October 31, 2012

Norman Alert

Happy Halloween!
Have fun and be safe!

October 25, 2012


Wreath making can be tricky when it's hot enough to fry eggs outside.
Using hot glue is not an option until it's cold, since all my doors get full sun for at least half the day.
Melting glue on my door is no fun.
Toothpicks were the answer to securing the ribbon to the straw wreath.
They also helped secure the garland.
I also used bronze tacks to secure the garland and add a decorative element to the wreath.
Even the "No Sniveling" sign is hanging on toothpicks.
After Halloween, an easy unwrapping and I can use it for another 10 minute wreath.
I like that.
Although I'm thinking that the no sniveling can stay around.
I'm not a fan of snivelers.


I made this sign years ago- one for me and one for my friend.
I just changed it up a little with Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and Antibes Green.
Fresh paint on the letters, a little dark wax, and it was ready to go.

This is the door to the porte cochere, and the door everyone uses because it's closest to the driveway.

I still have to do the front porch, but we are getting a cool front tomorrow.
I nice cool breeze and I am in gear and on the move.
Hopefully, it will feel like Fall for a few days.
Have a spook-tacular weekend...says my little friend.
Can you see her by the urn?
Moldy Girl has a friend.
Or two.

October 19, 2012

Oh, Jane...

Gotta love her.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

October 18, 2012

Leaves For Leontien

Dear brave Leontien,

I was so happy to see that you posted and let us know how you are doing.
We continue to pray that you remain ever strong in your battle against cancer.

We don't get much autumn here in south Texas, 
so I have chosen a photo that is pretty representative of our October this year.

Please enjoy a little friend from the South~
I hope he makes you smile.

If you would like to know more about Leontien and submit a photo for her to view,
click HERE.

Thank you, Nancy, for helping us add a little happiness into Leontien's day.

October 15, 2012

Getting It Together

Just a few photos from around the house and yard~
I'm busy putting the prize package together.
Gwen has informed me of her signature colors (like it wasn't obvious!)
and I will be creating some special things just for her.
Hoping y'all have a happy week!

October 12, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

You don't want a chicken dinner?
You want a big fat prize package?

Okay, okay.

Gwen blogs at The Bold Abode

Congrats, Gwen!
I'll email you with a few questions in a bit.
I'm going to get a hamburger, fries and a smoothie
to fuel up for all the hard work I'm going to have to do for you.

The hamburger and my fixin's are no joke, though.

Bold Girl, you may expect a box of awesome from me soon.

I'll post photos of  Gwen's goodies when they are completed.

Thanks everyone for entering!
xxx, Tina

October 11, 2012

All By Myself and a Reminder

 Autumn came and went in the space of 48 hours this week.
I took the opportunity to have wedding soup for one that evening.
My men were traveling, so I worked on a few projects and then sat down to a quiet meal.
No iPad.  No Pinterest.
I'm all about the bread.

Hot bread and olive oil with dipping spices.

 Vintage embroidered linen napkin.

Citrus tea.

And a  sleepy, snuggly dinner companion.

Bruce sleeps in the bed with our son~ he has done that since the day Casey got him.
I'm not sure who was more traumatized that Casey was gone for two nights.
(Bruce was fine.)

He was the perfect sleepover guest.
No snoring.  No talking in his sleep.  No restless legs.
Just a sweet, warm cuddle buddy.
We'll see how he takes it when hubby returns this time.
(A few of you know about the "terrible awful".)

Don't forget that the giveaway ends tomorrow evening.
I'll choose a winner with a random number generator 
and announce it after 9:00.

See you tomorrow night~ Good luck!

October 5, 2012

Give Away and Some News

I have been horrible about the giveaways for 2012.
My sewing room and storage area have been 
in a bad state of the wonkies for the past year.
Who am I kidding?
It's like a black hole upstairs!
I've made a ton of progress, but there's still much to be done.
I'm itching to get back up there and embroider some beautiful things.

That's delayed the Etsy store, too.
I think I've decided to sell directly from the blog when I transition to my own website.
Until then, I'll have a For Sale page up soon and will send out
a short newsletter telling you about what will be available.

Subscribers will get first pick and can reserve items seen in the mail out.

So make sure you sign up, as you know that my subscriber list was erased
by the eggheads that never respond at Feedburner.

Now on to the fun stuff.
I'm about to make it up to you, my dahlinks!

My regular readers know that I have an obsessive love of vintage linens.
Aprons, fabrics, table linens, baby clothes, pillowcases, etc.

But, I also have a plethora of items intended for sale that have no shop to sit in yet.
Poor things need some lovin' in a new home.

You know that I always throw in something personalized and very specific to the winner's taste.
That's the most enjoyable part for me.

This giveaway is a doozie, sponsored my me and only me.
Look at it as a gift to you alarmingly talented and good looking folks
that have embraced me, challenged me and encouraged me this past year.
I joke a lot, but I adore you all.

I thought it would be fun to have five categories to choose from...
I think I've got you all covered. ;)
I'm going to have loads of fun discovering if you choose the way I think you will!

Let's have some fun before the madness of the holiday rush hits.
Combo Deal picks two categories.  Please specify.

Winner will be randomly chosen on next Friday,
October 12th.

Second entry allowed for those who follow here and on Pinterest.
Just let me know in your comments.
Without further ado~
On your mark, get set, GO!

Good Luck!


October 4, 2012

SophieLou's Punkin'Chews

 Sophie is a girl who loves her treats.
She's also a girl who gets tummy aches.
To put it delicately, she gets a little "backed up", if you know what I mean.
And since the arrival of El Diablo, she's a little more so than ever.

Plain pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix!) always works wonderfully.
I have a hard time getting Sophie to eat plain pumpkin, but she'll eat it with a little greek yogurt mixed in.
Bruce and Henry? No way.  
It had better moo or cockle doodle do to get their attention.
They love these treats and I'm able to sneak in the good stuff.
Win, win.
The recipe is my own variation of the other recipes out there, but I know what she'll eat and what she won't.
I don't use flour or anything with sugar.
Organic almond butter has no added sugar.
If you make your own, even better.
Lots of you are up to your noses in pumpkins right now, so making your own fresh puree would be great.
The next batch I'll add grated carrots and parsley.
Experiment with veggies and see what your dog likes.
Our dogs get a lot of fresh cooked meals of rice and chicken and veggies.
I haven't done it as much lately because Bruce loses his mind when he smells his dinner cooking.
He knows the difference somehow.  Maybe because there's no jalapeno. ;)  We eat spicy.

All ingredients are vet approved and healthy for your fur babies.
No sugar, no preservatives.
Remember, everything in moderation.
Not intended for meal replacement or human consumption.
Though these were accidentally tested on a human.  Sort of.
Oh, gosh Case.  Did ya think those were cookies?

 No more worrying about toxic treats from the store?  It's a good thing.
(Oops, I Martha'd you.)

Enjoy your weekend!
Sophie, Henry and Bruce
They're woofin' good!

October 1, 2012

How Embarrassing

The beginning of the end...when we needed to be saved from countless tiring steps.

SW Bell Telephone ad from 1929.
From the Directory of Women's Organizations
Houston, Texas Chapter

If only phone etiquette were still a part of our world.  sigh.

This little book is full of funny ads.
I'll be sharing more of them.

Have a great week and I'm so glad you came by.