October 12, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Surprise, surprise, surprise!  ( In my head I say that like Gomer Pyle.  Doesn't everyone? )

Today,  Melissa at Made In The South  passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to me!  Yay!

Thanks so much, Melissa.  I love your blog and am so pleased that you chose to pass this on to me when there are so many wonderful blogs to choose from.  Being a newbie blogger is hard.   I had no idea how time consuming and exhausting it would be.  Some days my brain is just on overload.  There is so much to learn and at times it is really frustrating... so it means a lot to me to get this from you.  :  )
I hope it means I'm doing something right!

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The rules for this award are:
  • Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Send it to 15 other bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!

    7 things about me
1.  I collect squirrels and acorns.  All kinds, from wood carved to artwork to Steiff.  
I even have a squirrel lamp and pink squirrel underwear.  For a squirrel!  Not me.  We say "skirl" around here because one of our sons called them that.

  • 2.  I hate fish.  Unless it has Filet-o-fish on the wrapper.  This disgusts my husband.

    3.  I am terrified of scorpions.  I used to be afraid of giant tree roaches, but those suckers don't have anything on Texas scorpions.  Just saying the word make me shudder.  After building a new house in Austin, they were everywhere.  And they sting like hell.  Those freaky little clear bellied geckos give me the willies, too.

    4. I like to play practical jokes on my hubby, Magoo.  He started it!

    5. I have a thing for books.  I confess that I am now, and have always been, a book sniffer.  Yeah, I said it.

    6.  I hate Diet Coke.  I want the original, the real deal.    
    It's the real thing, after all. 
    Are you singing it now?  I am.

    7.  I speak  Seinfeld.  If we couldn't use show lines, this family wouldn't be able to communicate.  Completely tongue tied.  We reference it a million times a day.  Yeah, yeah...you better think again, Mojambo!

    And so without further ado~  Here are the blogs I've selected.
      Ladies and Gentlemen, the awards go to....  

    Formerly the blog Blackberry Farm, Cindy was asked to vacate her blog by the legal eagles from Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.  58th&Olive is her new home.

    I hope you enjoy these wonderful blogs.  They are all quite different, as I have many interests.   Some I've read for awhile, some I have just discovered.  
    As a new blogger, I'm very excited when I discover a kindred spirit. 
    I hope you'll check them out and enjoy them as much as I do.

     Don't forget to visit Melissa, too!

    Thanks and I really hope to see you all soon,



  1. congrats on the award! i SO enjoyed your 7 things. you're a nut! (skirl joke...) my hubby and i quote from movies A LOT! :) and i'm not fond of the Texas scorpions - have killed 5 in the house so far this week! i don't like fishy fish, so a filet o' fish or long john silvers will suffice. but i LOVE diet coke. won't drink regular... :)

    congrats to you, dearie! keep on blogging!

  2. I'm honored, Tina! Thanks for thinking of me. I'll do a post yet this week and share 7 things about me.
    Hee Hee...this ought to be fun!
    Donna and Tag

  3. Thank you Tina! What an honor. Thanks for noticing my little blog. Congratulations! I don't like scorpions either. We used to live on a canyon and we had alll sorts of wildlife that would wander into the yard. We found a scorpion in the house, yuk.

  4. Now that was a fun post! Congratulations on your award...it sounds like you deserved it. ":o) I'll be sure and check out your favorite blogs...and will follow yours with Glee!

  5. Thank you for thinking of me, Tina. You are very sweet.

  6. Thank you Tina for including me in your list, I am very flattered! Very happy to have discovered your lovely blog

  7. OMGOSHTINA! You are my twin sister...except you are much cuter...and many years younger....where should I start? Well, first off...thank you for finding me so that I could find you!

    Now...Well, okay...I DON'T collect squirrels but I have been known to be a little squirrely!

    I HATE fish (did you know that this area is the fish capital of the Midwest?-just my luck)...EXCEPT...I LOVE a good hot McD's Filet of Fish! I get all the tartar they put on it and then wipe off about half of it...but if you ask for "light tartar" they don't give you enough to taste it.

    I HATE scorpions. When I lived in FL I got STUNG by one and like to died! My neighbor said if it was a FL scorpion it would just hurt like the dickens and if it was a TEXAS scorpion I could die. She watched me for a while to make sure I didn't die and then sent me home.

    I play so many jokes on MyHero that he avoids me at all costs.

    I have so many books that when we built this house we put extra book shelves in the little ante room outside the powder room...with a library seat...seriously...it's just sad!

    Seinfeld? He and I go to bed together every night. I have watched so many reruns I can tell you what they are going to say before they open their mouths! And Kramer...well...he makes the show for me!

    NOW- We gotta get YOU discovered! Do you know Debbie Doos blog? She promotes newbies-you HAVE to go over and check her out because she has helped so many new bloggers get discovered....well...GO!

    We are going to be great friends, you and I! Or I can be your grandmother- take your pick-xo Diana

  8. Tina,
    This was such a nice surprise and I thank you so very much! It's always so wonderful to discover new blogs and I'm sad to say, I am not finding the time to do that nearly enough these days.

    I share your love of acorns, real coke and the smell of books!

  9. Congratulations!! Agree the real coke is sooo much better then diet and we are a book smelling family...(not sure if that sounds right!)
    Enjoyed my visit! Going to go read some more.

  10. Hi Tina! thanks for Sharing the Love! I've just gone on and done my part, check it out! Have a great weekend! devon :)

  11. Hi Tina. Thanks for visiting my little blog. I love yours and yes it seems we like the same types of things. I too love all things vintage and worn. And I too hate diet coke and will only do the real deal...lol!


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