July 21, 2013

Lazy Weekend...for some of us.

Sometimes I really love a rainy summer day.
I headed up to have a little me time with needle and thread.
Bruce made himself comfortable while I spent time in the sewing room.
The shorties were hiding under the table due to the thunder.

I spent Saturday working on these designs for
a very special group of French ladies.

What do you think of this sweet and simple design?
I am loving these vintage, airy looking patterns.

I went to Target the other day and made a very bad decision.
Never go to Target when you are starving.

Anyone ever eat one of these tasty morsels 
and then choke on the powdered sugar hitting the back of your throat?
Perhaps from inhaling the powdered dust storm?
I was choking to death in my own kitchen.
Needless to say, I won't be doing that anymore.
These tiny donuts are so bad for you!
I'll be switching over to something less dangerous to my health.
Like these larger, safer ones.

The bigger the better, baby!

Raining again...and we aren't complaining.
Hope your weekend has been good.
If not...eat a donut.
Go on, it won't kill you. 
wink. wink.


  1. laughing out loud! NEVER inhale while eating powdered donuts of any size! NEVER! :)

    i love bruce. and i love that bee design!

  2. Looks to me as if you and bruce are having an ideal day!

  3. Oh my goodness! i LOVE THE BEE TOO!!!! You are so sweet and talented!

  4. Oh yea, I remember the powdered donuts from when I was a kid! I agree, the larger ones are much less of a choking hazard:@)

  5. I know that feeling....like OH NO, they will find my sorry body dead with powder sugar all over my mouth! what will they think!?!?

  6. Oh...the chocolate wax donuts are my favorite! Pure poison!! And love the doggie. Mine is snoring right now. Who knew a little dog could snore so loudly?! And that needlepoint? Boggles the mind...


  7. Everyone who has ever choked on the powdered sugar from mini donuts will be laughing for the rest of the night about this post. They are definitely not for sneaking to the pantry for a bite when you don't want to share with the kids, because you'll choke for sure and get caught white-fingered. :)

    The embroidery is gorgeous!

  8. LOL- MyHero LOVES those little donuts and HE gets coughing sometimes eatint them, too. lol It looks like you had a wonderful day,, Tina- xo Diana

  9. You are really talented with needle and thread! Those designs are lovely and so well down.

    Bruce looks soooooo comfortable. Our cats look like they enjoy rainy, sleepy days too.

    I agree with you on the donuts. That powdered sugar can be dangerous. Much better to stick to the bigger donuts. :-)

  10. I should never go in a grocery store when I'm hungry!!! I buy so many bad foods! lol
    Bruce looks adorable and comfy! Love your bee pattern. :)
    Have a great week!

  11. Sweet embroidered pieces!!! I guess rainy days and donuts get your creative juices flowing! Keep a glass of water nearby.

  12. You're making it very hard to lose just one more pound before BlogHer. ;)

  13. Ooh-la-la! The hens look great! Umm..donettes are one of my secret guilty pleasures. I have to get the little package of 6 because I've been know to eat a whole bag in the past.

  14. I think Vicki is remembering the old song Rainy Days and Donuts Always Choke Me Up.

    Your hens are adorable, every single one of 'em, but don't let Bruce have them, I know how he likes to chew.


  15. I just ate a whole bag of those exact donuts! Last weekend, at Menards!

    Clearly the stress of finding a few outdoor plants got the best of me.

    I ate the whole bag while Brad grabbed some lumber.

    I did have some fresh h2o so as to avoid the scary chokes!

    Bruce- I'm in awe. Such a sweet dog! Does your son know you can never let him leave?

    Love the print!! And the chickens... Or hens!

  16. Tina,
    you know your sewing skills amaze me! I love my aprons and think of you every time I wear them, since there are 2, when we are cooking for the holidays, I let my daughter wear the other!
    If you're gonna do the doughnut thing, ALWAYS go for the BIG ones, NEVER inhale, and it's good to have COFFEE nearby!

  17. Gorgeous embroidery! Love the bigger,
    SAFER donuts! LOL

  18. love the bee design, tina! (bailey would join the shorties under the table--hates storms) love bruce and the donuts:)

  19. Skinny chicks shouldn't talk about eating donuts....it just pisses off us fat chicks.

  20. You are so lucky to have a machine that embroiders! They are beautiful. And what Jean said--since my doc has said no more sugar it pains me to see those donuts.

  21. ca-razy about the bumble bee


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