April 28, 2012

Flowers For Leontien

For Leontien.

Write your name in the hearts of the people you touch.
That's where it will remain.

Love is all around you.

Hugs from Texas,


April 17, 2012

Hitting Pause

Hi friends~
I'll be away for a few weeks.
Taking a break from computers and the brain drain 
to enjoy the beautiful spring weather
a few wild adventures.
Be back soon!

April 12, 2012

Random pics from home

These used to sit in the outdoor kitchen.
It was so hot last year that everything came inside.
Grill out there when it's already 105 in the shade?

This is my concrete pig.  He's a huge bench.
Also too hot to sit on last summer.

My Pottery Barn letter board with the only quote that should ever be there-
My wife is always right.
You want to make a sign, girls?
There it is!

I found this key in the tiny town of Carmine, Texas.

Very random photo of an antique cabinet 
and the wooden box that my pie from
Goode Company came in.
I liked the box better than the pie.

This sign hangs outside the guest bath by the kitchen.
It makes all children giggle.
Especially the tall male versions.
It's brass and heavy.

The patio fan-I love this fan as much as cake.
Well, almost.

I know you've been thrilled with this show-
I had to post to claim my blog on BlogLovin'.
Have you joined up?
If so, what's the verdict?

Thanks for coming by,

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April 10, 2012

All feed subscribers lost

After spending last week trying to undo the deletion of all my feed subscribers, I gave up and cancelled my Feedblitz delivery.
I've returned to Feedburner.
If you've landed here and realize you haven't been getting your updates, please sign up again if you'd like to continue receiving WWK.

So sorry for the inconvenience.
So get on over there and sign up...
Go on now.

Thanks, friends!
You know I love ya.

Pretty please?

April 9, 2012

Sweet Easy Pillow

I have several pillows that I have purchased 
 that appear to be painted onto velvet.
They are expensive and cause me to have a lot of anxiety
whenever my sons, dogs or husband
 get anywhere near them.

I wondered if velvet would would hold up
to the iron on tranfer process.
I love the look of the expensive pillows,
but wanted a more casual style for everyday.

I made this pillow with an image from
 The Graphics Fairy.
I had two of these pillow shams sitting around in the cabinet doing nothing-
so one got a makeover.
I ironed on the transfer, careful not to scorch the velvet,
and was really nervous that the nap would be flattened and ruined.
That wasn't the case. Yay!
I then wanted to distress the image.

I used an emery board initially and then got annoyed at
the lack of ruin showing up.
Sandpaper did the trick.
Some crinkling and wadding up gave the image even further age- finally, old look that I wanted.

Next I embroidered a monogram and popped in a pillow form.
And I do believe I am satisfied with my new spring pillow!

No velvet was harmed during the making of this pillow.
Well, maybe a little bit. ; )

Thanks for coming over~

Congrats, Sharon!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend.

I wanted to congratulate 
for being the only one
 who caught my Donny and Marie reference 
in a recent post.

 She won a prize because she was brave enough 
to admit to watching Donny and Marie.
We goobers have to stick together.
Enjoy, Sharon!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

April 5, 2012

At Last

Don't fall over, but I finally finished a project.
This cabinet is two pieces that my son and his friend dragged home for me last summer.
It was a pale yellowish color and u.g.l.y,
but I saw potential.
The poor thing's husband lives in my garage- they are separated at the moment.
There's no room for him here, so I think
he'll be a patio table.

For this project, I made my own "chalk like" paint.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

 I filled it with some of my keeps.
My white pitchers came from Horchow in 1999.
They came in a set of five-
I've loved them forever.

 My bean pot and more of the pitchers.

I'm glad I painted the top. ;)

The top holds a Swedish beer bottle that I found in Brenham.

It's a really large one measuring 18" tall.
Below is it's glass stopper.

On the sides, I did a fern transfer that looks hand painted.
I've had these for years and I have no idea if they still make them or not.  
Sorry that I don't have the brand or source for you.
That's what happens when you hoard craft supplies, right?
Hey, I knew I'd need them someday!

Squirrels and lavender on an Italian cake plate from Horchow and Anthropologie measuring spoons. 

This wonderful scale is from Sweden and belonged to my hubby's grandmother and great grandmother.

I am thrilled that it is now in it's fourth generation of family.
Yes, it still works.

I love this old couple.  
1950's Enesco Japan.

A favorite embroidered and framed quote
by Louisa May Alcott.

A Florenza salt cellar- unfortunately missing it's tiny tongs.

Before the makeover. 

In progress.

I painted the cabinet in Sherwin Williams 
Grounded- brown
Underseas- blue
These were sample pots of flat paint.
I mixed one part human grade DE (diatomaceous earth) to three parts paint.

Do not use DE unless it's food grade. 

Very important.

The stuff you can buy at Lowe's is not human grade.
You can find it in health food stores.
So besides the health benefits and the fact that it kills bugs without putting toxins in our house-
It makes chalk like paint!

I crazy painted it and distressed it.
Light wax/ dark wax.

I really don't have room for it, but after moving a few things around I think it's in a good spot.
What do you think?
The beer bottle cost more than this cabinet!

Thanks for dropping by!