July 10, 2014

Summer Smell-O-Vision

Just peaches.

Can you smell them?
They smell divine.
Like summer.

They taste even better.

No worries.
I have more.

July 8, 2014

The Ten Minute Stop and Shop

Instant gratification is a good thing.
Do you pop in to roadside shops in small towns?
They are full of great things if you don't mind the dusty musties.
I can't stand it for long.
On a quick run through I found a few things that I just couldn't leave behind.

This bluework embroidered piece is large enough to be a wall hanging.
A previous owner had bleached it, resulting in some blotchy fading on the blue border.
I love it anyway.
Bluework became popular in the late 1800's.
It has seen a resurgence of interest in recent years.

This sweet little piece has sticker residue stain.
I'm hoping I can get it out with a good soaking.

I don't know what it was used for- any ideas?
The cross stitching is so delicate and tiny.
I think a young lady must have done this piece- anyone over 40 wouldn't have been able to see it!
I love the Dutch patterns.

In a dusty basket, I saw this.
Pressed and framed flowers from Austria, circa 1950's.

 You already know about my love for tiny linen shirts and dresses.
I couldn't resist these two in that same dusty basket.

That tiny hand embroidered K is so sweet.

Nemesis would find this one a bit girly for one of his outfits.

No ruffles for him.  No puffy shirts, either.  It's just not a good look.

A very good haul for just a few minutes time.
And there's more to post about later.
Now, it's time for some soaking.
For me and these little keeps.

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Have a great week!

July 2, 2014


Among my keeps, there is a fun spoon collection.
Some of them came from places we traveled to, while others were found at local antique shops.
What got me interested in spoons, you ask?
On a trip to NYC in 1998, I fell in love with a small pewter spoon in Dean and Deluca.
The rest is history.
Infatuation had set in.

I loved the feel and the weight of these little spoons.
I ordered another one when I got home.
To the right is a spoon from the Hotel Del Coronado.
I fell in love with Coronado years ago.
The history of the Del is so interesting.

And here's a better view.
It's one of my favorites.

Some I loved just because of the pretty detail.

This spoon belongs to a set of twelve, dated as 1900-1940's.
The seller identified them as belonging to the Rebekah's- a fraternal order and service organization.

I liked the design.  They will be someone else's keep soon.

Directly under the little sugar tongs is a Match pewter spoon that I bought with a friend in Fredericksburg.
Every time I look at it, I remember how we ran away like Thelma and Louise.
It may be time to run again.
Let's go a little bit further this time!

This set of Christofle was found by Magoo at a French market.
(Yes, I do send my husband on errands when he travels.)
He did pretty well, hmmm?
These definitely blew my skirt up!

They are really gorgeous.

Not long ago, I was completely surprised by a gift from the heart.
Even more surprised that my words had stretched way across the country to Canada
 and meant something to a fellow blogger who I'd never met.
Words I wrote so long ago that have shaped my life in ways I would have never imagined.
Not many people have read that post- it was in the very beginning.
(You can read it HERE)

She had no idea that I collected spoons.
Yet here it is.

Thank you, Tuula.
This little spoon brought tears to my eyes and truly touched my heart.
It means the world to me.

And to Ray Ray...
Back at ya, beautiful girl.
When your teenaged life becomes a big drama filled mess,
just take a deep breath
put a foot on that crack in your driveway
and remember your own very wise words.
Nothing will happen.
Trust me on that.

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