January 16, 2014

In Silhouette 1971

In 1971,
I was in love with Donny Osmond.

I loved pickle and cheese sandwiches.

I liked to ride my bike to the 7-Eleven and buy a Pink Thing and a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup.

I was taller than anyone in my class.

I loved reading my Trixie Belden Mysteries.

I was wildly infatuated with Lee Majors as Heath Barkley, on The Big Valley.
I watched it every day after school.
I wrote him a letter and was sent an autographed photo.
My infatuation continued thru the Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy.
All that good guy saves the day thing, I guess.

I secretly liked Nick Barkley, too.
All that bad temper and black leather.
I knew I wanted a grand house like the Barkley's.
I wanted to be Audra and sweep down the staircase in my fine 40 lb. dress.
I have since changed my tune about adding 40 pounds anywhere.
My mother had this made in 1971, including two more of my younger brothers.
They have been passed to me and I'm going to update them with new velvet trim.
I don't care for the red velvet and gold frame.
I'm thinking mocha velvet and cream frame.
Not so much Barkley...but definitely more me.

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January 9, 2014

Thrifty Life Thursday @ Revi's

There's a new party girl in town!
I'm heading over to link up with 

This is her first party, so please support this sweet thrifting lady.

My thrifty item this week is a turquoise lantern that I found at our local ReStore.
After I removed all the wiring, bugs and dirt -
I have used it in my fall decor, for Halloween and again for Christmas.

Here's a look.

By placing it on a concrete planter, I created a pretty little beacon of light for my office.
Please disregard the pile of crappola in the background reflection.

I used it to hold creepy Jack from The Shining in a Halloween post.

The glass door made for a very cool reflection.

A close up shot made for a pretty Christmas card.

And you saw it again when I posted about Skirl Girl.

I rarely use a thrifty junkin' find as it was intended.
It's way more fun to use my imagination and make something more appealing to me.

Yes, the thrill of the find...even if we have no idea what we will do with it when we spot it.
The turquoise lantern was waiting for me.

What's waiting for you today?

Head over and link up with your thrifting/junking find.
We all have more than enough to share!

January 6, 2014

Visiting Friends

 Or maybe I should have titled this post "Why I Haven't Finished Anything".
Skirl Girl is too cute.

Buford T. Justice is always policing the tree.

He and JBird don't seem to mind that the squirrels have come.

When Little Skirl showed up with Skirl Girl...forget it.
I've been watching the fun outside my window and not much else.

It's getting to be a pretty popular hang out.

This guy and his brother are troublemakers and toss bird seed everywhere digging for sunflower seeds.

I love watching them.

Squirrel Pilates?

I dorked out this afternoon making a squirrel house out of a basket.
I'm going to hang it in the tree tomorrow and see if there are any takers.
I'll keep you posted.

And I think I have some window cleaning to do if I'm going to have visitors every day.

Stay warm and safe, everyone!

January 5, 2014

Tonight's The Night!

I've watched a few episodes already...ssssshhhhhhh.
For all my friends in this winter storm-
cozy up and enjoy the Crawley clan this evening.
Downton Abbey Season 4 premieres tonight if you've been under a rock lately.
I'll have my cup of tea ready, will you?