December 23, 2016

December 18, 2016

Bits of Christmas

Hi all,
We're just a little over a week until Christmas
so I wanted to show you a few things around the house.
This guy might be my favorite.
I added his scarf and bells.
I sat him on a bed of giant pinecones and greenery.

Every year I add a new plate or two to my woodland plate collection.
This year I choose a fox and I am out of room to store them all!
I need a new china cabinet.
Hmmmm....Swedish or French?

This brown plaid ribbon was my favorite this year...
anyone have a source for more?

I did this embroidery of Jack.  I still need to do Bruce.

I left the oranges up from Thanksgiving -
I love them too much to take them off.
I love the simplicity.
I might get a little fancier with it before Christmas...or maybe not.

There are a lot of deer in the house.
He's hanging out under a tree.

I love this old book with a whimsical embroidery wrapped around it.
I like creating little moments that make me smile.

Cameos are a favorite.

This is the sideboard in the front room.
That's Dan...he likes to dress up for the holidays.

Working on the front door wreath.
Glitter is everywhere.

This photo was last Sunday after I finished decorating the tree in the entry

Jack was exhausted from watching me go up and down the ladder.

The packages are wrapped....except for the late deliveries.
Don't let me down, FedEx guy!

My favorite gloves and ear I get to use them much!
I need to visit some of you snow bunny friends.

Yesterday the high was 82- it dropped to 32 this morning!
I guess gloves and ear muffs are in my future, after all.

Santa on the piano next to a bay leaf wreath.

This entrance/exit is the side door leading to the driveway...
the door we use the most.
My walls are not yellow, Vera!
They are the same cream as the back wall.

This was a shelf with detachable wedge shelves that I was tired of storing- we attached it to the wall and now I use it for seasonal displays.
And it's a pile up for stuff to take up the back stairs.
I wish there was room for a nice bench, but it's a weirdly narrow space.
The stockings are here until Christmas Eve.

Isn't he a cheerful Santa?
He's paper mache and I've had him for years.
He's the only Santa that I haven't painted away the red on.

These cute little winter birds were a gift from 
They are adorable sitting on packages under the entry tree.
Out of Jack's reach!
Thank you, sweet lady.

And a big thank you to Vera from Rowhomes and Cobblestones
for sending delicious chocolate pretzels from Philly.
They are all gone.
I had to share with Magoo- we love a good sweet and salty snack.
We had a little bowl of caramel pecan sauce to dip in.
Should I send you some Texas jalapeno fudge, Vera? ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying the season!
More baking is in my future.
Maybe I should stop eating it all????

Merry Christmas everyone~
and may all the blessings of the season be yours.

December 6, 2016

Apron Winner!

Congrats to Pat from Gypsy Heart!

I hope you enjoy it, Pat.
Get baking!

Thanks to all who entered.

I loved reading all your favorite cookie comments.

Have a great week!

December 4, 2016

Christmas Apron Giveaway

Hoping this finds you all well and not in a holiday frenzy!

I have a quickie giveaway for you for this morning
that I think you'll enjoy.

This apron is rough linen with red striping, 
has a large pocket in front and is knee length 
with ties in the back.
I have embroidered it with cream and green 
and added two matching pot holders.

A spiffy holiday baking outfit just for you
or a great gift for someone else this season.

Of course, you'll need to add your own Santa hat. ;)

Hmmm, what ridiculous question can I make you answer?

Since this giveaway is baking related, how about telling me what your
favorite childhood cookie was and what your favorite is now.

Easy enough and I might be inspired to bake up a new cookie or two!

Just leave your comments and I'll reveal a winner on Tuesday, Dec. 6.
and ship it out that day.

Good luck, friends!