About Me


I'm a southern girl and a native Texan.

I've been married for at least 125 years to my goofball husband whom I lovingly refer to as Mr. Magoo.

It's a zoo around here.  Our family includes Bruce- a Staffordshire Terrier, Jack Henry- an American Bully and Sophie- a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Interesting tidbits {or not} -

I love spicy food.  Mexican, Thai, Indian...and if it's not hot, I'll make it hot by adding fresh jalapenos.  Magoo and I put them in everything.  Even fudge.

I did a tandem jump from a plane. I did not die before/during/after sky-DIE-ving, though I was convinced that it was certain after having to sign away my life on a zillion forms.  I loved it and I want to do it again.
I hope Magoo will jump, too, but he gets nervous on the second step of a ladder so....

I've been "crafting" all my life- my Mamaw taught me to sew and embroider and to appreciate "keeping". She was the ultimate thrifter.
Kind of like McGuyver, but as a grandma.

I love chocolate.

I enjoy cooking and after all these years, I'm enjoying Magoo's cooking.
He's turning into a mighty fine personal chef.

I'm a total spaz.

I am dangerous in Barnes and Noble, Williams-Sonoma and good old Tar-jay.

I would die for an old turquoise truck to bop around in with the dogs.

I do not have cattle, horses, or know J.R. Ewing.  I do love animals.  Especially squirrels.
I even married one.  LOL  I crack myself up.

Do not call me early in the morning.  I need coffee and time to adjust to the daylight...
I've probably been up all night working on something.

I'm a big Bette Davis fan.  "But 'cha are in that chair, Blanche.  Ya are."

I can spend all day digging thru piles of French linens, rummaging through antique shops or
architectural salvage.

I have a paint brush in my hand or am in front of my embroidery machine a lot.

I love taking photos.  Maybe most of all.

And, oh yeah, there's a Froot Loop habit.  And maybe a Captain Crunch.

Get comfy and stay awhile- I'm so glad you're here.