November 10, 2014


Found in the attic of a friend's new old home...
delicate antique dresses of a young girl from long ago.

What are they doing in my trees?

I don't have a clothesline, but I do have a lot of trees
and a nice breeze on most days.
After I soaked and washed them, I hung them up to dry.
And then I had to get my camera.
I just couldn't resist.

Are you getting a feel for what I was experiencing?
So lovely.

Yeah...that's how I roll.

But I saved my camera.
That concrete edge took three layers of skin off of my leg,
but I did not lose my camera.
You understand this.
I know you do.

I yelled for Magoo to grab the camera from me- yes, he saw the whole thing.
He helped me out during his laughing fit and snapped a couple of very 
inappropriate photos of his soaking wet wife, which he will pay for later.
Oh, he will pay.

I hope you enjoyed this "a day in the life" moment.
I am now quite certifiably,
Mrs. Magoo.


  1. Yikes!!! Lovely, lovely dresses...and I'm glad they found their way to you. Good save on the camera, T! Sorry about the shin...and the humiliating photos.
    Love, a fellow klutzy gal.

  2. oh, you goof! all for the sake of capturing the old-time beauty for us. :)

  3. First, I must comment on the beauty of these dresses in the wind. HOW COOL ARE THEY? Secondly, I must say that despite your loss of epidermis I understand the importance of not taking the camera in the pool. It makes me think of this 4th of July, I was floating in the middle of a lake with friends when one of them lost her balance and made an sudden accidental departure from her floaty apparatus. I was totally on the ball though, and grabbed her beer before it was contaminated with lake water. Priorities.

  4. Oh no! You backed into the pool? Hope you weren't hurt too bad. Beautiful photos Tina! Love those dresses blowing in the wind!

  5. Beautiful vintage dresses, oh I think it could be poetry. Lucky camera save and sorry about your mishap and fall ... yes husbands are here to catch our falls but find humor in our mishaps from almost near perfection in our days!!! Tina, I enjoyed this post.

  6. I can imagine you striving for the prefect photograph of the dresses in the trees when splash into the pool you went giving up skin for the sake of the camera. I do hope Magoo will post the pics. Are the dresses yours now? Wasn't the water cold? Why isn't your pool covered? Why am I asking all these questions?

  7. oh oh oh. are too serious and such a lovely thing and then splasharoo! you are just a fun fun person!

  8. Ut oh, sounds like hubby's in the dog house! Pretty dresses, I hope everything (everyone?) dried out nicely:@)

  9. OMG - you cracked me up! Glad you're ok and the dresses are beautiful.

  10. Tina, I'm glad you saved your camera and only hurt a shin. Just look at it this shower tonight!!..Happy and Dry Monday..Judy.. and those are the sweetest little dresses.

  11. If it hadn't been for the camera (and saving it) I would have grabbed his hand and pulled him in! lol GREAT photos of those sweet old clothes. Aren't they gorgeous? xo Diana

  12. Sorry about the 3 layers of skin missing - but wow those dresses look gorgeous hanging there ( and that gentle breeze video? perfection )
    How did you get them so white ( I'm scared of putting bleach on them - is it ok to do it? )

  13. Okay, I'm laughing my butt off and feeling your pain all at the same time!!!


  14. Oh how I love those dresses blowing in the breeze. So tranquil. I'm so glad you're OK. Way to go for saving the camera... even if it did cost you some skin.

  15. Such sweet photos and video. I don't want to go so far as to say that they were worth three layers of your skin, but thanks for making that sacrifice for us. I do feel your pain. When my daughter (now age 36) was a toddler, I fell in at the Water Gardens in Fort Worth and pulled her in with me. Thank God it was the shallow part, but was the first warm day of spring, and every single, solitary resident of Tarrant County was there to witness my embarrassment. I'm still pissed about the brand new pair of Etienne Aigner espadrilles I ruined. The most minute details of such a humiliation stay with you forever...haha

  16. ouch! the things we do for pretty linens! (i can't chew gum and walk at the same time:)

  17. The clothing is gorgeous, but I'm not sure a wet t-shirt contest is appropriate for November.

  18. You know I'm not gonna comment on the dresses, rather - sorry about your skinned leg. But I'm with Magoo on this.... I'd be laughing and snapping as long as you weren't drowning.

  19. I knew those dresses would find the perfect home with you! I was way too afraid to even wash them and never would have thought to photograph them. Sorry about the fall, glad you are okay!


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