May 29, 2013

I'll Call Her Betty

At last!
I'm thinking that my little vintage chair came right out of this moment in time.
1966 Style House Custom Interiors from Montgomery Wards.
I found this ad on a blog called Pleasant Family Shopping.
It's really a fun and interesting read!
Check it out HERE.

 I'm guessing a stout gimlet caused the dye to bleed.
Imagine a Mad Men moment...
Poor Drunk Betty Draper.
Alcohol and silk just don't mix, honey.

Thanks to you all for your input!


  1. It WAS a gimlet- or at least two martinis that created that stain!

    Damned Betty and Don! No manners AND they just throw their trash off into the wind at public parks!

    I am off to read the Sears the chair, it's really pretty. Where will it live in your house?

  2. Ha ha ha ha!!! You DO have a way with words...and I am laughing out loud at work, nevertheless. I'd say you've hit it spot on. Good detective work, Tina!

  3. I think it was a milky drink. A Smith & Kerns maybe.


  4. I think you nailed it with your persistent research. That looks like the very line your chair came from!

    I agree that someone was probably feeling no pain when they knocked that drink over, and all I can say about that is "Thank God for throw pillows!"

  5. My daughter (not her real name) now lives in NYC, working in advertising, all because of that DA*N SHOW!! She left me to become Peggy.

  6. You're a good slueth! This reminds me that everything has a story.

  7. Mystery solved! A lovely pillow made by the very talented Tina is the perfect fix.

  8. Betty Betty bo little Kinder Betty's last day of school was today...she was going to eat, to the OLIVE CART (ala carte)

  9. Love to imagine how things happen to an old piece of furniture that I end up buying, and yours is no different! Love the Betty Draper reference and also that chair! Good luck!

  10. Can you believe I have never watched one episode of Madmen? I want to...but I never seem to be able to keep up with a series these days. Glad you found some answers to your chair question!


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