September 19, 2016

Chocolate is always a good idea...

Hey strangers!  I know, I know...
I have been away from my blog for most of the summer.
I needed some me time to replenish my soul.
My creative soul and my regular, everyday soul was feeling kind of raggedy.
Doing this kind of work- and it is work- requires quiet thinking time.
Did I sit quietly meditating? NO.
My soul work is done with a paintbrush in my hand,
or watching a sewing needle pop up and down,
stirring a simmering pot on the stove, or floating in the pool.
That is where I find my quiet.
There is never quiet in this house in basic terms, not with all our pups
running amok and underfoot and on top of me and in bed with me, etc.
So you understand, right?
I knew you would.
You are my people, after all.

Ah, but what about the chocolates and bonbons?
I won't lie- there have been moments. Many moments.
After all, I'm still me.
And chocolate cannot escape me. wink wink

So, I have been embroidering quotes to frame for years and it's one
of my favorite ways to personalize a space or 
create a little moment somewhere in my home.

I paired this one up with my very old and very stinky wooden pyrography box.
I had tried unsuccesfully to remove the smell ten different ways and finally
just painted it in this pale pinkish color by Vintage Market & Design.
It's called Conch and it has just the perfect hint of pink.
I waxed it with MMS regular wax and then used dark to highlight the burnout.
Blush and Bashful, ladies. There's my Steel Magnolias quote of the day. ;)

I framed it without the glass and secured it to cardboard with antique copper tacks from England that I removed from another project.

The fabric I used was a sample from Bella Notte linens in Hendrix Powder.
I've made quite a few this summer and will have them available 
for sale in the next few weeks.
I'll have another post up soon with the ones I've completed.
They'll all be one of a kind.
So many possibilities for use.

I think you'll love them as much as I do.

Yes, I see that tack needs to be adjusted, my detail fixated friends.
Admit it, it bugged you.
It's bugging the crap out of me! hahahahaha
And the light changed from the upper photos to the last two 
that I took just now. Sigh.
I'm way too busy eating that dark chocolate pumpkin seed stuff to care
about going back and reshooting them.
Nothing will happen, right? 

I've got a few giveaways planned for the the next few months
and I'm excited to show you some things I've been working on.
I've posted on Instagram this summer if you'd like to check that out.
FYI, those of you who don't use IG on your phones can still see my posts.
Just google tlc4wwk and it will take you there to view on your computer.
I'm still getting the hang of things over there, but it's fun!

Have a great week, y'all.