May 22, 2014

Bear and Boots

I have a small but interesting collection of old baby boots/shoes.
 I am so drawn to the story of who they belonged to.
Though I'll never know, I am satisfied with the images I have created in my mind 
of the sweet toddler or two that slipped these on and had a life long, long ago.

They are being worn by my shaggy bear, along with a vintage baby's linen nightshirt.

He amuses me as he sits atop a brass hanger.
He's safe from Sophie up there.
His name?
Sophie has been on a quest to tear him to shreds for years.
The girl is a stalker.
No, LuLu.
(Her name is Sophia Lucia Ricardo- she goes by a few names.)

Do you like a little whimsy in your home?
You'll find lots of it here!


  1. So cute! :)

    Have missed visiting many technical issues.


  2. Sophie just wants to borrow his boots, Tina.

  3. Love your bear and his boots, Tina. xo Laura

  4. I just can't believe Sophie is anything but cute and cuddly:@)

  5. Oh Tina I love a little whimsy and love those boots. Sophie is adorable.Hug B

  6. In the one shot on the wall the bear sort of looks like Alf. At least on my little ipad screen. So tell me, how many pair of baby shoes do you have?

  7. Oh- YOU KNOW I adore whimsey! How sweet is that...and love the many named dog! xo Diana

  8. I love whimsy and I love Nemesis! Poor Sophie. She does look like she wants to bite Nemesis. :-)

    I put my baby shoes--very old now--on a special doll I have, along with a baby dress. It's fun to have the old things out where they can be seen.

  9. Oh my, my imagination would just SOAR wondering about who's little feet donned those booties!

  10. omgosh! he's darling, and dressed perfectly, tina! fab boots! (bailey is always eyeing my mohair bears)

  11. oh my gosh that is cute, the expression on the bears face is priceless!

  12. Oh yes dressing our little ones like your bear is perfect. Those sweet boots worn by who once a day gone by is a perfect fit for your shaggy haired bear....I have never seen a teddy bear as cute as yours, my mom collected bears back I. The 80's when folk art was so big and she has some cute ones. Yet yours tops the cake, I know my mom would go nuts over yours.
    Thank you for taking the toile to visit me and getting to know me better, I am going to enjoy passing your site onto my mother and getting to know you much better as well :)

    Beautiful weekend to you.

    Bear hugs


  13. Love those boots. What a treasure.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. I saw a cute wreath made with baby shoes one time and it was so charming! I love your shaggy bear! I'm guessing Finn would want to chew it to shreds too!

  15. I would hat to think of what our two rascals would do to this adorable bear in his stylish outfit. I bet Lulu ponders on a daily basis the catch of her life! He could look quote dashing on the little trunk I found - thanks for stopping by.

  16. That bear is adorable. Love.


  17. Well if that's not the cutest thing ever LOL !!!
    They look like boots Tiny Tim would have worn ( not the one that tiptoed through the tulips - the original one :)

  18. Hey, Miss T - your little fuzzy bear in boots is going to be featured this week! Thanks for sharing this at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday Linky Party!


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