June 27, 2012

Sweet Pea

I began making this pillow about 5 years ago.
Around that time, I suffered a terrible event in my life and 
I couldn't bear to finish it.

For the last 5 years, 
this pillow has been inside the closet a lot.
I wanted to be able to enjoy it and feel the happiness again.
Instead, there was only anxiety and sadness each time I looked at it.

It's only now that I think I can leave it out in my home without
feeling the emotions that are so strongly attached to it.

It's just a pillow.
Silk and thread and feathers.
But it's got a heartbeat...my heartbeat.
It held my anger.
It held my tears.
It held my pain.
It held the paddle that I used to 
paddle upstream with all my might.
Until at last, exhausted...
I gave up the paddle and let the water slowly turn me around
and take me where I needed to go.

Have I arrived at my final destination?
 Do we ever?
I don't think so.
Not here on earth, anyway.

We just keep on coming home.

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June 19, 2012

Bruce the Goose

This is Bruce.  Sometimes called Brewsky or Broooocy.

Yes, he's a Pit Bull.

This post is my apology to the Pit puppies of the world.
I really misjudged you.
Really, really, misjudged you.

This sweet boy belongs to our youngest son.
When he told me he wanted to get a dog, I didn't think it was a great idea.
He has three room mates at school and I didn't think it was going to be good for a puppy to be left alone while he was at class, etc.
Our sons were all raised with dogs and he insisted that it was 
too hard on him to be without a furry companion.

I did not anticipate a shark mouthed killer in the family.

I was so nervous when he told us that he had adopted a rescue puppy-
I'm all for rescue dogs...but a pit bull?
There are depicted in such a dangerous way.
Crazy, rabid, killers.
I was scared.
Had the poor thing been abused or used in fights?
All kinds of horrible thoughts ran thru my mind.
Mostly of our baby boy being savagely murdered  by a crazed dog.

But then I met the little guy and I totally fell in love.
He's as sweet and funny and lovable as they come.
There is so much love between Brooocy and our son.
They are crazy about each other and it shows.
He had a sleepover last weekend when Casey came home 
for Father's Day.

He thinks he's a lap dog and he feels like velvet.
I wanted to change his name to Velvet Elvis, but his dad said no.
Casey has no explanation for the name he chose
for this big bowl of sugar.
He said he just looked like a Bruce.
At least it rhymes with goose, 'cuz he's allllll Goose.

I'm so proud of our son for taking on the responsibility
and for being such a good dad to Bruce.
Because he's being raised to mind his manners,
the only mauling I think we'll get is
from that big slobbery kisser.
He got me a few times from chin to forehead.
Sophie didn't care too much for his show of affection at first,
but I think she's softening up.
Bruce laid down next to her and put his head on her back.
Like a pillow.
Awww, puppy love.

Lesson learned, sweet boys.

June 12, 2012

Hola Chicas!

Hola Chicas!!!

I've been missing you guys while I've been away!

I've been doing loads of different things, but here's a quickie project for you
that I made for the side entrance of our house.

1. Grab something you have laying around collecting dust.

2. Throw some paint on it.

3. Sand to distress.

4. Find more crap laying around that you aren't using.

5. Screw old painted numbers on it and add an old transfer
that barely, barely, barely comes off the paper 'cuz I bought it 10 years ago.

6.  Grab can of spray sealant and give 2-3 good coats and in less than 30 minutes,
you have instant gratification.

Something actually completed!!!

Otherwise, summer temps plus the humidity makes it feel like 108 today.
Pool repairs, again, are making me cranky.
And Magoo will be installing a new garbage disposal this evening,
after the old one went kaput and made a big wet mess in the kitchen.

I'm livin' large, my friends!

Please pray that neither of us loses a limb.
Magoo can barely tie his shoes.
He's not a Handy Dandy man.
He does make a top shelf cake, though.
That's why I married him.
The man can make cake.

 Things are blooming.

Buford  and JBird are still singing and slamming
themselves silly on the windows.

Sophie and Henry are battling allergies
like all of us.

That doesn't mean that there has been 
any reduction in play time.

This summer,  I'm going to be taking it easy and enjoying a slower pace.
I won't be around as much, but I'll catch up with you all soon.
I may not be commenting, but I'm reading when I can.
I've set a goal and I'm going to achieve it
come hell or high water.
I'm hoping you'll all hang around!
I've made some fabulous finds at a barn sale
and I can't wait to show you.

There was a "happening" while I've been away.

I'll let Miss Sally O'Malley do the talking for me!

I've been a big SNL fan forever and Molly Shannon is one of my fav's.

I have been waiting so long to say this
 and now I can.
I'm 50!
Fifty years old!

Sayonara 40's... you sucked bananas.

See you soon, friends.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer!