June 6, 2013

For The Booze Hounds

Julia Reed's latest book,
But Mama Always Put Vodka In Her Sangria! 
looks like a real hoot but I am telling you...
I would die if I drank this concoction.
I think I threw up a little just reading the recipe.
No one over the age of ten could take this much sugar!
Could they?

Margaret Houston

If you think you can handle it, knock yourself out!

Here's the recipe.
The Yucca Flats
(Yield: Depends on the crowd!)
One 16-oz. box powdered sugar
2 fifths gin
One 6-oz. jar maraschino cherries, with juice
6 oranges, halved
6 limes, halved
6 lemons, halved
Dissolve sugar in the gin in a gallon-size glass jar. Add the remaining ingredients. Fill with ice. Wrap jar in a towel and take turns shaking until the mixture is really cold and some of the ice has melted.

Recipe from Garden and Gun

I definitely can't handle all that sugar.
However, Linda over at ModMom posted this recipe and I loved it!

Here's a pic of mine...it didn't last long.

I used organic agave instead of simple syrup and San Pelligrino instead of seltzer
because that's what I had in the pantry.
I made it again without the sake, too.
Perfect for poolside!
Make sure you have a muddler and very fresh mint.
Limp mint is a no no.
I mean, do we like limp anything?

If any of you Booze Hounds try The Yucca Flats recipe
I want to know about it.
Mostly I want to know how many times you threw up
during your trash can punch flashbacks.


  1. sounds along the lines of a tom collins, if my drinking tastebuds remember correctly... :)

  2. Tina,
    Sorry, I'm a margarita / pina colada (sure could use one or two right now) girl myself so won't be trying that anytime soon! Only was throw up sick once in my 20's and that was on Mities (sp?), haven't had one since! Your strawberry concoction looks pretty yummy.

  3. I drank Tom Collins back in the day. :) Your looks and sounds yummy!

  4. Though I find Gin a fairly interesting flavor with a little tonic, it's been years since I had one. I have a hard time imagining it with all the powdered sugar, too. It might be tasty, on pancakes. :)
    I agree about the limp stuff, but that's been years, too...

  5. Maybe just Limp Biscuit, just don't ask me what they sang or if I spelled biscuit right.

    I had Sangria one time and it was divine, although I have no idea what was in it, or at least I don't think I knew.


  6. New follower from Bloglovin' and Google+ Blog Hop Time.


  7. Wow! These sound interesting!!! I'm a martini gal myself but always willing to try something new! LOL!! Found you thru the Blog Hop!!!~~Angela

  8. OMGosh- I don't drink well- I would be under the table after the first couple of sips!!! xo SiN

  9. The Yucca drinks would definitely put me under the table. I wouldn't get enough sips in have anything to throw up. :-) The sake drink sounds--and looks--delish!

  10. I can see I live a pretty boring life here! Even when I go out it's either beer or a glass of wine....with a Cosmo thrown in for good measure now and then.....geez....I need to get with the program.....

  11. Man if I'm gonna eat that much sugar I need to be attached to cake!I'm curious what it would taste like though. I will NOT be making it! Don't like mint - limp or fresh. But I must agree the 2nd recipe sounds better than the first.

  12. Wow...even the juice from the cherries? Didn't we learn the lesson of too much sweet in alcohol in high school? I'm a gin and tonic girl mostly. And um no...we do not love limp anything. LMAO!

  13. Tina, I just spent about 30+ mins. looking through all your pinterest boards. You and I have some similar loves and wants. You love the same movies I do as well! Wish we lived close to each other... we'd be buds.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    xo Nancy

  14. Yay T! Thanks for sharing my cocktail. I love your photo. Looks fabulous. I like that you used Agave nectar and I'm wondering now why I didn't think of that because I made up a batch of simple syrup when I had the Agave in my cupboard. Great idea. I'm going to try the Yucca Flats. It does remind me of a Tom Collins and that has always been one of my go to's. A classic.

    Cheers! xo

  15. Yikes - that is a LOT of sugar! The strawberry drink sounds good - I'm going to have to give that one a try!

  16. Um. Yum. I'll take two please.

  17. See what I miss when away?!?

  18. oh, snap, that is waahaayy too much sugar....it needs more booze!


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