May 17, 2016

Give me some sugar- May 17, 1917

In my collection of antique silver, I have a creamer/sugar set
that has a momentous birthday today.
Happy 99th birthday to you, D.U.B. # 369!

  I have no idea what the inscription means-
I saw things from fly fishing to war battles in my search but I find it hard to believe that these pieces of table silver would be associated with those things, so who knows?
Does anyone have a clue?
Anyone still living?  I can't take any more ghostly visits this month.
And yes, I believe that I've had a few.

It was very difficult to photograph these pieces with all the reflection, 
but they really are quite an interesting pair.
They have some lumps and bumps from their almost hundred years of travel, but they cleaned up nicely.  I left a lot of their patina.
Thank goodness that is in fashion, because I'm a lazy silver polisher.

I love finding old inscribed pieces.
I use them around the house for all kinds of things.
Flowers, herbs, candy...but never for cream and sugar.
Patina with my cream gives me the willies.

One thing I'm certain of- I'll always be on the hunt for more!

May 12, 2016

Cookie Monster

Somewhere there is a photo of me wearing a dress similar to this one.
My hair looked just like this.
This little print, in fact, could be me.
So when I came across it, I had to buy it.
It is the truest representation of me then-
and now.
The Cookie Monster.

I love cookies.
I love macarons.

Cookies and a big glass of cold milk.

I never really outgrew it.
I hope I never do.

Aren't they beautiful?
You'll notice the chocolate are almost gone.
I ate them first.
Then the vanilla and the pistachio.
I saved the coffee, lemon and raspberry for Magoo.
After I sampled them, of course.
Like a new box of chocolates...I had to sample them all.
Wouldn't you???
I didn't get them in a fancy french bakery...I found them at (gasp)
In the frozen dessert section is where you'll find them-
if a Cookie Monster lives inside you, too.
And you can't get to the bakery.
I myself can always get to the bakery.
Any bakery.

But these pretty little things can sit in my freezer for cookie emergencies.
You are aware that there are cookie emergencies?
It was a cookie emergency that had me rummaging in the freezer
and finding these, because who really expects that frozen macarons
from Costco will amount to anything?

They weren't the best I've ever had, but they weren't the worst.
They were light and fluffy with the almost perfect chewy center.
A successful conclusion to the emergency, I'd say.

For Vera...Fanny swinging above the beautiful macarons.
She'd share with Charlie, but alas, she is also a cookie monster.
Sorry, Charlie.

Hoping y'all enjoy your weekend-
Eat more cookies!

May 4, 2016

Bruce and Jack


Lounging in comfy chairs.

More snoozing.
Sleeping butt cheek to butt cheek- look at Jack's tongue.
Boo is a blankie hog.

This photo was taken this morning...
he doesn't seem like a giant headed dog, does he?

Ah, perspective.

And that head is heavy...I know this because he sleeps on me every night.
If he can squeeze Bruce out of the way.
If not, he'll throw all that weight in between us 
until Bruce groans and scooches over a bit.

Magoo has devised a system to keep them off his side of the bed.
A chiropractic torture device that we use on those big knots
between our shoulder blades is carefully placed on his pillow.
They could easily move it out of their way, but they rarely do. 
They prefer to squash themselves into a pile on my side.

I spoil them rotten so I put up with this, but wow...
it's getting a little cramped with those big boys in there.
We have a Cal-King sized bed but are going to change to a King 
-for the added width.
We aren't tall people and didn't anticipate that two large dogs
would EVER be sleeping with us, so every extra inch is going to count.

They do accomplish more than sleeping on most days.
There is lizard hunting.  A lot of lizard hunting.

And their security jobs.
Otherwise known as "Maggie watch".
You never know when she might be out in front.
(Remember Maggie is Bruce's girlfriend next door)

And big bone time.
Five seconds later Bruce stole that big bone.
Jack keeps his bones in his mouth so long that he falls asleep with them.
He knows Bruce is sketchy and just waiting for an opportunity.

We just came in from the backyard so I added this one-
you can't see it but Jack has a huge bone, of course.
Sophie was under my feet as usual so she's not in a lot of photos.
Trust me, she's always there and yapping at something.
It's perfect weather for sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine.
Another month and we'll be melting at this time of day.

I hope you've enjoyed your Bruce/Jack fix...
I've had several requests or uh... demands, that I stop ignoring these boys on the blog.
In my defense, they are already asleep again!

Have a fun day tomorrow if you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo....
I don't need a holiday to indulge in tacos and margaritas.
Every day is taco day around here- in fact, I'm in the process
of making a new wreath for the door that will have a sign that says
"you'd better have tacos".
My youngest son almost always brings tacos and tortas from 
his favorite place when he comes over.
I don't think Bruce would let him in otherwise. ;)