August 27, 2014


For all of you that have enjoyed our funny boy, Henry-
we lost him last week.
We are heartbroken and so are Sophie and Bruce.
It's so hard to believe that he's gone.

We miss you, Ginger Man.
I hope you've been welcomed over the Rainbow Bridge
by Virgil and Izzy.
Go play, silly boy.

I'll leave you with the following 1981 video of Jimmy Stewart 
reading a tribute poem about his dog, a Golden Retriever named Beau.

There was no greater love than between Henry and a tennis ball.

Hug your fur babies extra tight today and throw a ball for Henry, 
the Ginger Ninja.

August 25, 2014

Giveaway Winner is...

Lynn @ Happier Than A Pig In Mud!

Lynn, send me your shipping info and your box of goodies will be on the way.

Congrats and enjoy!

August 21, 2014

In The Keeping Room

A quick post about items in TKR...

These towels are available for order.

White towels with your choice of the following words:

Unwind, Breathe, Laugh, Peace, Relax, Faith, Pray, Love, Mr., Mrs., Bride and Groom.

Click the button on my sidebar for more info.

 Monogrammed silverware-over 100 years old.

All five pieces are engraved with the "J" monogram, they do show scratches from regular use and age,
but they are really nice for someone building a collection.
The large platter spoon has a few nics from what appears to be a fall into a disposal at some point.
It's definitely still usable, as this spoon is for serving not for putting into your mouth.

If this fits into your mouth, you have bigger issues. ;)

Finding 100 year old matching engraved silverware is difficult, I was thrilled to find these.


Just letting you know that I have 7 blue and 6 red.

If you are interested, let me know so I can reserve one for you.

I won't have the Christmas designs up for a few weeks.

Nothing Will Happen girls will get 20% off  on your first order.

I think you know the code words.  wink  wink

Hope you all enjoy your weekend...
I'll be in the sewing room. :)

I'll leave you with a sight that I smile at everyday-
I call her Large Marge.
She owns that swing.

August 19, 2014

Blog Tour continues...

Thanks to Lynn over at Shabby Story for inviting me to the tour.

If you don't know her, she has one of the prettiest shabby chic homes in blogland.
She's so sweet and and her home is so inviting.

I can only dream of living in a white house!

           She's also mom to Bailey, Bruce's pretend girlfriend in blogland.   


1. What am I working on?

I'm currently trying to sort thru vintage linens to add to my online shop.

My embroidery machine is humming away! 

I have three pieces of unfinished furniture waiting on me, 

three custom jobs to complete,

 and a house full of slobbering dogs

I should be mopping.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

If anyone can tell me what genre that is, I'd be happy to answer that question! 

I have no focus on one thing.  

I'm aware that it's advised by the pros, but that's just not me.

 I love the writing aspect of blogging but love getting behind the camera lens even more.  

I spend hours each week taking photographs.  

You'll find just about anything on my blog...

life stories, my projects, silly animal photos or found objects that I want to share 

with all of you who "get it".

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Growing up I was influenced by a large number of family members who were artistic.

Artists, musicians, crafters...everyone used their hands in some way in the creative process.

The environment was rich for soaking up all kinds of creative energy.  

Summers spent with my grandparents led to my love of nature and animals.

My mom and aunts were always in the kitchen cooking, sewing and most times singing.

My architect/artist dad was at his drafting table.  

A huge influence was my DIY grandmother.  

She constantly encouraged me to create.

I learned to sew and embroider as a child.  

I wrote constantly and was an avid reader.
I guess that's why my interests are so varied.  

I picked up something from everyone.

I like that my words and photos will be left behind for my 

future generations of family- that they'll be able to know me by what I did here.

I wish that generations before us had left more pieces of themselves behind-

more words, more journals, more photos.

More everything.

4. How does your writing/ creating process work?

I don't really have a process.  I don't feel that it's something I have control over.  

It just lives inside me.

I get joy from creating, it's who I am.  Who I've always been.  

That's why I love the friendship and inspiration from blogging.  

No explanation for our crazy needed here!


Now I'd like to introduce you to two other blog friends who I really think you'll love.

I might have a girl crush on her.

The French Pressed Home was created after our move

 from California to Alabama last year. 

 We bought a fixer upper in a neighborhood rich with historic homes.  
Currently my blog is about the renovation of our home and the
 discoveries of the South, which we love! 
I am also working on launching my new business in about a month or
 so which will feature found treasures and refinished furnishings 

in a French Country style.

I learn something new and interesting from Dana with each post.

If you have any interest in mid century/modern furniture, she's your woman.

I taught English at the secondary level for 27 years, 
then was a librarian for 3 years before retiring in 2002. 
I write a daily blog about modern design, which I started in 2010. 

I love to decorate, paint, and make jewelry, 
and I usually stay signed up for 2 or 3 free online college courses at a time, just for fun. 
If I run out of things to do, my grandsons, aged three and four, make sure I don't get bored.

Both are very creative and fun and I have really enjoyed following their blogs.
Amber and Dana will be sharing their blogs next on the tour.
 I hope you'll go visit them and say hello.

August 16, 2014

Still time to win!

Hey girls...
I hope you watched the live webcast and entered to win all the prizes.
If you missed it, you have until August 23 to enter for a prize pkg on WWK!

Please comment on the post HERE to enter.

Have a great weekend!
Winner to be announced on August 24.

August 15, 2014

I love my Ball Jars...Come win some of your own!

Last year I went wild over the special edition blue Ball jars, remember?

This year I went wild over the new green!
It's a beautiful fresh, crisp green.
Of course I bought several cases.

If you haven't been bitten by the Ball jar bug, this is your chance to win a fantastic
prize package of Special Edition Green pint jars, quart jars and 
some wonderful new products to make our lives easier in the kitchen.

Click here  to view them...I promise that you'll love them all.

I was contacted to participate and was provided with these products.
I assure you that these opinions are mine.
Is there anyone who doesn't love Ball jars?
Not in my world.

I not only use them for our every day drinking glasses, but I store so many
things in them because let's face it...they are pretty.

Do I want Magoo to have a bright yellow box on his nightstand?
No, I do not.

Since I do grow a few of my own herbs,
I'm excited about these dried herb containers with shaker tops.
Easy to store and this shaker top isn't going to fall off and ruin your dinner.
That may have happened to me.
Several times.

I'll tell you that I own two different types of herb scissors already.
This pair is so much bigger!
They also come with a blade cover that doubles as a blade cleaner for those five blades.
Safety first, people.
And I have evidently been wasting precious time in the kitchen using a single blade.
These are really great.

I haven't received the other products yet, but I am really looking forward to using them.
Last year while browsing Pinterest, I discovered that you can freeze your herbs in olive oil.
This excited me to no end, seriously.
I cook a lot.
I was loving the idea of having fresh herbs in the freezer ready to throw into my soup pot.
But what was I going to keep them in?  
Those big plastic ice trays would be knocked over in a second in this house.
I'd buy a new freezer before I cleaned up that oily mess.
Thank you clever minds at Ball.
I can rest easy knowing that these are on the way.
And they have lids!

Hello fresh Meyer Lemon, butter and thyme.

They'll be ready this winter and so will I.

So, the second reason for this post is this:

On Saturday August 16, Jarden Home Brands will host the first annual 
International Can-It-Forward Day with special guest renowned chef and 

Bravo’s Top Chef judge, Hugh Acheson! 

A day to celebrate home canning, International Can-It-Forward Day allows food enthusiasts to connect via a variety of online and in-person activities. 

New and experienced canners can participate in a live webcast on 

taking place on ground in Brooklyn Borough Hall Farmers Market, filled with canning demos where viewer questions will be answered in real-time by Chef Acheson and other experts while they learn the most popular (and delicious) home canning recipes. 

Twenty five farmers markets across the country will also be hosting 
Can-It-Forward Day celebrations!
In addition to the canning demos, there will also be segments on crafting, herb gardening
 and the brand’s new drinkware line!

We will also be attempting a Guinness World Record for the 
World’s Largest Mason Jar Mosaic!

International Can-It-Forward Day


  • Watch the live webcast of canning demonstrations featuring celebrity chef by Hugh Acheson
  • Join us for the taping of the live webcast with Hugh Acheson in New York City at Brooklyn Borough Hall starting at 10a on 8/16/14
  • Schedule of events:
    • 10:00am - Pepper Jelly demonstration by Chef Sara featuring the FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker
    • 10:45am - Tips on urban gardening & herb preservation
    • 11:00am - Peach Siracha Jam demonstration by Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars
    • 11:30am - Crafting in Ball jars with staff from Martha Stewart Living
    • 11:45am - Hugh Acheson Preserving and Mixology demonstrations
    • 1:15pm - Special Mixology demonstration with local mixologists
    • 1:30pm - Salsa Verde demonstration by Chef Sarah featuring the FreshTECH Automatic Home Canning System

You know me...I love my spicy!  I'm looking forward to the Peach Sriracha Jam demo.
The mixologists will be fun to watch, too.  Too bad their is no virtual drink sampling.
Ah, maybe next year.

Now for the giveaway!

Just leave a comment with your favorite new Ball product and you will be entered to win
a box full of goodies from the good people at Ball.

Come back tomorrow for the live webcast here on What We Keep!
Share your favorite Can-It-Forward Day moments with friends via social media with the hashtag #canitforward.

Good Luck!

August 13, 2014

Today's the day...

Hi everyone...
I'm excited to say that today @ 5PM, you may browse The Keeping Room!

Click on the banner on the sidebar and you are in,

Every Wednesday @ 5PM,
I'll be opening the doors for you to browse new items.
Items will be limited in number, as I am only one woman with a machine.
There will always be something new...from vintage finds to whatever I felt like making that week.
When it's gone, it's gone...unless stated otherwise.

No schedule, no pressure, no mass orders.

(Yes, that IS a chicken with it's head chopped off...or rather chewed off.  Bruuuuce!)

Yes, I'm embracing the true "Nothing Will Happen" spirit here because
I want this to be be fun for all of us.
I have a busy life that is sometimes really stressful- just like most of you.

I'm not here to get rich or famous- I just enjoy making pretty things.
I enjoy the hunt for unique and interesting finds and the stories that come with them.
I hope you will enjoy what I share with you.
It's from the heart.
And from a very overloaded stash in my sewing room. ;)

Come by this evening if you have a minute!
If you see something you like, just email me the item number and
I will invoice you thru PayPal.
Shipping is included in the posted prices.
I want The Keeping Room to be for us - our community of crazy, artsy fartsy women (and a few men).
So enjoy!

August 4, 2014

Ramble? Why, yes I do.

Today I sat down to make a pillow.
Just a fast and easy 10 minute pillow.

Not in my sewing room- I didn't want to risk a broken leg navigating to the sewing table.
I chose to sit at our large round table in the kitchen where I could catch up on The Bachelorette
and listen for the dryer beep.

I can see the entire street from my viewpoint.
I can see that police officers are at the house down the street.
It's for sale.
A quick call to The Grapevine and I learn that SQUATTERS have moved in to the house illegally.
The realtor is beside himself, the squatter presented the keys to the police, the police left.
WTH? again.
My next update from The Grapevine reveals that the squatters broke the lock box to obtain those keys.
The PoPo returned with back up.
But Mr. Squat had driven away in his Escalade.
Oh no.
My last update from The Grapevine was that she was walking over with her coffee to get some answers.
She hasn't called me back yet so I'll have to update you later.
But this is a reminder that these jerks still exist  in this day and age 
and not just in an old episode of Big Valley.
 (Which is the last time I heard anyone use the term squatters.)

The other concerning thing that I witnessed today was a toothpaste commercial
about a daughter studying to be a dental hygenist.  She was advising her father on toothpaste.
Because of his daughter's inspirational commentary,
the man's mouth has "really been brought to the next level".
WTH? again.
What does that even mean?  And that guy is way too happy about this lifechanger.
Did he brush with dirt before?

I am put off by this and do not buy this baloney.
If he wants his mouth taken to the next level, toothpaste ain't the way go.
Try some Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Brownie, weirdo.
Yeah.  Next.  Level.

Ok, back to the pillow.

I made my pattern using PicMonkey, printed it out on a LaserJet printer, used Citrasolve
for transferring onto the fabric and stitched it up in no time.
I call these disposable pillows.
I made this one from old linen curtains that had sun damage
and then backed it with blue and cream ticking from my stash.
There really is no need to pay high prices for these popular pillows.

You can do it yourself.  Yes, you.
Yes, you can.  Yes, you can.  Yes, you can.
Stop sassing me.

Bruce loves to lay on the couches in the house and some heathens may even eat on them.
I feel much better with quick and inexpensive changes.
Those creamy pillows on either side?
For $10 each (the covers), there's no need to cry when furry beasts
 do their smooshing and digging in the white summery pillows.
They wash up easily and "the disposable" will be repurposed somewhere else.
Dill pickle chips, anyone?