February 26, 2015

Round Top

With the spring antiques week fast approaching, I thought you might enjoy a visit to Round Top.
These photos are from Jan/Feb 2012, soon after The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell opened it's doors.
We enjoyed a stay at The Prairie and I lusted after all the beautiful furniture.

I still die over this shade of velvet.

Inside the store-
I'd love a huge piece like this for storing linens.

There may have been drooling.


It's just as you'd imagine the Shabby Chic world to be.

Sweet Pearl gave us a tour.

There's been a lot of swooning over this truck.

There's much to enjoy for all you rusty junk lovers.

I loved this window.
I can imagine the sound of the rain coming down on it.

A warm and welcoming breakfast awaited us in The Ranger's Lounge.
Love those bar stools.

One last Pearl hug before heading into Round Top.
I can't believe how short my hair was.

The next few photos were from a visit to Royer's.
They are famous for their pies but all their food is delicious.
Yes, that is Simon the Chipmunk on a root beer bottle.
He had a wild time with two little girls.

We've always enjoyed ourselves here.
What's not to love?

I love the signs everywhere.
Bud had a major health scare not long ago-
I bet that cigar party has been designated a no-no.
Long live Bud the Pie Man!

These photos are from off season, otherwise there would be a 
wall of people waiting to get in.

Livin' on Round Top time.
See the silverware hanging from the chandy?

No pie left behind!
No plate size Sin-namon roll, either.
Big enough to share, but why would you?

In addition to the cafe, you will love visiting
Royer's Pie Haven, a short walk away.
All kinds of pie...sweet and savory.
Even the Junk Gypsy Crack Berry Pie.

Junk Gypsy is right up the road.
Do you love the sign from Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's wedding?
Bad phone pic, but I had to show you.

Here's a better photo from Pinterest.

Looks like a fun time, hmm?

There are two other posts about The Prairie if you are interested...

So who's going to be in Round Top for the spring show?
I don't know if I'm going yet...
Who's going to babysit Jack Henry?
Any takers? ;)

February 19, 2015

Sunshine for My Freezing Friends

I just wanted to share some sunny photos from the last few weeks.
Hang in there, girlfriends!
Green grass will come.

The bees are already busy here in the south.

There is an abundance of cheerful singing in gratitude for the sunshine.

Hello, old friend.

Lots of citrus for sunshine on the inside.

And warm naps in the sun.

Wishing you sunny days ahead...

February 7, 2015

Sweet Hearts

Simple clay hearts made on a rainy afternoon...
this is my kind of Valentine. 
My Christmas angel has yet to be boxed up and put away, but 
doesn't he make a wonderful accessory to my hearts?

 While tending to my sickly flu/pneumonia/flu again household,
I didn't have the energy to engage in much of anything, but rolling out my Crayola clay
and grabbing my heart shaped cookie cutters gave me an opportunity to relax for a bit.
It took a good 48 hours for them to dry completely, as I discovered 
while filing the rough edges with an emery board.

But I had some fun with them afterwards.

The sun came out and the winter rye grass made a perfect pillowy spot to capture their charm.

I covered one in Miss Mustard Seed's glass glitter
and it became the base of a stacked arrangement that I placed into an old clock
on some pale blue chenille scraps.
I placed it on top of a small iron urn as my ode to Valentine's Day.
No red hearts here.
I think that it's so sweet and simple and I love it.

The glittered heart is under the glass, while the other two rest on chenille strips on top.

I chose to leave my hearts plain, but there are a zillion ways you could embellish them.

How sweet is this one leaning on some rocks from the yard?

I love them just sitting around the house in random places.

Oh, and my absence?  No fun!  No trip!
No getting The Keeping Room open.
I ended up being a nurse/maid for a solid month and then some.
And then it was my turn to be sick.

Such is life, hmmm?
Sorry that I didn't get back to you on your comments and emails
but I know you understand.

I'm visiting as much as I can in between puppy naps.
I feel like we have newborn twins.
They had a visit with our vet today and are healthy and doing great.
They are NOT 12 weeks old, but they think 9-10.
They neutered them too early she thought, but that is shelter life.
They are healing fine.

They are so smart and learning their routines.
We gave them their last feeding at 11 last night, followed by
playtime inside and then outside.
Two tired puppies slept thru the night and used the potty pads!
Woo hoo!
Maybe it was Dog TV???

Make some sweet hearts for yourself this week.
I think mine saved my sanity. ;)

It's good to be back.

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February 5, 2015


 These two little angels arrived last night.
Brothers found at a shelter in town- the last of their litter.
Who could bring themselves to separate them?
Not our son, who knows we are suckers and could never turn away these faces.

They are 12 weeks old and so sweet and playful.
Jack will reside with us.  Charlie with Lucy.
Miss Lucy lost her playmate two nights ago.

Her brother, a cat by the the name of Charles, passed away unexpectedly.
Lucy was distraught.
Charlie is named in honor of Charles.

It's a whole new ballgame.

Don't worry, Boo...
You are still Mama's boy.

(Bruce is pouting, Sophie is very suspicious.)

To be continued.....