January 23, 2012

A few peeks at some fun projects...

Some fun things I've embroidered lately~

I'll post them later in the week.

Got a favorite so far?

Also, I can't comment on a lot of your blogs and I can't follow.
I hope blogger resolves the issues soon.
Until then, I'm still here.
Just under my invisibility cloak.
Potter nerd, over and out.


January 19, 2012

Rachel Ashwell's The Prairie~ Part 2

OK...I'm back.
MRI, post office, fabric store, Pappasito's, Costco.
And since Magoo was doped for that MRI, he went along peacefully with no backtalk.
So thanks for the offers, but I didn't have the need for the shovel after all.

On with the show!

This is Pearl.
Miss Pearl came knocking on our blue door late at night.
Scared the crap-ola out of me.
I'm no friend of the Boogey Man.

Magoo opened the door and in she came.
Oh, my.  No pets allowed at The Prairie.
I put a towel on top of that linen chair, pronto.
I am allergic to cats, except for Mr. Butter.
But it was freezing that night and we could tell she knew her way around the cottage.
She gave herself a bath and didn't mind the paparazzi in her face all night, so she was good with us.
She's a beautiful cat and very mannerly.
She was a good sleepover guest and much preferred over the Boogey Man.

The next morning we met Big Pearl.
Yes, there are two Pearls at The Prairie.
She likes to play and fetch.
We are not the kind of people who turn down a game of fetch.

Pearl is a real sweetie.
She's a rescue and a really great dog.
Look at that face.

The porch at the store.

  Just like The Giving Tree.  You know I couldn't pass this up.

Inside the store... a linen and velvet dream land.

They were taking down the Christmas decorations...wish I'd been there a few days earlier.

The cottage bath.

This is the cottage bathroom ceiling.  Love. Love. Love.

The Lodge...curl up by the fire and read all day.

The greenhouse was empty.
I bet it's wonderful in the springtime.

There's much more to share.  I'll save that for another day.
If you get the chance, it's really a great little getaway.
It's very rustic and simple and was just what we needed.

We met the warm and wonderful staff, had a delicious breakfast prepared for us and had our own made to order pets to love on.
Pearl and Pearl made it seem like home and truly, we felt welcomed like old friends.
While it was off season, it was perfect.  Quiet and secluded and peaceful.
Sophie and Henry were a little suspicious when we arrived home, but they were soon distracted by the smell of jerky from Chappell Hill.
Or it could have been the plate sized cinnamon roll we brought home from Royer's.
We'll definitely go back.

Oh, yes, did we have pie.
Skip pie at Royer's?
Well, it's just not done.

More on that later...I've got sleepy eyes.

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January 18, 2012

Rachel Ashwell's The Prairie~ Part 1

Sometimes you just have to get out of the house.
I decided some Shabby Chic, served up Texas style, was in order.

Rachel Ashwell in Texas, you ask?
Yes, indeed.
She has created just what you'd expect from the Goddess of the Shab to the Chic.

A lot of you are aware of the "big to do" in Round Top twice a year.
Have you been?

It's a fun event with dealers from all over and all the places to stay during the madness are generally booked up way in advance.
This is not an antique show where you will find deals.  It's gotten very expensive over the years and I'm generally not in the mood to pay someone $8,000 for an armoire that was "found" in a quaint little barn somewhere. 
I give props to the genius to can pull that off, though.  Wanna come over?
I have a few things I'd like to show you. ;)

Anyway, back to The Prairie.

My first tip...do not trust that your GPS knows what it's talking about.
It doesn't have a clue.
Magoo was getting concerned that I had planned a little adventure in which he might be meeting up with a shovel and a nice stay at Six Feet Under.
Or that Michael Myers was going to appear out of thin air and chop us to bits, a la Halloween.
Ya think we saw too many scary movies in the 80's?

Not to worry. 
We arrived, albeit the long way.  Just before dark and in time for the gorgeous sunset.

We were met in The Lodge by Danny, who was busy cooking up some chili for the Chili Cook Off that took place last weekend.  
He gave us our info and sent us across the way to the little cottage.
He told us about a few places we might get dinner, as Royer's was still closed from the holidays.
Don't worry, they opened the next day.

Danny suggested a steak house in Carmine and a few Round Top establishments.
We also got proper exit/re-entry strategies.
Bad, bad, stupid GPS.

The Lodge

The little cottage was warm and welcoming.
See blue door.

And in true Rachel style, gorgeous, fabulous bedding.
The bed was heaven.
Blue linen headboard and white, delicious fluff.

Properly covered linen hangers in a green cabinet lined with wallpaper.

 A little painted and very peel-y nightstand.

Inside the shop... Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture.
Yes, purple velvet, Robin.
Like butta.

Check back this evening for more gorgeous pics of the property and the tour. 
 I've got to run off and take Magoo to get another MRI for knee # 2. 
He's such a spaz that he has to be sedated.  He can't be still to save his life.
Did someone say shovel? ; )

Until then,

January 9, 2012

Da'Lainey the Horse Girl

This is Da'Lainey, otherwise known as Horse Girl.
She's my cousin Maura's daughter.
Maura, better known as Tootie around here, is the other cookie hound in the family.
We are serious about those nutmeg logs.
Tootie and Da'Lainey are also serious about their horses.

She decided at a very young age to become a business woman.
Following in her mother's footsteps, she has charted a course and has her future business already named.

This girl has dreams.  More than dreams...she has plans.

She will tell you about them, too.
Ya think she was headed for the Derby in that pink hat?

She loves her horse, Harley.

Look at that composure.
She was so focused.
Waiting for their turn to compete. 
 Both of them patient and prepared.

I was so nervous that she'd fall off.  
She didn't.
 She'd worked long and hard for this competition.
So had her Mom and Dad.  ; )

Little girl on a very big horse.

Harley is a gentle giant...a former race horse with an injury that left him unable to race.

Theirs is a very special relationship.
A horse that wears pink and zebra is much more entertaining than dressing up a Barbie.
The shoes aren't as sparkly, but having a zebra in the pasture is pretty cool.

Pony love.
They are some of my all time favorite photos.

Birthday girl and her horse.

This is a girl that's going somewhere.
I wonder where she'll take him next.

Thanks for stopping by~