January 21, 2016

Hey, 30 year old...

So I'm sitting here waiting for paint to dry...literally, waiting.
I start flipping thru Flipboard.

I read that a thirty something woman has beef with us fifty something women wearing items she has deemed off limits to us.
I must investigate.

It seems there are some young'uns out there trying to tell me
what I can and can't wear.
You know, since at 53 I am a clueless old hag.
Little girl...let me clue you in on a few things.

My beloved Uggs?
You will never get my Uggs.  Go ahead and try, I dare you.
My feet are COLD!    Uggs are warm and cozy.  I LOVE Uggs.
You think they're ugly?
Shhhh, who cares?

Shiny, sparkley pants. Yes, I said sparkley pants.
I would totally wear some charcoal sparkle pants with a dreamy 
soft gray oversized sweater and some sexy heels.
Party pants.  For a party.
I'm not dead yet!

Kitten heels.
Are you out of your mind?
Kitten heels are classy and sexy.  You'll learn that when you grow up.
Those 4 inch heels with lacey ankle socks that I wore dancing in my 20's?
The 4 inch sandals, the 3 inch peau de soie sling backs-
I was almost crippled by those things!
Kitten heels are a must for us old timers.

No clothing that requires going bra-less?
I am motivated to wear anything that involves me going bra- less!

Tulle skirts? Gah!  What would I wear during the blizzard?

Hoop earrings???  They will always be a wardrobe staple with me.
Classics never die.

Leopard/animal print?

My child, animal prints are a neutral.
While I won't be sporting leopard pants, I love my animal print loafers,
driving mocs, scarves, cardigans, purses and trench coat. 

Not to be worn all at once, ladies.
Unless you are also wearing a faux antler headband draped in glittery ornaments
and dancing around the Christmas tree with a lifesize Ken doll.
Like a nut.

Then and only then is this acceptable.
(Kirby, I'm talking to you.
While I have no evidence that you do indeed engage in this tree dance,
I'll be heartbroken if you don't!)

Ok, so rant over. 

Learn from us, youngsters.

We aren't going down just yet.


Click here if you don't understand the reference:
Kathy Bates/Fried Green Tomatoes

That's right, we're older and we have more insurance.
In case we fall off of our kitten heels.

Carry on, ladies.



  1. Love, love, love this post! ! And amen! ! :-) Love and hugs sweet friend! !

  2. Oh, how I adore this post! I will be wearing kitten heels, leopard, uggs and just maybe even tulle as long as I'm breathing, and I intend to rock my way into any parking lot just like the divine Ms. bates did!!

  3. Ha Ha Tina love this post. I am sitting in my leopard slippers as I read this lol! Great post.
    Happy Friday and Happy Week End.

  4. Oh, Yeah, sittin' here at the computer in my jammies and my UGG boots, so tired I can hardly hold my eyes open, (I will consede to that part of old age) And I bet that little upstart can't spell consede either! Love the shout out to Kathy Bates and Fried Green Tomatoes. My all time favorite..Good post my well dressed friend, and don't ever change your spots!..Happy Weekend..Judy

  5. You go girl! But carefully if wearing heels:@)

  6. I *heart* you, Teen Wolf! PS: I wore tulle to the prom last year, where I led the Cupid Shuffle. The teenagers loved it.

  7. I can only imagine the sense of satisfaction ramming a car that took my parking spot would give me. Am I old enough to do that yet? I have good insurance. (To anyone that DOESN'T get the FGT reference, this comment will sound like I'm off my rocker.)

  8. I am 62 and I wear exactly what I want to. I do give lectures to those young things wearing leggings as if they were a pair of slacks. Me knowing you are wearing a thong of a different color with your see-through leggings and cropped sweater, tells me not only do you have no style - you have no taste!

    I would wear a sparkly antler headdress. I am sure there is an occasion for that.

  9. You go girl...Amen and Amen....I love this post and Towanda is my middle name. I get so tired of younger less experienced telling us what we can and cannot wear and do. I say they are the ones who do not understand CLASSIC.....it never goes out of style....

  10. Love it! Go Tina. Go Tina. Go Tina. The young uns just don't get it. I'm 54 and will wear what I want thank you very much. The older I get the freer I feel to just do my thing... pink and all.

  11. I love this!!! So funny, and true!

  12. Tina,
    love your post, so right on! Who are those silly girls to tell us what we can and can not wear! Don't they know we were the style setters of our time and still are! If this was to get serious, I could pull out my bell bottoms, my velvet suit or even my granny dresses, (the dresses my 24 year old daughter now wears and thinks are very cool) some of which are now back in style, the boho look is big again and, no, she can't borrow any of our cool, stylish cloths!
    Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my all time favorite movies!

  13. At 67, I feel completely free to wear whatever I want, without giving a single thought about what 30-year-olds might think. After all, I've been dressing myself without help for about 37 years longer than they have, and I have 37 years more experience in taking care of my own business and letting others take care of theirs. Why would any 30-year-old woman waste even a second of her day worrying about what I'm wearing anyway? If she does, clearly she still has a great deal to learn about what's important in life and what's not. ;)

  14. Love, love, LOVE this post - and I believe we have earned the right to wear anything we darn well please!!! If it has sparkles, I'm wearing it! Leopard? Love it! Uggs? What else would I wear on my garden swing in winter? Kitten heels? If I want to, then absolutely!! Or any other heels I want to wear! Love it - keep on writing, this was terrific!

  15. Thank you for writing this T., it's perfect! I, for one, will not go down without a fight, citing the badassery of the patron saint of aging in the most cool way possible, Patti Smith. I love my kitten heels and kI just scored a pair of faux leather skinny jeans and zebra print booties, my son makes fun of my leather jacket and my shag haircut, but that's just because it's his job to be mortified. We're not dead yet and we're still fabulous!

  16. Tina,
    Just like every comment -I love this post! Leopard, uggs, kitten heels you name it I'm there with you! Oh and your last sentence about being older and having more insurance ... well I almost peed my pants! BTW I threw out my lower back and as I am writing I am rocking my leopard PJs. Sparkle on girlfriend.

  17. Well hello Miss Tina - I had no idea you were blogging again - and what a post !!!
    You go girl - LOVED every word of this - ( and I'm a huge kitten sling back heel type of gal )

  18. Hoop earrings are not in style?!!!! Never! Ha ha! We're as young as we feel, and some days I feel like a teenager.....some days not. I love this post. :o)

    Happy weekend, Tina!

  19. I love every single thing about this! Our minds never stop feeling 20 something and as long as I can control it...I'll be looking good. :)


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