April 22, 2013

Oh, Henry

This is our Henry, Sophie's much larger and younger brother.   
He's had several nicknames like Yoda,Yodi, Hank and BoBo. 
 BoBoLito and BoBoLiscious and Dug.  
Unlike his sister, he likes posing for photographs.  

On occasion we speak to him in a British accent 
so that he won't forget his heritage as one of The Queen's dogs. 

 Henry was the cutest little Corgi-Bear.  
His paws were so huge that they were twice as big as Miss Sophie Skinny Legs, 
so we knew he was going to be a big boy.  
He fit right in with our crazy crew.

There may have been an assasination attempt on his first day with Baby Girl.

If you saw the movie "Up", you may recognize Henry.  
We're fairly certain that the character of Dug was based on Henry. 
 You know...that whole "You are my Master and I love you" thing?  And of course, "Squirrel!!!!"   
 That's so Henry.  He's just a big, lovable goofball.
Henry didn't mind the swim and was a good sport about the possible attempt on his life. 
 It's takes a lot to ruffle that fur.

He would play catch until he collapsed if we didn't tire out first.  He's 4.  We are not.

This yellow flowering plant is called Wedelia or Texas Creeping Ox Eye. 
 The dogs love it- but for very different reasons.

Sophie loves to look for frogs and lizards.  Henry prefers laying in it like it's his private bedroom.  

Luckily, Wedelia is very resilient and Henry can hang out there until it freezes in winter.  
This year it didn't freeze and will bloom early.

He also happens to have a mild allergy to the stuff as noticed when he comes in with a very pink nose.
 It doesn't seem to bother him too much and he's cute with that pink nose anyway.

You've seen what Bruce likes to do with it!

These photos were from two summers ago.
The crepe myrtles were in full bloom and the blossoms were blowing everywhere.  
We refer to it as The Purple Snow.  
The first blooms will be out soon and we should have our snow early this year
Usually it's mid June.  
We look forward to it every year.


 I can see those ears from a mile away.
Have a great weekend!  Hope you enjoyed our goofballs.  They're keepers.

April 19, 2013

Mine Mine Mine

My husband is a pillow thief.
This is how I have a little fun with him.
You should have seen his confusion last night.

This is the apron I did for Marianne, my last giveaway winner.
Her husband, Joe...stole it.
I guess he loves a good beer wench.

 Taken from my office window-
Buford T. Justice 
taking a break from slamming himself into my window.

My youngest with Henry.  Just because they're so cute.

In my Easter post, 
a fellow blogger (who shall not be named)
 said that my rabbit was scary.
This is what she got.
You never know when he might show up again, girlfriend.

There you go!
Random Five Friday,
over and out.
Have a great weekend!

April 10, 2013

Bake Me A Cake Oh Kitchen Queen

You guys know how much I love cake.
So it makes perfect sense that I also love these beautiful custom made cake testers 
by  Beth Christine.
I forgot to take a photo testing my whole cake, so I'm sharing the after event.

Some of you may know that Beth has a famous mom,
Bliss from Bliss Ranch.
She's not the only one with talent in the family.

Yes, this cake is done.  So done.  As in gone in 60 seconds done.

Beth calls them 'Kitchen Jewelry" and they are.
The glass beads are gorgeous!
I love her card...."peddling my goods and wares to pay for gas to college".
Cute, cute, cute.
one30onedesign is her blog.
Go visit this sweet girl if you are in the market for kitchen pretties.
I admire young people who have the ambition to take their creativity
and put it out there for the world to see.
Bliss has trained her daughter well. ; )

I'm keeping mine out for display- they are too pretty to reside inside a drawer.

I can think of so many uses for these while they aren't poking cakes.
Can't you?
Poking my husband comes to mind...sometimes he's a bit slow with my coffee. ;)

Looking forward to seeing Beth's earrings coming soon.

April 5, 2013

Random Five Friday

 Random post, random bad photos, random thoughts.
(You, too, can post in 5 minutes!)


 Lee Majors as Heath Barkley.
The next love of my life after Donny Osmond.
Third grade had me rushing home to watch Big Valley every day.
Oh yeah, I moved on to a real man.


 Special keeps are my treasures.
How many of you had to get a grape soda pin after seeing the movie Up?
One of the greatest love stories ever.


I was sitting out on a hotel balcony on Coronado when this earthquake hit.
I'll admit to being scared sh*tless.
I am no fan of earthquakes.
I'd seen the movie 2012, in 2009 and I didn't want any part of that in 2010, even if it was a prequel
to the big shabang in 2012.
I imagined the Coronado Bridge collapsing at any moment 
and the entire state of California ripping open to swallow us up.
Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!


This is a pillow I made for a sweet friend going away to college.
I rarely make things for myself.
Will be working on that this year.


My Knobstopper collection.
I don't actually use them on wine bottles.
With my aversion to the color red, that is so not happening to my corks.
There is no white wine in the house.
Because twenty years ago, a friend and I went to a step class and then worked out.
Our husbands were at the driving range, so we went over and sat outside with them.
We shared a bottle of white wine.  After an intense workout.  
Dehydrated=Thirsty=Stupid=Urping All Night
I haven't wanted to see, smell or taste white wine since that day.
And I won't ever.

Random enough, Nancy?
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Happy Friday!
Hope you have a warm weekend.

April 2, 2013


Just sharing a few photos from inside my home today.
This was an Easter arrangement of 
tulips, hydrangea, faux horse apples, some gifts from Bruce (chewed tree branches)
and a nest with my little Florenza bird salt cellar.

My ironstone cup.

White hydrangea.

Oh yes, I do like photographing my perfect cup.

Hedwig, Hedwig and Hedwig.
My little white owl babies from Christmas- I can't bear to put them away yet.

And last, but not least...my good friend Wilbur.

"When your stomach is empty and your mind is full,
it's always hard to sleep." -E.B White

So, off to bed I go with my nervous dogs.
(there's a storm brewing)

And yes, there will be snacks.

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