glam"! Didn't we all want to be movie stars back in the day? My glam level was only as high as Annette at the beach, Sandra Dee in a summer place or Sally Field, surfing the waves! Raquel, Marilyn, Bridget, they were all so far out of our league but very glamorous! Boy does this date me or what!
    PS. My Mom wore White Shoulders

  7. very cute post, and fabulous! Hope your weekend is going well, and give my love to Bruce!
    xo Nancy

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this cute post at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Love the vintage gloves! Happy Valentine's.



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