April 26, 2015

As you requested...

I have had quite a few requests for more Jack posts, so here you go Monkey lovers!

Jack Henry is a very polite boy when waiting for a treat.
He learned this instantly, taking cues from his bubby Bruce.
Bruce has very nice manners.

Some of you saw this photo on FB...
He's chewing on a stinky bully stick here.
He later swallowed it whole while in Magoo's office.
How this is possible, I can't understand.
We gave him the large footlong so he couldn't swallow it.

Jack Henry must always be supervised when he has a chew.
He's like a little furry sword swallower.

Magoo is fired.
He did run down and tell me so I could handle things.
Little man was immediately doing that oh-so-fun gagging thing, so up it came.
When he did expel it, I thought Magoo was going to pass out.
I hadn't seen that kind of pale face since the days of baby diarrhea.

Jack Henry needs a dinosaur bone, I guess.

This photo is his Lion King pose.  

This area is waaaay to the back of the yard- 
Jack, Bruce and Sophie play hide and seek back there.

The little one is always the lookout, right?

They all love to play ball...Sophie tries her best to keep up.

Jack learned to fetch  pretty quickly.

He had great teachers.

Jack Henry is Bruce's shadow.
Bruce is so smart and thank goodness, Jack does whatever Bruce does.
It's made his training much easier.

They BOTH snore, but Jack snores like a freight train.
They pass out a few hours before we do, and we laugh constantly.
Sometimes they have running dreams at the same time.
I wonder who got the ball...

Bruce gave him a little courtesy time to sleep in his place,
which happens to be on/or right up against me.
Head on my shoulder, or full body human sleep on my pillow.
He's had enough of that now and has reclaimed his spot.
Jack's response?
Pile up in between us.
Bruce weighs 60 lbs. and Jack 25 lbs.
This is going to be a problem as the Jack Monkey grows!
These boys are snugglers.
The corgis were never snugglers like this.
In fact, Sophie will show the boys her pretty white teeth if they attempt to snuggle with her.
The princess is like a five year old yelling
"stop touching me!!!" to her siblings.
It's like having little kids all over again.
Bratty, loud, mess making, adorable, lovable, furry kids.

I'm not complaining. 
They bring us so much joy.
(Except when JH pees on the tile and it runs like a river maze in the grout across the kitchen.
Not feeling joyful at that moment!)


I'm announcing the giveaway winner on Friday,
so you have a few days left to think about your prize.
The comments have been great!
Good luck!

Hope you've enjoyed the pups- I love sharing them with you.
(And please do consider a rescue pup if you're thinking about getting a furry companion.)

April 23, 2015

Junkin' Finds

I found chippy nirvana.

So many layers of paint...I fell in love.

You know that I can't pass up interesting vintage embroidery.
I haven't taken this apart yet, but it looks to be in very good shape.

These vintage hand embroidered towels (there are 5) 
will look great is someones kitchen.
Not mine, no red for me...but they were too cute to pass up.

They'll be available when The Keeping Room  re-opens.

This twenty pound weight came home with us 
just because we liked it.
It's sitting in the floor waiting for me to break a few toes on it.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't done so.
You can find it HERE.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

April 18, 2015

Giveaway Time

It's been too long since I did a giveaway, right?
You know I don't like to do "normal" giveaways, so I won't start now.

This time,
I'm asking what you want, girlfriends.
How about that?
Then I'll shop my sewing room for you.

Have you been looking for a particular junk find?
Maybe I have one.
Maybe I've been keeping it just for you.

Maybe you had your eye on something I've made.
Or embroidered.
Yes, I can make one for you.

Would you like reverse images for transfers but can't make them yourself?

And then there are the vintage linens.
And new linens.
Fabric for miles.

Think, ladies, think!

So go ahead now....entertain me.
Don't be a fraidy cat.

Any entries with "Oh, you pick for me!" will not entertain me.
I expect more from you, dear creative friends.

All entries for this giveaway will be automatically entered for 
The Big Booty Prize on June 7.
(Details later)

Bruce, Jack Henry and Sophie are off limits.
Devastating turn of events, I know.

Yes, I made this.
It's a new Miranda Lambert song that I love.
I know you are a fan of it, too...or you wouldn't be here. ;)

Winner will be chosen on May 1.

April 14, 2015

Herbs, Herb

This is a a public service announcement, dear friends.
Get in your car, drive to Hobby Lobby and buy some of these burlap bags.
I filled mine with herbs and hung them on the fence next to our outdoor kitchen.

Easy, easy, easy and so convenient. 
They are lined and have a drain hole in the bottom.
Go, go, go.

I bought mine a few months ago, but I'd really love a few more.
I'll be heading over soon.

In my world, any trip to HL requires a stop at Whataburger.
Both of the nearest stores have a Whataburger in plain site.

In Texas, you just have to stop and get a burger.
Number 7, no tomatoes, with a Coke for me.
Spicy ketchup.

Locals know that it's almost impossible to come away without a mustard stain.
Seriously, it's one of those secrets of the universe.

So if you see a lady at HL with a messy ponytail and mustard on her shirt...
please do say hello.
I'll race you to the clearance aisle!

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