May 4, 2016

Bruce and Jack


Lounging in comfy chairs.

More snoozing.
Sleeping butt cheek to butt cheek- look at Jack's tongue.
Boo is a blankie hog.

This photo was taken this morning...
he doesn't seem like a giant headed dog, does he?

Ah, perspective.

And that head is heavy...I know this because he sleeps on me every night.
If he can squeeze Bruce out of the way.
If not, he'll throw all that weight in between us 
until Bruce groans and scooches over a bit.

Magoo has devised a system to keep them off his side of the bed.
A chiropractic torture device that we use on those big knots
between our shoulder blades is carefully placed on his pillow.
They could easily move it out of their way, but they rarely do. 
They prefer to squash themselves into a pile on my side.

I spoil them rotten so I put up with this, but wow...
it's getting a little cramped with those big boys in there.
We have a Cal-King sized bed but are going to change to a King 
-for the added width.
We aren't tall people and didn't anticipate that two large dogs
would EVER be sleeping with us, so every extra inch is going to count.

They do accomplish more than sleeping on most days.
There is lizard hunting.  A lot of lizard hunting.

And their security jobs.
Otherwise known as "Maggie watch".
You never know when she might be out in front.
(Remember Maggie is Bruce's girlfriend next door)

And big bone time.
Five seconds later Bruce stole that big bone.
Jack keeps his bones in his mouth so long that he falls asleep with them.
He knows Bruce is sketchy and just waiting for an opportunity.

We just came in from the backyard so I added this one-
you can't see it but Jack has a huge bone, of course.
Sophie was under my feet as usual so she's not in a lot of photos.
Trust me, she's always there and yapping at something.
It's perfect weather for sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine.
Another month and we'll be melting at this time of day.

I hope you've enjoyed your Bruce/Jack fix...
I've had several requests or uh... demands, that I stop ignoring these boys on the blog.
In my defense, they are already asleep again!

Have a fun day tomorrow if you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo....
I don't need a holiday to indulge in tacos and margaritas.
Every day is taco day around here- in fact, I'm in the process
of making a new wreath for the door that will have a sign that says
"you'd better have tacos".
My youngest son almost always brings tacos and tortas from 
his favorite place when he comes over.
I don't think Bruce would let him in otherwise. ;)


  1. I love your pits! My son has one and he is the best dog ever! I really enjoyed this post!

  2. I didn't realize you had pit bulls. I have two and they are both being punished right now - confined to the den. One of them stole a pork chop - after eating her chicken and sweet potatoes, home made by me - and her ice cream. The other one squatted in front of me and peed on the floor. They are both hanging their heads but will do it again if I let them. Your dogs are beautiful.

  3. What would we do without our dogs? They really are extensions of us. Bruce and Jack have personality! We can see it. :)

  4. Oh, no comments, I can't believe that! I am never first in line for anything! AND it is about time that my boys were in the spotlight again. What would we do without our crazy critters. Better lookers than ever and twice as fun to see..and BTW, I think if I had a pool that looks like yours it would still be there..Happy Mother's Day my dear..Judy

  5. Oh Tina! I this post! Your boys are so adorable! I love the one where they're curled up in bed together and looking out the window together and lounging by the pool! Please give all three hugs and kisses from me. :)

  6. Love the Bruce/Jack Fix. The boys are so handsome.

  7. Ha-ha, no doubt they still keep you hopping-enjoy:@)

  8. Proof positive that it's a dogs life. What time is appropriate to start on the margaritas today?

  9. I keep insisting that the dogs come to Wisconsin and visit me... but perusing these photos of your estate - I'm definitely coming there. I'll bring tacos.

  10. I loves me some Bruce & Jack. They're adorable.

  11. Sweet babies! What would we do without them??


  12. I am with Cheryl. I will bring tacos to hang out by the pool with Bruce, Jack, and Sophie. We are lucky - our two love their beds and sleep in them every night unless there is a thunderstorm. Then it is slumber party time. We hang out on the sofa with our blankies and treats and watch late night
    TV. Please do not give Jack a phobia about his big, giant head. You will need a dog psychologist.

  13. Ah, that's the life. Never a dull moment in your house, Tina! Maybe you need a separate bedroom for the big boys. hehe

    Happy Mother's Day!

  14. Awww... such sweet big boys. The sleeping pics are adorable.

  15. I love your dogs. I have decided when I come back in my next life, I want to come back as your dog!!

  16. I love dogs but even more I love gals who love dogs. It's just darn sweet

  17. Bruce and Jack are adorable! This is a fun post. Love the pillows by the pool. ;-)
    And the story about sharing the bed. Sadie is spoiled too. She wants to be above my head on MY pillows.


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