May 28, 2013

Exploring My Own Back Yard

Do you ever feel like just wandering around in your yard?
I love doing it and I am always amazed at the changes that have taken place.

Can Maggie and Lucy play?
Maggie just had surgery, so Bruce and Sophie were out of luck.
Bruce has really scratched the gate up since he arrived last summer.
I used to think I needed a picture perfect yard.
Now I enjoy looking at the pictures of our life here.
We live here.
It's not a magazine shoot.
Yes, the gate needs to be restained.
But the five dogs that run through that gate have so much fun playing together
that I kind of enjoy looking at the gate that way.
Distressed by Bruce.  I told you he was gifted.

The rain came and lasted most of the day.
I sat on the patio with the dogs and just watched.

Piggy and her babies need to be restained, too.
Their pink is all gone.
I'm thinking of using my ASCP on them, too.
Has anyone used it on concrete outdoors?

Magoo power washed the pool equipment fence-
and all the teal stain with it.
He likes watching Mecum Auto Auctions and Breaking Bad 
a lot more than doing his man work around here.

When we built the pool, the builder thought I was insane to want brass covers.
They get so hot and they are heavy.
Just what I needed to keep the dogs from carrying off all the plastic ones.
It took 7 years, but they have the natural patina that I wanted.

The statues are cracked and aged from the extreme heat they're exposed to.
But I like them that way.

Henry liked running around in the rain.
This is a dog who trembles and must be on top of you inside the house.
He's terrified of thunder inside but not outside?
That's our boy.

Bruce sniffed the air and listened.

Little Miss Sophie kept an eye on my every move.
And then ...the sun came out.

I'm unsure of what I enjoyed more.


  1. the anole and the frog are so cute. your pups are handsome and adorable. and i like the color of your worn-in gate!

  2. Those are fantastic pictures! Thanks for the tour of your yard. I love the pigs just the way they are. The brass covers are so pretty, and the lizard shots are amazing.

  3. Thank you for the lovely tour of your yard! It looks so inviting and comfortable. And your dogs are so beautiful. I love those pigs!

  4. Very cool pics-cute pups! I've seen the piggy bench at a local nursery but the babies are new to me! Cute:@)

  5. Funny to read your post today as I spent the day outside today looking around my yard and all of it's changes. Love your shots and your yard looks lovingly lived in. Your dogs are adorable! A great spot to spend the day in!

  6. Tina, you have created a beautiful backyard oasis! I love the blue of your gate (and the moon on it as well). Keep those adorable pup photos coming. I can't get enough. They are so sweet. Funny you mention Bruce's distressing job, because I've been doing some painting and thought about painting over some "distressing" that my Biggles did years ago and decided I wanted to keep it. And mama pig and her piglets - LOVE!

  7. As always, gorgeous photos!

    I have roamed my new backyard- something new is popping up daily. I've got lilacs!

    I covet your tall fence! And your pool looks lovely.

    Sophie follows and watches you like my Curtis! So cute.

    Henry and Bruce = adorable!

    Is that a gecko on your statue? Love!

    I've been getting high end dog cookies near my home- and have fallen in love with the ferrets. I need a farm- but in the city!

  8. Your yard is filled with beautiful things, Tina! I love the sunshine reflected in the water. It makes me want to get out in our kayaks. If the sun ever comes out and I get a day off to play!

  9. I love the worn look and your doggies seem so happy. Is your pool warm enough to dive in yet?

  10. I am cracked and aged from extreme heat too, and not near as beautiful as your yard.


  11. Tina, what wonderful pictures! Fun stuff.

  12. I'm trying to create something to take a walk in. Right now its just a square patch of grass. In time.

    Your backyard is very relaxing...a great retreat.

  13. Hey, Tina! You have your own private paradise, complete with inhabitants. Your photos are beautiful as always and how did you get the chameleon to pose on the boy's head? You must be the lizard whisperer...I love the brass covers.

  14. What a sweet post....I love just real life posts...I like the patina on the brass...and hey, the gate looks loved on!!

  15. Tina- I am finally able to visit again! What beautiful, beautiful pictures~ Your yard is just gorgeous and I, too, love those heavy brass covers...especially the patina they have developed- xo Diana

  16. Tina what a beautiful post with gorgeous pictures. I roam around my yard and creek all of the I kind of want to roam around yours...and dive in your pool!

  17. Great post, Tina. I love it, love it, love it! The moments are our life. Looks like you took the time for a good bit of living right there!

  18. Thanks for visiting, Tina! Do you know you're a "noreply blogger". I can't comment back to you from your comments. Just thought I'd give you a heads up!


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