November 3, 2011

Book Love

It's no secret that I love animals.  So it was a good day today when the UPS man brought me a new book.

I love this book so much.  If you're an animal lover and you don't own one of Sharon Montrose's books, you should!

Menagerie is mostly photos and it's very artsy and fun.  My only frownie face would be that some of the photos were published in such a way that I felt the moment was ruined.  Split down the middle is not how I want to view  a beautiful photo.
With that said, the book is wonderful and certainly worth ten bucks (Amazon).
 A perfect little coffee table book or a gift for an animal lover.

Sharon's a wonderful, gifted photographer.  Amazing, really.  
You've seen her work everywhere.  You know that cute little Westie on the Cesar dog food commercial?  Yep, her photos.

You can visit her webpage and even buy prints at

 Lots of cuteness there...make sure you watch the video of Squeak called I Love My Dog.  It's under the MOTION link.

Could her job be any better?

Thanks for the happy moment today, Sharon.  And for all of them to come.  :  )

I don't know her, but I love her.


  1. I agree,she does have a terrific job! That is a wonderful book!

  2. Hi Melodie-
    Hope you are out enjoying the cooler weather!

  3. I love coffee table books like that and have enough animal lovin' people who would probably love that book. I will have to check that book out (maybe a little gift for someone). Debi


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