July 2, 2011

Thrills and Chills

 Oh, the excitement of their first trip to California!  
Magoo and I took our nieces to Coronado.

  The plane, the plane...the girls were nervous on the way there, 
but were total pros on the way back.

We went to the San Diego Zoo, cruised the bay, spent an afternoon in La Jolla and stayed on Coronado.  

We went to Oceanside, Carlsbad, Cardiff By The Sea, and Encinitas.  

We saw sea gulls with one foot. We watched Mr. Panda munch on his bamboo and the polar bears chomping carrots.

We opted for milkshakes, hot cocoa, cupcakes, churros, and Ben&Jerry's.  We are now big fans of  Burger Lounge and the turkey basil burger.

We bought lotto tickets and dreamed of buying beach homes. 
I had to promise to give them each a million dollars and 
buy their mom a beach house so we could be together all year.  
We didn't win, but we'll keep dreaming.

Did I mention that we ate a lot???

We watched as a miracle occurred before our very eyes.  
Anni finished her entire burger!!!  
And for the first time in her life, according to Lexi.  
This was a big happening, because Anni eats like a bird and never finishes anything unless it's a pack of gum.  ;  ) 

We went to In-n-Out.  Walked in and pigged out! 

The Drizzzzzler
The girls loved the sky tram at the zoo and one of them (see above!) giggled and giggled asking permission to drizzle someone from above.   She's a prankster.  
Grace Kelly meets Amy Poehler.

I hope the girls always remember our nutty adventures.

I know I will.

Like, let's see...

1. I need an eye patch!

2. Ewww, the seals stink!

3. My foot is broken, I need an eye patch, call a waaaaambulance!

4. The Cecily Emergahopp language, which I do not speak or understand, but Uncle Magoo and Lexi do.

5. Picking out cookies at Girard Gourmet.

6. Playing with and selecting our puppets from Geppetto's Toy Shop.

7. The candy store on Coronado and  blinging out with our grillz.

8. The escalator thru the trees.

9. Late nights snuggling with tired little monkeys and chattering until we fell asleep.  I need an eye patch!

10. Pancakes for dinner with a side order of Uncle Magoo's hair on fire at Clayton's!

11. De-nied!!!

 Cookies or Calamari?  I think the pictures tell the story.  ;  )

 The Drizzler tormenting her little sister with crunchy tentacles.

Lexi hearts Roberto!
And then there was Roberto...

For all of you Ali and Roberto fans out there, you'll love this.  The girls were dying to see someone famous.  We didn't want to drive to LA and get stuck in traffic for hours.  So, as luck would have it there was a San Diego magazine with an article about Ali.  We were thrilled to discover that she had named the area of town where Roberto's office was.   We hopped right over there.  Or as Anni said, "To 11th Street, Magoo!"  They were so excited and seriously...who doesn't want to see Roberto?  They wanted to meet Ali, too.  They hoped she'd be there.

Magoo dropped us off close to the address and circled around 
while we went to stalk Roberto.

Unfortunately, we stalkers were left bitterly disappointed.  
He wasn't in the office that day.  Boo!  
The girls were sad, but the sweet people in his office gave me 
his business cards and we took these photos. 
 (The girls abandoned their posts and ran off like big chickens instead of coming into the office!)

I hope you aren't planning on doing that with Justin Beiber or the Twilight cuties, girls.  
There can't be a wedding if you don't actually meet.  ;  )

 One day I shall come back for you, Roberto!

    See you next time, Coronado!


  1. You did get photos of Anni! These are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing. They are still telling me stories and I'm so happy you all had this adventure. What fun!

  2. It looks like everyone had a great time! We visited Coronado several years ago and really enjoyed the trip.

  3. What a memorable vacation you, Magoo and the girls had. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and those sweet, beautiful girls, but...where are you and Magoo lol!

  4. Behind the camera, taking Anni to the restroom, getting snacks, taking Anni to the restroom, making sure they didn't wander off a cliff, taking Anni to the restroom...you know the drill!
    ; ) LOL

  5. What a great post. Love all the photos. Thank you for sharing your happy memory making. I found you through Mitzi. So happy I did. Hugs!

  6. Wow!! What an awesome vacation! I'm in New Orleans but I'm from Calif. and I love the San Diego area--isn't Coronado gorgeous? and Sea World? You must have had a blast!!

    And my "little assistant" is wagging his tail saying he'll be happy to deliver to Texas! LOL

  7. Sorry I missed you in my home town! I live in San Diego, not in Coronado, but about 20 minutes away in Chula Vista. We love Coronado! I was born there and my husband and I are planning on retiring there. We got married at the Hotel Del and my girls play club soccer in coronado. Wish I could give you a tour of the our beautiful city. It looks like you enjoyed a wonderful family vacation together!


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