February 7, 2016

Nature Girl in Winter

Yes, I'm that person who sees the beauty in 
lumpy, bumpy, scarred and aged.
I guess because in winter, I tend to resemble such things
as lumpy, bumpy, scarred and aged.

 Chalky white and wrinkled.

A few age spots and deepened lines...
brittle even, in some places.

But just look at the richness of the colors.

Beautifully aged and more interesting than before-
I love this more than when it was freshly cut from the tree.

Things sprouting where they shouldn't...
but beautiful nonetheless.

I hope to embrace the coming years - and they are coming fast-
and see the new beauty in the lumpy, bumpy, scarred 
and aged version of myself.

I lived it all.

The laughter, the pain, the good, the bad and the ugly.
Yes, they are all accounted for.

I want to choose to see the beauty.

I hope you want to choose it, too.


  1. I had to go to the dermatologist recently, and the young woman who examined me had a flawless complexion — no pimple bumps and no hair on her face, besides the sculpted eyebrows. She had make-up on. I thought to myself: Of course she has to look flawless. She works for a dermatologist! But, how fake! No texture. No color variations. No contour. How plain. Is this what kind of face patients want when they go in for cosmetic "work"?

    My face is in such contrast to hers. First, I am old enough to be her mother. I have "wisdom" (is what they call age) spots, facial hair — especially above my lip (I can claim Italian descent) and on my chin, medium eyebrows, large pores in some places, an "outie" mole starting and blemishes. I don't plan on changing a thing. I refuse to pluck! I refuse to cover up! I refuse to stop looking my age! I've earned every bit of the texture my face shows. The people who love me and care about me see my beauty — even when I can't!

    Let's not fight growing older. We can't stop it. Let's embrace it. We were young once, and we looked it. Now, our looks are fading, but what takes its place is wisdom and experience. I'd take that over "beauty" any day!

  2. In my opinion, the main thing that we don't want to lose is a good outlook on life and a sense of humor. If we can manage to keep those two things, then the lumps, bumps and all else that are undeniable will be easier to live with. That being said: I thought I could live with my hair gone gray. Distinguished and all that! But, I am finding that it is not necessary to add to the numerous ways that the Golden Years affect us and while I don't mind showing some wear and tear, there is a limit. I would say that you, my sweet friend Tina, does not have to worry about any of this so far. Just stick to produce for now and you will be fine..Happy Week to you..Judy

  3. Good Morning Dear Tina,

    Beautiful photos accompanied by beautiful sentiments.
    Aging...how did it all happen so quickly and here I have arrived no longer a young woman with beautiful skin, nor a svelte figure.
    Instead I am soft and cushiony,lined, saggy and yet so happy! Such a joyful paradox.

  4. You have mad photo skills, Miss Tina. Is that a tomato among the walnuts?? I would like some moss on a branch, I've never seen any quite like that. Essentially all my nature is covered in white right now, but you would probably be able to make some masterpiece photography of *that* as well. I should be inspired to go outside and try to capture it beautifully.... without wiping out.

    1. Thank, Cheryl! It's a persimmon.
      I'm lucky that I'm able to be outside during winters here. I do envy your snow, though! I'd take a few days of it. ;)

  5. Your photography is simply stunning - and I adore the sentiment of this post. We have lived through much and are better for it. Well said, Tina!

  6. I choose to see the beauty. :) I just embrace ever line, lump etc and I'm happy to be here and experience it! I had an abusive ex husband and he's far away, but things could have been a lot worse. I count my blessings every day!

  7. P.S. you have a wonderful way with words. :)

  8. Breathtaking photos, Teen Wolf!
    (Still not ready to embrace the imperfections, though--I want them to go away!!)

  9. Tina,
    gorgeous photos, lovely sentiments! Time is flying by for sure! If we are able to love selves thu all the changing "seasons" of our lives then I think we will be better able to get thru all the challenges that are put before us.

  10. I'm trying real hard to say I love my bumpy lumpy new age azz, but I'm not really convincing myself I earned all that lovelyness.

  11. Tina I too want to see all the beauty in everything. I loved your photo essay of Winter's lumpy, bumpy and wrinkled so much I would love to see you do a similar photo essay in all the seasons. Your humor delights me.

  12. What a nice way of looking at the aging process, Tina. I see many elderly women where I work, and it's their attitude and disposition that really make them shine. Shine on!

  13. I love this post!! It's so true! I just watch the trailer from the movie and I laughed so hard! I think I'll be watching this movie soon! :)

  14. Beautiful post, Tina. If people fail to see the beauty in lumpy, bumpy and wrinkled, it's truly their loss.

  15. So beautiful...all of it has such character....and therein lies the beauty..in character! Hugs sweet friend!!

  16. really wonderful, and yes, beautiful!

  17. I love dried flowers too and such beauty!


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