June 21, 2011

A Day in the Purple Snow

Purple rain in Texas?  
Slim chance that we'll get rain of any color with the horrible drought we're in.
But Purple Snow?
We are treated to it every year like clockwork. 
It's the prettiest time of year out in the backyard.  
Somehow... in all this dreadful heat, the crape myrtles are spectacular.   They are such a welcome sight.  
Especially when so many plants and trees are parched and droopy, 
or have simply given up the fight under the blazing sun.

Every day we see reports of wildfires raging out of control.  
Heartbreaking stories of people and animals 
who have been forced to flee from their homes.
The weatherman says we have a decent chance for rain this week.   
We really need it.

But, until then...
Henry is doing just fine is his purple snow.


  1. Looks like Henry is having a dandy time in that purple snow! As for rain, I'd gladly send mine your way, but it generally comes from you guys to us...

  2. Henry is darling - he smiles at you!

  3. Aww, Henry looks so happy in his purple snow. I just love that color.
    We have pink but they are not blooming yet and our white have just started. But wow yours are the prettiest color. Just might have to find room in the yard for one like that.

  4. love your trees and your dogs. I read that you home school and wondered if you might be interested in the farm I've been blogging about. They let children feed the chickens then collect 6 eggs from the hen house, let them wash them in the washroom, and then let them take "their" eggs home. I'll be featuring it in future with directions and phone numbers. I admire all you young mothers who home school now and wish I'd done it back when!

  5. Henry is adorable and seems to enjoy having his picture taken. Love the Crape Myrtles.

    Thanks for visiting and I would love to see the pillow you made with the shell graphics. I am now a follower.

  6. Well, I'm not sure what I enjoyed most; Henry or the purple snow! He is not camera shy unlike his sister Sophie lol! Too cute.

  7. Oh my gosh--I love this post--the flowers are gorgeous and Henry could win a contest!!! He's adorable!!!

  8. All our family is here in Cali with us, but... Aw, I really miss living in Texas sometimes. And I've always wanted a few crepe myrtle trees. Maybe now's the time.

  9. These pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing.

  10. Your blog is soooo awesome. The pictures are really quite stunning. Your crepe myrtle is to die for. Love it.


  11. Hello,
    First, thank you very much to visiting my blog and be a follower!

    I love your post, the title "purple rain in texas"! The beautiful images and - of course - your lovely dog!

    Best wishes for a wonderful summer-weekend, and greetings to Texas from the Périgord - Southwest France,

  12. OOHHH... I LOVE your crepe myrtles!!!! Sooo pretty!!!
    I just found some at Lowes!! The little lady standing behind me in line says "Oh my, what beautiful colors!! You know, you can't kill crepe myrtles". And I replied "Well, they haven't met me yet" :)) She started laughing and assured me that they will do fine and they love the sun! So far they are doing quite well!! I wish I could say the same for the lavender, lol!! Oh well, only the strong survive around here :))
    Love your blog and your spirit!! Your little corgie is pretty sweet too :))
    Looking forward to following!!

  13. Hi!! Just found your blog and there is adorable Henry smiling away!! Your photos are wonderful!
    Sure hope you get some rain this week!!
    Loved my visit!

  14. I've never seen a crepe myrtle, what a beautiful tree. My daughter wants to move to TX. and I keep telling her... you know it's hot, right? I must show her your post!
    Your Big Ass coffee tin is now so very uniquely COOL!! I love words too, can't get enough of them really and so I think the new look is just perfect!
    So glad you stopped by so we coud meet! t. xoxo

  15. Love your Henry!!! He's so cute and his eyes have so much expression in them:)


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