November 16, 2016

Around the house...and the cookie recipe

Hi all,
I love finding interesting things with dogs on them- 
so I was thrilled to find this on eBay.
Hot chestnuts! And look who's right there in line- Bruce!
He's a beggar, that one.
A perfect depiction.

A few finds while out in the last few weeks-
I found this reproduction trophy to put my little tree with orange slices in.

And I loved this sign at Hobby Lobby to put by the side door 
where we all come in.
It's not for outdoors but I think it'll be ok since it's covered.

I'm changing the pillows to moodier winter textures.
Pretending it's cooler- we were at 85 degrees again today.

With the time change it seems like the days are flying by-
and my house is in more chaos than usual.
But I am doing little bits of decorating here and there.
The trees are up but not decorated yet.
I love looking at them plain... a slow progression to the ornaments.
Or maybe not- like last year.

Here's a peek at the family room wreath.

The porch has a few lemon cypress trees and my chimes from Tuula
remind me to take time to play-
which is very important to Bruce and Jack.

I put a few cool weather pansies on the porch 
but the marigolds are still hanging in there.

Below is the cookie recipe I promised you.
I refer to them as breakfast chubs.
Oatmeal and eggs and pumpkin- breakfast, right?
They really are delicious and not too sweet-
cakey cookies like a mobile pumpkin bread.
Grab and go.

I hope you'll take the time to play and make cookies, too.
We make the holidays stressful- they aren't stressful on their own.
I have to remind myself of that now and again.
Slow down. Sit down. 
Or maybe get down.
Kitchen dancing is always the answer.
With a cookie in your hand.

Simple pleasures.

I hope the rest of your week goes well!

November 3, 2016

Orange Crush

I'm on a mission to dehydrate enough oranges to make 
several wreaths for the holidays and have enough leftover for other things
like filling small baskets with greenery or using as tags on gifts.

I'm not sure if this dehydrator will work as well as the oven
but I'm going to find out.
So far, it's taking at least 12 hours to dry these large slices.
One batch took fifteen.

This is the one I chose- Magoo is very excited about making jerky with it.
I decided I'd get busy with my oranges before he gets ahold of it,
if you know what I mean.
It's simple as pie- slices are placed on the tray- time and temp are set
and I can walk away and forget it.
I've never used one before so fill me in if you have any great ideas.
I don't like missing out on great ideas, girlfriends. ;)

Before the days of blogging, I used the oven on 200 degrees and then would just watch them to determine when they were ready.
My favorite thing to dry was pomelos, because they are so huge.
One year I dried a zillion of them and hung them from a branch in the kitchen and covered the kitchen tree with them.
It was so pretty and the larger size of the pomelo equaled
a lot more bang in my book.
These oranges were large and not very flavorful- so perfect to dry.
Is something amiss with the orange crops this year?
I'll let you know how they work out.

I thought I'd show you a few more pops of orange around the kitchen.

My perfect little pie pumpkin is still hanging in there.
I always wash them with soap and hot water, dry them 
and then give them a coat of mod podge.
It really helps them last longer.

Feathers, dried oranges and chocolate velvet ribbon
sit in the transferware cup and saucer
and I'm just realizing that the spoon needs to go.
Anywhere but there!
I took it's tiny white pumpkin and gave it to my new bear.
Oh, well.

Ma and Pa have come out of the cupboard-
I bought them long ago for hardly any real money. 
(as Distressed Donna says...I love that saying!)

I embroidered this chocolate brown quilted fabric that I had 
with bright orange thread and framed it 
in a lonely frame that had nothing to love. 
It loves it's new companion, but I hope not too much because you know
I'm going to rip it out of there and replace it with a Christmas design
after Turkey Day comes and goes. 

This was an Instagram photo I shared.
I'm pretty good at pretending I have fall weather, hmmm?

I love candy corn and when it first hit the shelves this year, I bought this terrible maple flavored bag just so I wouldn't eat it.
It worked, too.
Until I went to buy Halloween candy.

And then, I bought the mother lode of delicious candy corn to put in pretty tall jars on my table and perhaps dip into 
one or twenty or a hundred times a day.
But the terrible corn looks pretty with a candle and was instant gratification when I wanted to add some fall feelings 
to my kitchen in September.
Bad corn below. 

I made pumpkin cookies today.
I ate pumpkin cookies today.

They might not last until the weekend.
I'll put the recipe up soon.

The last bit of my orange crush is the kitchen towels I 
sent in Lynn's giveaway package.
I love these patterns and they make me laugh.
How many times have you said these things in your kitchen?
Mostly I say "Simmer down, Boo" to Bruce.
He tends to get wound up if there's a salad on the counter...
he loves salad! 
And pumpkin cookies like his mama.

That's all for today-
Have a great weekend doing autumnish, sweater weather
boot wearing things!
We were at 88 degrees yesterday.
I'm annoyed and very envious of you girls engaging in these activities!
I do so enjoy living vicariously thru your photos in apple orchards
and golden landscapes so keep them coming please. :)