March 24, 2016

Thrifty Thursday Finds

Good morning!
It's a beautiful spring day here after a thunderstorm during the middle of the night.
All three dogs were in bed with us- usually Sophie sleeps by my side of the bed.  
She doesn't like those wild flailing Jack legs or the fact that she might get pushed off when Bruce starts his stretching. 
So she only demands a place in the bed when it's an emergency.  
Like a storm.  
Sophie hates storms.

I didn't decorate for Easter this year, but I pulled out my spring bunny and a little World Market sheep.
 I thought I'd show you some recent finds that are sitting around needing a new home- other than my kitchen table.  

El cheapo finds, seriously.
This bottle cloche with wooden tray was a dollar.
I bought a few of them with different tops to mix and match.
I didn't need them, but I like to try new paint colors on small items like this and so I introduce to you-
It's a gray/brown lavender.
I haven't used this line of paint before but I saw it at the antique mall
and it's half the price of my usual ASCP or Maison Blanche.
The small 4 oz. container is less than 5 dollars.
No complaints here after using it.

The Mulberry has a bit of MMS antique wax on it- I like the depth it adds.

I'm not a purple girl but I think this color is beautiful...
especially with the dark wax.
I think it's a gorgeous accent to the blues and greens.
This color might convert me.

How cute are these little bunny molds?
And what will I make in them?
Jello, cakes, soap?
I found 6 at a dollar a piece.

My youngest son brought these to me...aren't they fantastic?
They are heavy and will last forever.
I have them full of petunias on the porch right now but will bring them inside once the Texas summer heat arrives.

This is the last bloom for my Lady Banks rose.It's the only surviving bush from the 2008 hurricane.     
It's being removed from the yard, but maybe I can keep her in a planter.
We'll see how the removal goes.
Goodbye, Mrs. gave it your all.

Hope you have a beautiful spring day to enjoy wherever you are!

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March 16, 2016

New Old Keeps

Isn't this the cutest little rocker?
I've been looking for one for years but refused to pay the fifty dollar 
price tag that was the going rate around here.

I love it just as it is, so no need to paint.
The seat is string of some sort...maybe hemp?

No, Jack.

I bought several small paintings from the estate of the man who painted them, circa 1965.
In fact, my blog banner is one of the paintings.

They are perfect in my home.
I placed a few on the mantel under the lunatic yard bird painting.
Magoo and I bought that crazy thing in 1999 at an antique store
and were seriously ridiculed by the family for paying real money for it.
We often buy things that are ridiculous.
We like ridiculous.

Horse brass... I thought I might start a collection but I love 
Foxy Mama so much that I think she's quite enough on her own.

And then there is little match striker.
He's made of concrete and not old, 
but he's so cute that I wanted to show you.
He makes me smile.  That is his job.  He does it well.

Out in the yard, the plumbago is already blooming.

I got a few new petunias for the porch and a few lambs ear.
The geraniums were all red and I want white, so we'll wait a few days 
and then go back to the nursery.
We are doing landscape maintenance this year...we need lots of new dirt
to build up the beds and new shrubs, etc.
I think Jack is finished with his puppy digging.
He'd better be! 
His favorite thing is the giant liriope.
When he was tiny, he loved hiding in it.  He progressed to ripping
it all up or laying in it until it was flat.
Naughty puppy.
He tore his ACL on Monday and needs 8 weeks of rest,
so he won't be unsupervised in the yard for awhile.
Maybe the new plantings will have a chance.
That boy is a mudder and loves to dig.

I drew a smiley face for you in the pollen on the copper water can.

Several of you have asked about The Keeping Room.
Besides me just being busy with other things, there was a very unfortunate Jack-accident (a Jaccident, we call them) involving my embroidery machine and my sewing machine, too.
My sewing machine was easily replaced but the embroidery machine is still being repaired.  Fingers crossed that it will be successful.
Big lanky puppies and cords don't mix.
There were tears.  And maybe bad words.

Happy evening to you~

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