April 27, 2013

The Gathering Room

The gathering room...yes, it is.
This room was intended as a breakfast room.
When we first moved in we used it as the main dining room.
This room was the main hangout and I didn't feel like it was working for us.

I decided to move the big table out and a big couch in.
Magoo said this was a horrible idea and flat out refused to do it.
One of the perks of having three sons is that I had my own crew of movers.
We moved everything while hubby was out of town.
That's how I roll.
The breakfast room was now the family room.
People thought I was crazy to do this, but it works for how we live.
I've done this all over the house...who says rooms have to be used as the architect intended?
He doesn't live here.
If he did, he'd slap himself for making the pantry too small and a list of other "fails".
He was so obviously a single man who didn't have a clue about true space needs in a home.
I hope he has gotten married and had a few kids by now so he knows better. ;)

I've changed this room so many times with additions of
 big ottomans and different tables and chairs.
Dog houses, dog beds and rugs were moved in and out.
The biggest obstacle came when the TV's began to be flat screen giants.

I made this cafe curtain from a plain piece of muslin
and dyed it in Annie Sloan Aubusson.
You can visit my previous post on that process here.
It's hung by simple clip rings so that we can slide it open and closed.
By 3PM in the summer, we are blinded by the sun in this room
but I hate having to close up the entire window.
You can see how bright it was around 6PM and with solar film applied to it.

I disliked having the built in desk and considered ripping it out,
but decided to place the TV there instead.
The shelves are filled with cookbooks, dust and dog hair.
Sophie has a hideout underneath, behind the curtain.

This is the most used room in the house- it's basically the kitchen area.
We can cook, eat,  lounge, watch TV and just hangout in general.
The leather sectional has survived atrocities caused by teenage boys and their fathers-
and by little dogs and big dogs alike.
I gave up years ago.
Just trust me when I say that a leather investment piece is worth it.
Details in the room coming tomorrow.
Enjoy your Saturday!
We're keeping our fingers crossed for rain.

April 23, 2013

Total Couture Tuesday- TICT #4

The lunatics sucked me in again.
While I don't wear joggers or old sheets, I am frequently in some sort of undress
while blogging in the comfort of my home office.

As I laid under the trees amongst the dog poo and talked with the fairies,
I debated on whether or not I was up to the challenge of 
having my photo taken looking like crap au natural.
I had real clothes on yesterday and newly chopped  off hair.
Did you know that laying in the grass causes your droopy old face to look thinnnner?
It does.  Or maybe it was the poo fairies.

What to do?

The loonies want to know what I wear while I blog.
Well this is it, girls!
I am usually in a pair of old jeans and a shirt and too frequently barefoot.
My feet hurt but I have been known to trip in my flip flops.
It's a trade off.

Guests stop by unexpectedly.
Don't tell George.
Sometimes I wear a hat.
I like hats.

If I'm not wearing real clothes, I look like this.
What am I wearing you ask?
A hot pink tube dress and a hoodie.
The stretchy dress because it is too damn early to be putting on a bra.
And socks.
I am so perky here...except for those bags under my sleep deprived eyes.

Only working on one cuppa Joe.
Magic man needs to put down that camera and get me more coffee.

I feel some cranky coming on with not having slept last night.
I'm going to change into this little maniac's outfit
 and pitch a fit
unless I get some more coffee.
And Captain Crunch.

Yep, I am her today.

You owe me dinner and drinks, girls.

Go see the other crazies at the party!

April 22, 2013

Oh, Henry

This is our Henry, Sophie's much larger and younger brother.   
He's had several nicknames like Yoda,Yodi, Hank and BoBo. 
 BoBoLito and BoBoLiscious and Dug.  
Unlike his sister, he likes posing for photographs.  

On occasion we speak to him in a British accent 
so that he won't forget his heritage as one of The Queen's dogs. 

 Henry was the cutest little Corgi-Bear.  
His paws were so huge that they were twice as big as Miss Sophie Skinny Legs, 
so we knew he was going to be a big boy.  
He fit right in with our crazy crew.

There may have been an assasination attempt on his first day with Baby Girl.

If you saw the movie "Up", you may recognize Henry.  
We're fairly certain that the character of Dug was based on Henry. 
 You know...that whole "You are my Master and I love you" thing?  And of course, "Squirrel!!!!"   
 That's so Henry.  He's just a big, lovable goofball.
Henry didn't mind the swim and was a good sport about the possible attempt on his life. 
 It's takes a lot to ruffle that fur.

He would play catch until he collapsed if we didn't tire out first.  He's 4.  We are not.

This yellow flowering plant is called Wedelia or Texas Creeping Ox Eye. 
 The dogs love it- but for very different reasons.

Sophie loves to look for frogs and lizards.  Henry prefers laying in it like it's his private bedroom.  

Luckily, Wedelia is very resilient and Henry can hang out there until it freezes in winter.  
This year it didn't freeze and will bloom early.

He also happens to have a mild allergy to the stuff as noticed when he comes in with a very pink nose.
 It doesn't seem to bother him too much and he's cute with that pink nose anyway.

You've seen what Bruce likes to do with it!

These photos were from two summers ago.
The crepe myrtles were in full bloom and the blossoms were blowing everywhere.  
We refer to it as The Purple Snow.  
The first blooms will be out soon and we should have our snow early this year
Usually it's mid June.  
We look forward to it every year.


 I can see those ears from a mile away.
Have a great weekend!  Hope you enjoyed our goofballs.  They're keepers.

April 19, 2013

Mine Mine Mine

My husband is a pillow thief.
This is how I have a little fun with him.
You should have seen his confusion last night.

This is the apron I did for Marianne, my last giveaway winner.
Her husband, Joe...stole it.
I guess he loves a good beer wench.

 Taken from my office window-
Buford T. Justice 
taking a break from slamming himself into my window.

My youngest with Henry.  Just because they're so cute.

In my Easter post, 
a fellow blogger (who shall not be named)
 said that my rabbit was scary.
This is what she got.
You never know when he might show up again, girlfriend.

There you go!
Random Five Friday,
over and out.
Have a great weekend!

April 18, 2013

Come To My Window

Last summer I found this old window at a barn sale.
It informed me that it desired a new home...with me.
Definitely not with the other woman who had eyes for it.

I painted the window panes with a mixture of Annie Sloan paints...
Antibes, Aubusson and Old White.
I attached these rusty metal pots with a suction cup to hold my paint markers.

You'll notice that I am currently using the reverse side.
When I decide that I'd like a chalkboard, all I have to do is flip it and hang.

A small cup hook secured the newly dried lavender with a linen tie
and with a strategically placed fan, my office smells quite nice for a moment.
Eau de DogStunk shall return any minute...
After they've stunked up the bedroom.

This was a fun project but it's of utmost importance, too.
I've got to keep my dates posted somewhere.

Don't rat me out to Magoo.

My beloved office fan, modeled after a vintage banker's fan.
How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

Do you have a weird bend in a wall somewhere in your house?
They are everywhere in our house.
Architect FAIL.
Luckily, my window fit here.
Granted, it's flipped on it's side but who cares?

The lavender smells so good.
Have you tried adding some lavender buds to your vacuum canister?
It really helps with the stink, stank and stunk!