October 31, 2014

Mr. Bates and a Happy Halloween

Not the Mr. Bates you were hoping for?

what we keep

 That doesn't make Mother Bates very happy.
You know what happens when Mother isn't happy.

Are you scared, Chicken Little?
How about a little Jack for ya then?

Just in case he didn't scare you last year.  (that post here)
Boo ya.

I embroidered my version of Mrs. Bates onto dark blue velvet and stuck it into an old frame.
The wonderful, perfect Mother spoon was purchased in Distressed Donna's Etsy Shop.
There are 3!  I found them irresistable.  I have a Bates thing.

The Jack-o-Lantern was made from an old lantern I found at reStore.

No watching The Shining this year...
I think we're going for Bette Davis in
Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte.
Or maybe Baby Jane.
Although I do have a tendency to laugh uproariously at the scary parts
because Bette is just so...well, so Bette.
I love old Bette Davis films.
Make it a fun night, whatever you do-  and enjoy your candy coma.
You know you will.
You know I will.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Jacks face always scares me:) Hug B

  2. you do love creepy! even creepy rabbits!

  3. My towels resemble that. Best. Towels. Ever.

    1. Those probably are your towels- I didn't make any this year. Can you believe?

  4. Not the Mr. Bates you were hoping for? ahahahahaha

  5. Only Downton fans will get that, but then most of us are! ;)

  6. Tina, Norman and I are like that!! Please bring back the Bates Motel. I bet you are watching American Horror Story, Freak Show. If not, you should check out my last post. It is a Halloween situation made in Heaven, or, I guess, that other place..Mother Bates is aristocratic, as well she should be..Happy Halloween..Judy

  7. I like the other Mr. Bates better...but I gotta say, your Jack Lantern is pretty sweet! Love the Mother spoon, too. :) Off beat, funny and clever, just like you.

  8. You crack me up! And scare me a little bit too. I used to love scary books. Read most of Stephen Kings books. I don't like scary as much now. Have you seen the movie with Nicole Kidman- The Others? That's my kind of scary. Now you got me wanting to see Bette Davis movies!

  9. I have my Bates Motel towel out AND I watched Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte last week! (I love Victor Buono or whatever his name is.)

  10. I love my Bates Motel towel! Always think of you each time I see it. :) I'm not a candy person ~ weird, huh? Now if only I was the same way about pies, cakes, ice cream, etc. Love Jack Nicholson and those old films with Bette Davis too.

    Your creations are great and fun! I do love that spoon ~ :)

    Enjoy your evening!

  11. Ooooooooooooo, The Shining. And Salem's Lot. The two scariest books I've ever read. My favorite scary movie is still Joan Crawford's Straight-Jacket.

  12. I'll watch just about anything Bette :)

  13. No candy coma for me, but I love the Bette Davis movie marathon idea!

  14. American Horror Story - Freak Show is my guilty pleasure. It - scariest king movie. Best movie for Halloween - The People Under The Stairs. Thanks for the shout out about the spoons - the family's name is Mother! I am currently hiding from the trick-or-treaters.

  15. The embroidery looks great Tina! Hope you had a spooky Halloween:@)

  16. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane was the first scary movie I ever saw as a kid and I still love it! I also love your Mrs. Bates and the "mother" spoon. How appropriate!

  17. Fun post, Tina! On our one and only tent camping trip it rained cats and dogs, so we drove to the nearest town and went to the only movie playing that night which was The Shining. We ended up sleeping in the car that night. hehe I LOVE old Bette Davis films! When I was younger I was scared to death of Hush Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. Now those old movies seem quite tame compared to the gory movies of today.

    I love your Mama Bates portrait and your Bates Motel towel! Happy November!


  18. Hope you had a fun Halloween!

  19. Tina,
    Your embroidery is gorgeous, the patience, the talent, OMG! I clicked on and read your post from last year. Yes "The Shining" is one of my favorites torment me, scare me, screw with my head movies. Your Mother embroidery is quite unique, love your posts. So glad you delight us in blog land.

  20. That embroidery is beautiful. And Jack freaks me the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I still haven't read Dr. Sleep, but I am about 3/4 through Gone Girl. =D

  21. I used to love to watch scary movies, but can't do it anymore. They're too... well... scary, and I'm at a very impressionable age where they might just keep me up at night. I'll watch pretty much any Bette Davis movie. Love the sweet Mother spoon, and the embroidery.

  22. I do think The Shining was the scariest book that I ever read and the movie was just as good ! :)

  23. There's some movies that should never be revisited - Hush Hush Sweet Charolotte ( and Whatever happened to Baby Jane ) were the scariest movies when I was younger - rewatching them had me in a state of giggles too..................but so did Gone With the Wind - God that was atrocious acting and the cinematography was even worse LOL
    But the Shining? I couldn't watch that again even if I wanted to - that scarred me for years and years LOL -
    Love your towel - you come up with the coolest ideas for embroidery Tina - the absolute coolest !

  24. This is the second post I've read today that references Bette Davis. Obviously it's time for a binge session. Bette Binge. Yes.

  25. Dude. Just checked out your owl creations over at Andi's. You got MAD SKILLZ.


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